Forming the Ideal Kitchen


It’s a fun weekend for me! 🙂

EdNix’s kitchen is almost ready!

Bought our fridge, washing machine, dryer, rice cooker, water heater, kitchen knifes…….

As the kitchen would most probably be my “territory”, Eddie lets me buy whatever I want.. 🙂

Didn’t post the fridge up yet. Cause might change to another model.. Wahaha.. 😛

EWF1073Electrolux Washing Machine – EWF1073

EDC67150WElectrolux Dryer – EDC67150


Tiger – JAH-T10U



I can cook yummy meals in future.. 😛

Zwilling HenkelsZwilling Henkels

*Four Stars 7pc knife set

(The holder is also considered 1 of the “pc” lol…)

Wonder Girls

Chanced upon this girls group.

Catchy song. 🙂

They were all born between 1988 – 1992.. So nice being young.. Haha…

Nobody (They look much better in the 2nd video though. 😛

Ahh… I wanna be this young  again.. Hahaha..

Lala! :)

Yeah! Lala’s album is finally gonna be out!

Not too sure when will it reach SG, but am sure waiting forward to it! Hehe…

Love her voice. But boy… See how much she have changed!


During the “One Million Stars” Competition

Img258914341One of the performance













Ta Dah!!!….




Another 1 year, 4 months

I decided to continue for the degree programme right after this current course ends in August this year.

So it will be –

Mid August – Final Exam for Current Course

Early Sept – Wedding

End Sept – Start of New Programme

Yah… No Honeymoon… Anyway we plan to postpone the trip already. Just that it would most probably be postponed for more than a year now. Oh well… We’ll have a mini weekend trip after the wedding day though…. To… Phuket… (My 4th or 5th time there already?) Though I yearn a long long trip to somewhere further, but the logical mind asks me to wait. Haha… Otherwise If I skip one intake for the degree programme, I might end up being lazy and not continuing anymore.. Which is No Good! So by next September, I will make sure I will “REWARD” myself well! Arghh…


I like NTUC. 😛

Not only they gives huge training assistance for my current course, they gives me training fund after each semester.

IMG00062-20090525-1649Not only had they allowed me a savings of near to 3k for my course, they give me $50 after each sem.

Not a big amount. But I can at least buy 1 week lunch with it! 😛

(They give anyone who signs up for their funding programme. Haha.. Save $$$)

Still Misses Curry-San

After the closure of Curry-San at Compass Point, I didn’t have the chance to have good Japanese Curry!

Thus, Ed & I went to Mr. Curry at Central!

Mr. Curry is another offering by Waraku. The decor was cute!




However… The quality of food was so-so only..

Still misses my Curry San!

Mr. Curry

6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#03-84 The Central

Tel: 6221 8860