Xmas 2009

Updated with photos from my Cam.

Xmas is over! So fast!

EdNix held a BBQ near the residence. Attendees were mainly Ed’s group of friends.

Too much food for a group of 12.. πŸ˜›

Some ready food while waiting for the BBQ


Ah Nan, Walter Starting the Fire

Alvin, Ed, Roy… Talking about golf? πŸ˜›

We cater the food from Lee Wee Brothers. Here are just the Chicken Wing & Assam Prawns.

Assam Fish… I love this….

C calls this the “Oily Sisters”. Her face still looks good lo.. Mine… Aw..Β  So nice being young.. Haha..

Would really need to thank her for the much help that day, she was indeed a really nice little lady (much younger than me πŸ˜› ), its normally the guys who BBQ-ed lor.. However that night it was the 2 of us who stayed at the pit thru-out! Except the part of starting the fire only. For me it was not really of a choice la.. Since Im one of the host… Then the guests were mainly Ed’s friends and he needs to entertain… But C really readily came over and helped out. She remained very “positive” thru out the session. Haha… Nice Nice… πŸ™‚


Ed n Ody Stoning….

We only remembered having the raw satays halfway thru the BBQ, when most of them are full already. Bo bianz.. Have to finish bbq-ing them.

Wii Time back to EdNix Residence. They can’t get enough of the real life game, continued it on the Wii.

Bridger and Me Chatting at the Dining Area.. Ahh.. My face look so shagged.. Kinda hate my hair now.. Arghh… I don’t think anyone can see that I did a perm just less than 3 months ago. Originally it was straight and much neater. Now after the “perm”, looks rather untidy at times.. Arghh… Moreover, the perm didn’t even last for 1 week!

Ah Nan presenting his archer skills… But it was Bridger who rocks it!

So… What’s the plan for NYE?

2nd Last Week of 2009

Time flies!! 2009 is coming to an end really soon, what have you achieved for the year? πŸ™‚ Managed to clear all your goals set previously?

Christmas is just less than 24 hours away. Favorite season of the year! Although we do not have a White Christmas in Singapore, but the feeling is Christmas is still around. In the malls, everyone doing their Christmas Shopping.. Seeing the retail staffs doing gift wraps for their customers. All the Christmas carols.

Yesterday, met up with my poly mates. We went to Vivo City, had dinner at White Dog Cafe. My first visit there, have always walked past but never really had the feeling to walk in and try. I would say it wasn’t too bad. Food portions was quite generous and considered quite good.

We were all so full when we left the cafe at 9 plus. Went on to do some window shopping before leaving Vivo. Was nice catching up with all!

Wishing everyone have a Merry Christmas and count down to a wonderful new year ahead!

Group Pic..

I got a few friends asking if Im pregnant after seeing the pic…


Next time Im so not gonna lean on anything and push myself back! Humph. Wanna hear me announcing Im pregnant, wait another 2 years at least!

P.S: No doubt its a happy week, but still some stuffs that pissed me off.

Tues – Went to cash deposit machine at BB Interchange. While waiting for a car to pass before crossing the road, that car stopped infront of me, wind down the windows. I can’t really catch what he is saying, just heard something like BB MRT Station? Thought he was asking for directions and just said “Infront, turn right, go straight”, which is quite dumb, cause it’s really super clear that its a one way road. Then he asked me to get in his car?!?!?! WTF… I thought I heard wrongly still and muttered a “HUH?”.. Then he said “come, get in the car, I’ll send you to the MRT. IDIOT lor… The MRT station is just less than 2 min walk away! The bloody idiot thinks I look like a 10 year old izzit. Kaoz.. Then I just walked away. What on earth is that idiot thinking. I recalled him queuing in front of me at the cash deposit machine. Its not as if he is good looking, or even presentable. He was wearing those shorts/ t-shirts that you normally just wear at home. I think he is in the late 30s or early 40s. Even the hair is kinda messy! Told my sis and cousin and sis said should “act blur” and raise my voice saying ” WHAT? U WANNA SEND ME TO MRT AHHHHH!!! I DUNNO U LEI!!! MY MUM SAYS CANNOT GET INTO STRANGER’S CAR!!!” This would probably scare him off, or cousin suggested a reply for the part he says wanna send me to the mrt. Should reply “I’M ACTUALLY GOING TO THE POLICE STATION, YOU WANNA SEND ME THERE?” Anw… Can’t believe there are still these kinda idiots around. Pure despo.

