My Confinement Month – Part 2

I am truly blessed to meet Aunty Hui Feng!

She is such a wonderful cook and most importantly, a sincere lady who truly cares for your baby. πŸ™‚

Food Pics today!



A Simple Egg dish but so delicious!


Ed & I never had this kinda food presented at our home throughout the 5 years living here.



Was telling aunty she could open up her own eatery if she decides on a career switch someday!






We had Ed’s friend coming over for dinner one of the night. Aunty is not pleased with her output but we were all impressed!




Different food almost everyday!


Sesame Chix. Nicer than Nagoya Wings in my opinion!


My Confinement Month – Part 1

Time really flies!

Its been exactly 21 days that I have been “promoted” to being a mummy. πŸ™‚

Lotsa challenges, moments of “lost”, not knowing what baby wants etc.. Of course, sleepless nights.

In Singapore, it is common that we have “confinement lady” to help us for the first 28 days. During which, the mummy will use this time to recover her health and the CL will help to cook and take care of baby.

As usual, i did the sourcing of CL through the forum. As this year is also one of the more popular chinese zodiac, a lot of the highly rated CLs are all taken up. In the end, i took the recommendation of a top rated CL to engage her friend. Bad move.

Approx 2 weeks before my due, kept receiving missed calls then SMS from the CL to remember to call her when i deliver. I kept replying okok… of course i will. Anyway, to cut long story short, the CL was a disaster. The moment she came in, she started complaining non-stop. N CLs are supposed to be supportive of new mummys.. No? She complained about no sterilized bottles ready to use. (I was suppose to do that, but baby decided to see the world earlier. Ok, partially my bad) Then about the stuffs that we bought. Baby clothings.. (I bought a number of kimono types as I worry to go overheads.) Baby towels, toys, bottles (Dr Browns)… etc. Nothing was really to her preference. For the next few days, had the same food coked the same way over and over. Ok, i was thinking, perhaps confinement food is boring.. Though i have seen some really promising ones from the forum previously. I was thinking, okay, baby is more important, my needs are secondary.

However, during the nights, we can hear Baby crying really badly. It turned out that the CL was sleeping so soundly that only when baby “screams”, she awakes.. Then throughout the day, she is always in the room.. SLEEPING… With blinds fully down. Β Room utterly dark. Seems like she is sleeping more than me! Best comment I received from her was “how come your baby cannot differentiate night and morning?” I was like giving her a mega “DUH” look. Then countered by saying: “oh… maybe because you made the room dark whole day thus baby just thought that it is night time throughout! To think that she is supposed to be the one guiding me along.. Totally lost faith in her after a few days. I was feeling so stressed up and depressed that I worry I couldn’t take it anymore. In addition to that, she always made sarcastic remarks to the hubby as well. From where we put our household stuffs, to size of bedroom when we just wanted to share the aircon flow and shift the baby cot. After 5 days of nightmare, we asked her to go on the 6th day.

Took over 2 nights to take care of the baby and baby doesnt really cry that much! (sense of satisfaction. πŸ™‚ ) But it was really tiring since i still gotta manage the pumping sessions, housework, cooking etc… Thus i decided to still source for help. Got a part time nanny to come in for 1 afternoon. Kinda expensive for a few hours, but a much needed help while i continued my search.

I was going through my previous list of shortlisted CLs and thought maybe i could give them a call again just to see if someone might be available. Woala!! I managed to secure one! Just a precaution, I called, chatted, shared my experience with her first. Likewise, the auntie shared her “horror” employer as well. Turned out, we seem to be a perfect match at a perfect time. πŸ™‚ She was her the next morning at 8am. My saviour….:) Auntie Hui Feng.

Aunty was completely different from my 1st CL that I need to ask her to please take some rest! Her routine starts from around 7am. (Preparing my bathing needs, my herbal soups, bathing, feeding baby)

Baby Needs – Well taken care of!! You can really differentiate when you see someone sincere. With Aunty, we feel that even baby feel more at ease! πŸ™‚

Food – Superbbbbb !!!! Each meal was different. Tastes were good. Quality was restaurant standard. Both Ed & I enjoyed so much!

Household – Though not a must, she offered to help on laundry and hubby’s ironing. But we requested her not to do it since we already have another helper that comes in weekly to help with those.

Mummy’s needs – She is more like a 2nd mum to me. Kept asking me to rest. Preparing soups every meal. Handing me my drinks before and after my pumping sessions.. Recommending supplements to increase milk supply etc etc.. I feel so much more relaxed with her… πŸ™‚

Indeed, a good CL is hard to come by. Just one more week before Aunty leaves, I better pick up some baby skills from her! Will definitely miss her and engage her again if I have a No. 2 in future.

