It’s holiday eve and I’m at home. How “exciting”… Haiz…

Getting tired of the same old routine.

Need some new challenges and programs!

Should seriously go for a backpacking trip but the next free slot I have is only mid august. 😦 Seriously tired of 3D2N weekend trips as well!! I want a longer trip!!!!

Not enough time!

Seriously need to lose some fats.

Date for pre-wedding photography have been shifted forward to 13th May!

Less than 2 weeks to lose weight. OMG.. Have been eating so much lately!

What do I need to prepare for the shoot. Hmmmm….

Locations – Only managed to think of Fullerton. Need to take it at the Loft Suite!  Still undecided on the 2nd one. Sigh..

Props… Jokingly told Eddie that we could do with laptops as our props since we met at work. 😛 Don’t want balloons.. Rose petals seems alittle boring. Arghh.. Headache.

Bridal Heels – Only managed to get one pair for my wedding gown last week during the Metro Sales. Still lack one for evening gown. Wahhh.. Sianz…

How to get rid of my dark circles.. My fats..

New Sem starting next Tues! Ahhh….

Home Furnishings

Last Saturday, Eddie and I went over to Sungei Kadut to see furnitures!

I think we were both easy customers. Haha.. When we find that the salesperson was not bad, items are what we wanted, price is somewhat ok, we confirmed the deal. 🙂 They arranged us to have a later shipment of the goods to maintain its “freshness”, since our delivery date should be in August. Haha..

As usual, I did some research online before heading down. Sorta know what kinda furniture we would want for our home. We even went to IMM for a “trial run” before Saturday. One of the salesperson there from “The Decor” or something, slashed prices for more than $300 even before we mention any intention to get anything.

Anyway, we got our Sofa, Coffee Table and Carpet from Mondi! 🙂


Calvino Full Leather L-Shaped Lounge Suite

(Usual – $3780, Promo – $1890)

Dunno how true on the usual price though 😛

coffee-tableBess Coffee Table

(Bought it at 20% Off)

Carpet was not shown on their website. Thus unable to show it here. But they gave us a 50% off for the carpet. 🙂 Although we very much would love the sofa in white, we decided on getting a black instead. Easy maintenance and for longer term perhaps, since the sofa will be placed so near to the window.. The sun…….

They don’t really carry alot of varieties, we didn’t manage to get our dining set there. Will be looking around. Since we still have so much time. 😛 Any recommendation on where we could get a nice rectangular tempered glass dining table?

Mondi is a Sub-Brand of Star Furniture.

The Furniture Warehouse

50 Sungei Kadut Avenue

Star Building II Singapore 729674
Tel 6362 7077 Fax 6363 1952
Opening Hours: 10am-8pm (Mon-Sun)

NHC Staff – Don’t delay my knock off time

“Called in at 4:50 on behalf of my father to enquire whether I could get medications on his behalf. Wanted to apply for a new prescription. Instead of processing the request, the person asked me to call the pharmacy to double check with them for our previous purchase when I clearly told her we didn’t make a full purchase for 4mths the time before and now the medication is running out we need to purchase them. In the background, I could hear the other staffs chatting and laughing.

In the end, the person still asked me to call the pharmacy and only get back to her if the pharmacy says i didnt get the full purchase the other time?!!  Moreover, telling me that If i wanted to reissue a prescription, only call her tomorrow. Because she is closing already?!?!?! So meaning there will be another day of delay on the 3 day processing time????? What kind of service is this? Who shall be responsible if the medication is not taken in time? “

Anyway, I don’t think they are really sincere in making the feedback heard though. Just typing the feedback form to vent the anger. Their online forms are so not well formatted.


Why are the feedback box always so tiny. How many words do they think a person will type IF THEY REALLY HAVE ANY COMMENT TO WRITE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Will see if they call back.

Surface Judgement

How often is it that we hear or even we ourselves judge one by their appearance?

Would you talk to someone wearing shabbily? Someone who looks so untidy that perhaps you wouldn’t even feel comfortable standing beside him/her?

The sudden fame of Susan Boyle has probably waken up alot of us. How someone who looks so ordinary can be so extraordinary at the same time.

What does the word “beautiful” really means? Outlook or what kind of person is he/she inside? There have always been endless examples of those looking all so good but what they really have on the inside is kinda pathetic. But no matter how many examples there is, people still prefered the “pretty on the outside”.

I remembered from my retail job, there was a yearly major roadshow in Takashimaya Basement. There came a guy and his parents, all of them wore home clothings which were really quite worn-out. Color have already faded off as well. When they stepped in, you can see from the eyes of the salesperson that hint “Smelly Prawns” – (In Hokkein). Which means insincere buyers. Those that just wanted to try for fun with ZERO intention for purchase. Well, being in a roadshow, we see endless of people like those “SP”. Anyway, back to the family, I was at the other section in charge of other products, but what they tried was just beside my section, thus, I was able to see….