Wed – After sending Eve back, as usual, drove back to my block, there is this Honda Odyssey which is driven sooooooo slowly. A van and myself is behind. The car did a ultra slow turn while going up the carpark at the level 2. The speed is seriously like driving for the 1st time in a car. Really FIRST TIME kinda speed. Then the car kept on moving very slowly. REAL SLOW. As it the feet was on the brakes all the way. The van infront of me waited.. waited… Thought that the Odyssey will be parking, but no… still moving really slow.. The van was really pissed i guess that he just speed and drove pass the car, crossing the parking lots (that stretch of lots were still quite empty at that time). I assumed that the car was going to park and the driver should be a newbie like me, thus, I waited awhile. Since the position its in is blocking where I usually park. Then… THE CAR IS NOT MOVING AT ALL. No signals. Nothing. Dunno what the hell its next move will be, blocking 6 lots like that. Then when I wanted to move on like the van, the car started to reverse at the same time with me! Kaoz… No signal still. Then he saw thatΒ  I moved slightly, he brakes again and pause there for another long moment before deciding to put on e hazard light. Ok, thought that he wants to park. Waited for awhile again, but no movement still!!! Was really pissed by then and decided to just drive past and parked further down. After parking, i turned over to see the driver of the Odyssey… A young gal. I am sure she hasn’t passed her driving test yet. Most probably his dad is “teaching” her to park with the expense of others time. What pissed me off is they are so damn inconsiderate! Can’t they go further front when they see that there is a car right behind?! Moreover he is teaching illegally! Pissed…

Anw… these will not spoil my Xmas Mood!


Finally the marathon is over!! Yeah!! So tiring…

I told Ed I don’t think I will wanna join another Marathon anytime soon! Will not join w/o proper training!

Its good enough that we both manage to complete our run. πŸ™‚

Checked into Swissotel on Sat. They gave us the harbour view room, overlooking padang as well where all the fun is going to happen! πŸ™‚ (Overheard the recept mentioning that the hotel was on full house that day. Was wondering how many % was taken up by the SCSM runners. :P)

The view is really nice, but the camera isn’t. πŸ˜› I didn’t bring my LX3 out, thus used the iPhone for these shoots.

We went to catch the New Moon at Vivo, the movie was not too bad. But the crowd is really….. Going gaga whenever “Edward” or “Jacob” appears.

We went shopping at Taka later on and got a couple of stuffs, had dinner before heading back to our one night home at Swissotel. Decided to go to bed at 10 plus as we need to wake up at 4:50 (Ed) and 5:50 (Nix) the following day. BUT……. The live band was practising at the Padang for the event! Arghh.. No wonder the hotels placed ear plugs on the bed. We couldn’t really put them on otherwise we would most probably miss the alarm… So….. tried to make do with covering alittle with the blankets. But was awaken up by the loud Emcee at around 4 plus!!! Arghh…… Never manage to get back to sleep.. Thus, just toss around in bed, looking at Eddie preparing, after Eddie left, stood at the Balcony looking at the start of the 42.195km run (5:30), went for my own preparation and went down at around 6:25 (21.1km starts at 6:45)

Honestly I wanted to give up soon after the start. Haha…. Was really alittle too tired.. Was thinking of just taking down my number tag and just walk back to the hotel. πŸ˜› Harbour those thoughts all the way thru the 6km, 10km… Then just hang on till the end. Hehe… I walked most of the time. Fast/Big Steps though.. Not those slow walk. Haha… One stupid thing that I did, I sticked a plaster over one of my toe supposedly to protect it, instead, the plaster cut my skin! and instead its 3 other spots that go the blisters.

I took around 3:30 to complete 21.1km. Really bad timing. πŸ˜› The winner for the 42.195km run took only 2:11:xx! Human running machine. All the top 3s where within the 2:11:xx. Amazing…

Well… Next year, will just stick to 10km if I really do participate at all. πŸ˜›

Ed’s Finisher Tee

My finisher medal (Ed had the same one with the distance difference: Full Marathon 42.195km)