It’s been so long!

Just a slight update.

For the period I’m gone, I’ve switched job, became a ramen fanatic, growing fat! OMG.. Haha…

I just end one more semester of my bachelor programme. Only one more to go! Ganbatte!

It’s friday and yippie to a long weekend! Will be having a replacement off on Monday as well. Happy Happy! Most importantly, its also term break, so its almost Zero Stress! 😀 What shall I do? Planning to call Mum out for shopping. Shall see if she wants to entertain me. Wahaha..

I’ve had my record number of Ramen in the month of April 2010. I thk in total I had more than 10 bowls of ramen! 8 of the same flavor and the same restaurant! Bosses called me crazy. Seriously Ippudo at Mandarin Gallery is a flop in my view. I was so utterly disappointed.. While Nansuttei at Parco, Millenia Walk is a pleasant surprise. (8 times in 1 mth is really a record for me)

I’m actually blogging in office right now, quite amazed that wordpress is not being blocked by the company. 😛

Anyway, have fun for the long weekend! Enjoy!