**Posting food pics next.


I’m officially a mummy! :)

After years of saying “3 more years”, Ed & I finally decided that it’s time we get a ‘promotion’

Few months down.. N we are officially parents to a baby boy! πŸ™‚

The pregnancy – birth journey was considered smooth. I’m blessed with such a cooperative baby. πŸ™‚

A lot of uncertainties and challenges ahead. I certainly hope both Ed & I will be able to manage it well! πŸ™‚

I should really start my PDP!

Even though I mention what I should do on my title. But here I am typing some other stuffs. πŸ˜›

It seems so long yet not so long since my last post. Recently I felt that time really does flies!!

I have been in the new company for 5 months, shifted office to Tanjong Pagar, becoming more busy. Having my last semester in the degree program (Finally!)

Anyway, the corporate world is really full of politics. Not the normal office politics though. But the real business politics. But its good to be expose to all these, never ending learning route. πŸ™‚

Last Friday, went to my 2nd Brother’s office opening. He always wanted to go into the particular industry. During his short speech to friends and relatives, I was touched, in fact my eyes become alittle teary by what he said.. It is nice to hear that he finally has the opportunity to do what he is really interested in and I do wish he will succeed in this.

Although after the session I felt alittle upset. Not because of anything in particular, but the realization that as siblings, we do not really have much time to get together and chat, to understand each other more… To know what’s going on in each of our lifes. Our dreams.. It was through hearing conversations between a third party and my elder brother to understand what he is doing at work.. The type of environment he is in etc.. It just seems like, you do not even know where you have missed out, or how could you have missed out on someone so dear to you.

Time is super tight lately. Been so tied up with work and assignments…

I’m looking forward to a long awaited break after my final submission date on 03rd Sept. After that, gotta make up for all the lost time with the family….


Finally the marathon is over!! Yeah!! So tiring…

I told Ed I don’t think I will wanna join another Marathon anytime soon! Will not join w/o proper training!

Its good enough that we both manage to complete our run. πŸ™‚

Checked into Swissotel on Sat. They gave us the harbour view room, overlooking padang as well where all the fun is going to happen! πŸ™‚ (Overheard the recept mentioning that the hotel was on full house that day. Was wondering how many % was taken up by the SCSM runners. :P)

The view is really nice, but the camera isn’t. πŸ˜› I didn’t bring my LX3 out, thus used the iPhone for these shoots.

We went to catch the New Moon at Vivo, the movie was not too bad. But the crowd is really….. Going gaga whenever “Edward” or “Jacob” appears.

We went shopping at Taka later on and got a couple of stuffs, had dinner before heading back to our one night home at Swissotel. Decided to go to bed at 10 plus as we need to wake up at 4:50 (Ed) and 5:50 (Nix) the following day. BUT……. The live band was practising at the Padang for the event! Arghh.. No wonder the hotels placed ear plugs on the bed. We couldn’t really put them on otherwise we would most probably miss the alarm… So….. tried to make do with covering alittle with the blankets. But was awaken up by the loud Emcee at around 4 plus!!! Arghh…… Never manage to get back to sleep.. Thus, just toss around in bed, looking at Eddie preparing, after Eddie left, stood at the Balcony looking at the start of the 42.195km run (5:30), went for my own preparation and went down at around 6:25 (21.1km starts at 6:45)

Honestly I wanted to give up soon after the start. Haha…. Was really alittle too tired.. Was thinking of just taking down my number tag and just walk back to the hotel. πŸ˜› Harbour those thoughts all the way thru the 6km, 10km… Then just hang on till the end. Hehe… I walked most of the time. Fast/Big Steps though.. Not those slow walk. Haha… One stupid thing that I did, I sticked a plaster over one of my toe supposedly to protect it, instead, the plaster cut my skin! and instead its 3 other spots that go the blisters.

I took around 3:30 to complete 21.1km. Really bad timing. πŸ˜› The winner for the 42.195km run took only 2:11:xx! Human running machine. All the top 3s where within the 2:11:xx. Amazing…

Well… Next year, will just stick to 10km if I really do participate at all. πŸ˜›

Ed’s Finisher Tee

My finisher medal (Ed had the same one with the distance difference: Full Marathon 42.195km)

My Song of the Year…

This song makes me miss my ε€ͺε«² (great grandma) again…. It’s so touching…

I will always remember my great grandma cooking instant noodle for me when we were back at the semi-d house near Clementi. No one was at home that night, when I told her I was hungry, even though she can’t really see then (gradual lost of sight due to age) and had to rely on the clutches to walk, she still made her way to the kitchen, thru the steps and stuffs and made me a bowl of noodle.