Status Quo

Routine Routine….

Seems to kill every interesting factor that a person might have.

Have I somehow already lost myself in it? It’s kinda scary to think of, or rather a sudden realization might just awaken the inner me.

Stress with work in the weekdays. Stress with household chores in the weekend.

When is the last time I stopped and do something for me, myself and I? When is the last time that I did something that really interest myself?

When is the last time I laughed wholeheartedly without constrains..

Perhaps a holiday is in need.. A holiday alone? To anywhere.. To Nowhere…

With everywhere being so chaotic and natural disasters happening anytime anywhere… Where is a good place to go..

So many things yet to try and do… Feeling so little has been done so far really frustrates me.

I’m a free soul… I love to wander.. But now it just seems like being locked in a cage and all is lost.


Someone once told me that we only live once.. We should not stop moving forward… I’m beginning to feel it now…