I should really start my PDP!

Even though I mention what I should do on my title. But here I am typing some other stuffs. 😛

It seems so long yet not so long since my last post. Recently I felt that time really does flies!!

I have been in the new company for 5 months, shifted office to Tanjong Pagar, becoming more busy. Having my last semester in the degree program (Finally!)

Anyway, the corporate world is really full of politics. Not the normal office politics though. But the real business politics. But its good to be expose to all these, never ending learning route. 🙂

Last Friday, went to my 2nd Brother’s office opening. He always wanted to go into the particular industry. During his short speech to friends and relatives, I was touched, in fact my eyes become alittle teary by what he said.. It is nice to hear that he finally has the opportunity to do what he is really interested in and I do wish he will succeed in this.

Although after the session I felt alittle upset. Not because of anything in particular, but the realization that as siblings, we do not really have much time to get together and chat, to understand each other more… To know what’s going on in each of our lifes. Our dreams.. It was through hearing conversations between a third party and my elder brother to understand what he is doing at work.. The type of environment he is in etc.. It just seems like, you do not even know where you have missed out, or how could you have missed out on someone so dear to you.

Time is super tight lately. Been so tied up with work and assignments…

I’m looking forward to a long awaited break after my final submission date on 03rd Sept. After that, gotta make up for all the lost time with the family….