Happenings in December 2010


Favorite time of the year again! 🙂

Just a quick post before bed.

05 December 2010 – Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2010!

Participated for like the 3rd or 4th year already? Can’t really remember. 😛

Anyway, took part in the 21.1km half marathon. The route is kinda interesting this year with all the different categories starting at different points. The 42.195 runners started their race at 5am at Orchard Road. 21.1km runners started at 6:30am at the entrance of Sentosa and the 10km runners started at the usual Fullerton bridge I think? Ed participated in the 42.195 full marathon! Even though the two of us didn’t train for this run at all, we manage to complete it. (Me with lotsa walking!) Timing was really bad!!! 😦 But well… Been thinking whether I should still join next year. Hahaha…. Meanwhile already signed up for the sundown marathon 21km run next year. I must be really crazy…


10th December 2010


Company D&D !!! This day seems like a really popular day for D&D.. At least 3 other companies that I know of are having D&D on the same day. We had ours at M Hotel, just 5 mins walk away from office. Food is not fantastic, but the people are really fun! Best D&D ever!!!! Simply love the company even more after the D&D.. 🙂


11th December 2010

Ed’s Birthday! – Prelude

Ed with our Starters


Both our mains are Cod Fish.. The other they have is beef cheek.. Not really our type of meat..


Good Substitute for this is Yami Yogurt.. I want Yami Yogurt!!


Watching the sunset with the privacy… Should have played songs from our iPhone…


As Ed’s bday falls on a weekday this year (or any other year), there will be usually a 2x celebration. Once on a weekend where time is more flexible and we can gauge our own time. The other will be on the actual day, mainly just dinner. 😛 Brought him to sky dining this year. Good that it’s the new cabin now, however, I still feel that it is kinda bumpy whenever we entered the individual stations. Best part of the dinner is…. Ed is okay with the food!!! Hahaha… Gosh I am so missing the dessert…