I’m officially a mummy! :)

After years of saying “3 more years”, Ed & I finally decided that it’s time we get a ‘promotion’

Few months down.. N we are officially parents to a baby boy! πŸ™‚

The pregnancy – birth journey was considered smooth. I’m blessed with such a cooperative baby. πŸ™‚

A lot of uncertainties and challenges ahead. I certainly hope both Ed & I will be able to manage it well! πŸ™‚

Happenings in December 2010


Favorite time of the year again! πŸ™‚

Just a quick post before bed.

05 December 2010 – Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2010!

Participated for like the 3rd or 4th year already? Can’t really remember. πŸ˜›

Anyway, took part in the 21.1km half marathon. The route is kinda interesting this year with all the different categories starting at different points. The 42.195 runners started their race at 5am at Orchard Road. 21.1km runners started at 6:30am at the entrance of Sentosa and the 10km runners started at the usual Fullerton bridge I think? Ed participated in the 42.195 full marathon! Even though the two of us didn’t train for this run at all, we manage to complete it. (Me with lotsa walking!) Timing was really bad!!! 😦 But well… Been thinking whether I should still join next year. Hahaha…. Meanwhile already signed up for the sundown marathon 21km run next year. I must be really crazy…


10th December 2010


Company D&D !!! This day seems like a really popular day for D&D.. At least 3 other companies that I know of are having D&D on the same day. We had ours at M Hotel, just 5 mins walk away from office. Food is not fantastic, but the people are really fun! Best D&D ever!!!! Simply love the company even more after the D&D.. πŸ™‚


11th December 2010

Ed’s Birthday! – Prelude

Ed with our Starters


Both our mains are Cod Fish.. The other they have is beef cheek.. Not really our type of meat..


Good Substitute for this is Yami Yogurt.. I want Yami Yogurt!!


Watching the sunset with the privacy… Should have played songs from our iPhone…


As Ed’s bday falls on a weekday this year (or any other year), there will be usually a 2x celebration. Once on a weekend where time is more flexible and we can gauge our own time. The other will be on the actual day, mainly just dinner. πŸ˜› Brought him to sky dining this year. Good that it’s the new cabin now, however, I still feel that it is kinda bumpy whenever we entered the individual stations. Best part of the dinner is…. Ed is okay with the food!!! Hahaha… Gosh I am so missing the dessert…

Updates – Wedding Pics (Night)


Simply love the ambiance..





Megatop in the Center


Pretty Women at the Recept


The bz area


Our wonder women – Sharon! πŸ™‚


Mum & Dad πŸ˜€


First Dish Presentation


Wedding Band



Waiting for 2nd March In




Mummy listening to the speech? πŸ˜›


Ed’s Sec Friends.


Like Minded Table


Ed’s Poly Mates


Business Friends


Nix’s Poly Mates


MIS Mates. πŸ™‚

DSC_1001Ed’s Colleagues and My Ex Colleagues..

DSC_1002OSIM Group. Too bad Eugene is not around…

DSC_1006Secondary School Friends!


With the Wedding Band


Megatop Nix’s Family


Eating a mouthful before proceeding to the exit point.









Updates – Wedding Pics (Morning)

After a long wait, finally gotten the wedding pics from Hwa Seng! πŸ™‚



DSC_0008The usual make up pic for wedding..

DSC_0013Parents doing the preparation..

DSC_0040The Ladies hiding something in XiaoHei..

DSC_0056Im slacking in the room!

DSC_0075Putting on the veil…

DSC_0098Somemore pics with the jie meis before my head gets covered.

DSC_0111Love this pic!

DSC_0113The arrival of them!

DSC_0125One Hand for the Orange, One Hand for the Ang Pow..


The Brothers..


Chiong Ahh!!


The ladies are ready too!


Waiting to face the challenge…


The game that made them cold feet..



2nd Task!


So who made my car messy!




Family Pic before leaving home



Dunno what’s this about though..


At our place, lighting up….


Group Pic.. πŸ˜›


Eddie taking off the veil..


All set to go!


Still on his BB!!!


At MiL Place


With the Family


With Papa’s Car..


At Ed’s Grandma Place..


Back to my mummy’s place..


Like the feeling of the pic


So “hiao” .. Wahaha..


Reluctant Kiss by the Tyrant


Family Pic.. Minyu is so small!




With the cuzzies…


She dun wanna stay still!


The girls got their “pay”


Guys as well.. πŸ˜›

DSC_0680End of the morning session!

1st bday after Marriage! – Emo Post


Happy Birthday to “Me”, Happy Birthday to “Me”, Happy Birthdayyyyy to “Meeeeee”, Happy Birthday to “MEEEEEEEE”….

