12 days to 06/12/2009

12 days and I haven’t really manage to train for the 21.1km half marathon! Arghh…

Ed n I went for a 5.5km run yesterday around the neighborhood and amazingly, we are not tired at all at the end of the run. Weather was really good yesterday.:)

Source: Google Maps

But still, 5.5 is way shorter than 21.1! Arghh… Only 1 weekend to go…

My Song of the Year…

This song makes me miss my 太嫲 (great grandma) again…. It’s so touching…

I will always remember my great grandma cooking instant noodle for me when we were back at the semi-d house near Clementi. No one was at home that night, when I told her I was hungry, even though she can’t really see then (gradual lost of sight due to age) and had to rely on the clutches to walk, she still made her way to the kitchen, thru the steps and stuffs and made me a bowl of noodle.


Haven’t been writing much lately. 😛

Didn’t really have any ideas on what to write thus….

Schedule still kinda tight, will be much better after mid Dec where there will be a term break for around a month. Hehe…

Watched 2012 last weekend. Well, it was a good movie, but the “good” doesn’t last long in the mind. End of the day, it’s still another disaster movie. Hmm.. The most significant thing I remember from the movie is perhaps the part on the Bentley Automobile.

Had my first golf lesson last Sunday morning! Have been contemplating for a long long time on whether to do it now or later. But am sure that I will drag till forever if I didn’t start soon. Hehe.. Overall, it was fun! Am waiting for some golf sale now!

Lastly… Doing some planning for Ed’s bday which will be somewhere in mid Dec.. Hehe… Already had plans for it. Hope nothing goes wrong! 🙂

I wanna see~

One of the best actor of all times! Chow Yun Fatt is playing the role of Confucius!

The life story of the highly-influential Chinese thinker and philosopher, Confucius, who lived from 551 BC to 479 BC during the Zhou Dynasty in China. His teachings have deeply influenced life in most of Asia.

8th week

It’s the 8th week into the degree programme and the momentum is not set yet. Arghh….

The schedule now seems to makes me tired so easily.

Waking up at 6 plus, driving to Mum’s Place on weekday mornings, at least 2 night having lessons in town. The other weekday nights were mainly spent at Mum’s place, as I do not want to get caught in the peak hour traffic back home. A usual 30min drive will end up going more than 1 hour. Not constructive, waste of petrol anyway. Thus, I’ll usually have dinner at Mum’s place, watch some TV, before heading back. Reaching home at 8 plus the earliest of 10 plus during study nights.

So many asked how is married life? Honestly, not much different. Haha.. Maybe because we mainly get together during the weekends still. Yes, we do see each other everyday, but by the time we reach home and settle down, there isn’t much time to really “enjoy”.. Haha… Not forgetting the housework! Every weekend I hoped so much to spend some time on my projects… But by the time everything is settled, it’s dinner time. Must seriously try to sort out some way. Sigh…

I have been feeling alittle impatient on the road these days. Ed says it’s norm, after some time of driving, you can’t stand the way some people drive. Indeed… Especially dislike Malaysian Motorcycles in the middle of the lane, move on to the side if you plan to go slow! Then some cars which leaves such a huge gap between themselves and the cars in front when you are in a jam. With many cars cutting their lane in the end.  Not forgetting those drivers that do not signal their intentions! Arghh…

Also, today that “Auntie” wanted to ask us for dinner one of these days. When I said I would most probably have something on, she said “Aiya, u where got things to do wan. Don’t need to do housework and cook….” Bloody hell… Don’t know anything don’t anyhow comment lor. Pissed…. Simply can’t stand people who don’t know anything and keeps wanting to comment this and that.

Ahhh.. I need my muscle relaxant.

Aftermath of the 10km run

Finally went for my first marathon for the year!

The Great Eastern 10km run held on 01 November 2009 (Sunday)

I was quite reluctant to wake up that morning. I felt I was lack of practice and will stress myself too much with it. On the other hand, I knew I would regret if I didn’t make myself go.

Thus, woke up at around 5am, prepared, woke Ed up (He was supposed to have a run with his pals at ECP after sending me to the starting point). Left home and reached Marina Square at approximately 6:40am. Flag off time at 7:00am. Its actually kinda disappointing this year, in the previous marathons (anyone of them), before the flag off, there is usually 5 mins of “warm up” with music and mass work out. Thus I asked Ed to stay till after flag off. However, this year there isn’t any! Everyone was just doing stretching and when the EmCee said that flag off soon, we just walked nearer to the start point, then he said “1 min of silence before flag off”… I heard some ladies said ” SILENCE?” Then the “BEEEEEEEE” sound came… Duh….

In the end Ed didn’t go for his run as well, his friend didn’t manage to wake up in time, he waited for me at the car park. 😛

Anyway, I’m glad I went for it. Although I walked quite abit. 😛 Ended up with really sore muscles even till today. Hope I can complete the 21.1km for SG Marathon in 30 days!