When we expect something, should we ask for it or expects it to happen?

Something seems so common to 90% of the population might not happen on you if you do not ask for it?


Wohoo!!! Its holiday eve!!

But alas… Still at work. Been working late these days.. Need a massage really soon!

2010 have been an interesting year so far. Work life, married life, finally done with the degree course etc. Though at times I do feel that its quite hectic and might have pushed self alittle too hard. But at the end of it, its still very satisfying. 🙂

So… After slacking for around 2 months after the completion of my course, I signed up for another language course which will commence this Saturday! Seems like I really like to keep myself busy ya. Hehe.. I know I will definitely benefit from this one. Muahahaha…

I really enjoy my work now.. No doubt certain times there are frustrations, but the things I get exposed to is a great experience itself. Hopefully things will go as planned…

Anyway… Long weekend ahead, hope to catch up with family and start of my new course! 🙂