My first birthday after getting married. I always feels that the “first” in anything should be the ones that will always be remembered no matter good or bad. This year.. Not very much what I expected..

This year is probably the year I spent without seeing any of my family members. At least in the past sis will always say “My Deat ε¦Ήε¦Ή! Happy Birthday!” in a very enthu way. Now that we don’t get to see each other so often… I miss my family even more!

I think the husband nearly forgotten about my birthday. What to do… He always have “more important” things to do….. I think if I hadn’t reminded him on Sat.. He might have clean forgotten. Or remembered a different date. (Which means the same to me). As usual… Presents not bought yet. Last minute again… Humph.. No cards.. (even though i told him million times before… Even if no present… Cards is a must….) Then his aunt called and say grandma celebrating her bday on Sunday… Thus.. My birthday= BURNT…

Both of us slept till near noon time today. Lunch at Soup Restaurant @ Compass Point and coffee at Ya Kun as per any Sundays. Then back to home… Slack awhile and leave for Ed’s Grandma Place.

Though I don’t consider myself supersitous, I always felt one should have “good” food during the bday. I remember having coffee shop vegetarian food one bday and ended up with food poisoning during the poly days. So from then on… I told myself.. NEVER HAVE VEGETARIAN FOOD DURING BDAY.

But alas… The Buffet there was VEGETARIAN… My thought was “… … ………”, since going hungry on the bday seems even more unauspicious… I did have some food there..

Left at 8 plus, send his aunt and cousin back before sending his brother home. Went over to Vhive at Katong to get his working chair for the home. Bought my bolster and just heading home. Initially wanted to stop for a drink at the Old HK Cafe @ East Coast Road, but saw a queue.. Already half “sian”… Thus forget it, just came home.

The only consolation was, sis called me, put my little niece on the phone and teached her to say “小姑姑, Happy Birthday. 小姑姑, I love you, good night” Sweet…. πŸ™‚

Tomorrow will be IL Divo night. I’m definitely expecting it to be good. Fingers crossed…

This post – Not complaining… Just a tad disappointed…

ζˆ‘ε«δΊΊδΊ†! :P

Unlike what people said, I fell asleep rather fast the night before 09 Sept.

Work up at 5 plus, no one is awake yet… Haha.. But when I finished bathing, Mum is already cooking mee sua for me in the kitchen. I don’t usually do breakfast, its mainly for the customs.. But I’m sure glad that I did. Didn’t really have the chance to eat the whole day!

Lawrence (Videographer) is the 1st to arrive, followed by Hwa Seng (Photographer), after which Dily (MUA). The start of the busy day!

w14Posing with the gown. The black one is my evening gown. πŸ™‚

Daddy Reading papers in the background.


w1After covering the veil.. Took a pic with my little terror.

The mood finally comes in when the sound of car horns are heard at 8plus.

SistersJie Meis at Work

w16Brothers all set!

Gate Crash was much simplified due to time constraints and restrictions listed down. So it should be an easy job for the brothers!



In da car… Ready to leave…

w2At our place

w5At MiL’s Place

w8Back to Mum’s Place!

w9Ang Pows for the Jie Meis

That marks the end of the morning session… πŸ™‚





We went over to Fullerton soon after. Upon arrival, we were pleasantly surprised that our bridal suite was upgraded! πŸ™‚ Though we initially hoped to have the Loft Suite, a 2 storey suite, but was really happy about the upgrade! πŸ™‚ Reasoning is the room is also more elderly friendly. Hehe.. Any elderly who comes in will not get “separated” from us. Pictures on that later..


Grand Ballroom.. Love it! πŸ˜€


w3With Ed’s Colleague & my Ex Colleagues.. πŸ™‚

w4MIS Group.. Probably the more “lively” group of the night. Haha..

w6With Hwa Seng, the person who took our pics! πŸ™‚

Special Thanks To:

Fullerton Hotel – Ms Sharon Yeo

Thanks a millionΒ  X a million!!! You’ve made our dream wedding come true! πŸ™‚

Fullerton Hotel – Mr. Louis (Banquet Manager)

Thanks for all the coordination! U r one Cool minded man! πŸ˜€

My Bridal Room – Abbie / WeiJie / Uncle Quek / Dily

Thanks for accomodating with the fickle minded me! Haha… Thanks for making us look so goodie! πŸ™‚

Photographer – Hwa Seng

Thanks for taking all these nice pics for us! Everyone loves it!

Videographer – Lawrence

Thanks for the highlights! Its superbbbb!

Water Rise Buffet

Thanks to John n group for planning such a nice buffet! Its super yummy and the decor is goodie! πŸ˜€