Jackie, my manager was the one who serves them, in dialect. What I was dealing with was healthcare products, they were trying on a massage chair, thus my manager has to serve them in Hokkein, explaining terms and terms. Usage, different functions all in dialect. All the while, the son sat near not talking much. Just looking at his parents. Every salesperson who was free and walked pass my manager and the family will give the look that “Jackie is wasting time”. But, he still served them well. In the end, the son bought the massage chair for his parents. ON THE SPOT. Full Payment. Yah, that made all the other salesperson shocked. I remembered another so called “top salesperson” of the company walked to Jackie and said that the sale should have been his. But Jackie just replied “But you do not want to serve them right?”.

There are also times I did these misjudgements. Remembering an uncle came to my counter to try a massage chair in the afternoon. (Not a roadshow anymore). He kept going on talking about Singapore, his family, asking whether have I gone travelling. Good thing is it wasn’t usually busy in the afternoon, thus I have the time to chat to him, half willingly though. Then he asked me about shipping the chair to Indonesia. Medan or Palembang I can’t really remember. I thought he asked for fun only. The next thing he did was to pull out a travel waist pouch from the inside of his shirt and hand me $5000 in cash. He bought the chair.

I always felt that I am lucky to have done a retail job before. Especially not a super “clean” retail job. For the job, alot of times, we are faced with so many different kinds of people. Those travellers, (Not picking on the specific one) one of which I dislike the most because the feet really smells! Especially we have to kneel down and operate the machine for them. Some which just wants to sleep on the chair while their wife shops. Alot of times, I have to touch people’s feet as well. Although it’s not a very “glam” thing to do. But its the product I sell best. Learning the reflex points on the feet, demostrating the products, pressing the reflex points of the customers according to what health concern they have………

Thus I felt, perhaps it is what I have done, I have been less incline to judge those “ordinary”. In contrast, I judge the “pretty” more often. Haha. I wouldn’t say I don’t judge those people though. Just that, Susan Boyle makes a wake up call.

So, when you go shopping, if you can, smile to the salesperson. Don’t treat them as invisible individuals. Say thank you to the auntie that clears your table. Say thank you to the cashier. Say thank you to the taxi driver or even good morning to the bus driver. (well, a bus driver greeted me once) It seriously brighthens the day.

Weini/Eric’s “Big Day”

Finally had time to meet up with friends after so many months. The last time we met was probably before Christmas at an informal housewarming session. Been too busy lately.

Weini/Eric’s Bday falls on 22nd April and during bdays, we would always make an effort to come out for dinner. The bday boy/gal will be the one footing the bill.. Haha.. Of course we will get something for them. However this year will be a belated prezzie for them.

We had ala carte Japanese buffet at Minori Dining & Sake Bar at UE Square. It’s alittle similar to what we had at Hanabi last year at Vivo City. However, the one at Vivo have been closed down. (Guess must be the rental!) Food was definitely better than. This time round, the waiters kept getting the orders wrong and the food take forever to come. Perhaps we were alittle rowdy (even though we had a small room for ourselves), the manager always came in with a “black face”. Waiters can’t seem to understand what we want as well. One of the friend asked for an empty glass and the waiter brought in two empty glass plates… Overall, food was so so. But the time spent was enjoyable. Went over to Starbucks for coffee before heading home. Still have one more paper on Tuesday before a “temporary” freedom for 2 weeks! Endure….



Leonard ordered this scary looking dish. But the taste was not bad.



Perhaps the most appealing dish, but I don’t like it when the Salmon is not sliced “clean”


Mini Room that we have. Fit for 10 pax.


Wall Deco


Garlic Breaded Prawns


The dish of the day. Garlic Chicken with Sweet Sauce.


Nimin and Clement


Bday gal with what Dennis brought back from Japan.


Bday Boy



Tired of people misunderstanding “Marketing” and tired of explaining things to them. More importantly, sick of those who do not respect marketing. Not understanding the concepts of Domestic and International Marketing……

What makes you buy a Mac or PC? What makes you buy a iPod or other MP3 Players? What makes you buy a Samsung TV? A PSP………

Credits from : http://managementhelp.org/mrktng/mrktng.htm

Marketing is the wide range of activities involved in making sure that you’re continuing to meet the needs of your customers and getting value in return. Marketing is usually focused on one product or service. Thus, a marketing plan for one product might be very different than that for another product. Marketing activities include “inbound marketing,” such as market research to find out, for example, what groups of potential customers exist, what their needs are, which of those needs you can meet, how you should meet them, etc. Inbound marketing also includes analyzing the competition, positioning your new product or service (finding your market niche), and pricing your products and services. “Outbound marketing” includes promoting a product through continued advertising, promotions, public relations and sales.

Inbound Marketing Includes Market Research to Find Out:

  1. What specific groups of potential customers/clients (markets) might have which specific needs (nonprofits often already have a very clear community need in mind when starting out with a new program — however, the emerging practice of nonprofit business development, or earned income development, often starts by researching a broad group of clients to identify new opportunities for programs)
  2. How those needs might be met for each group (or target market), which suggests how a product might be designed to meet the need (nonprofits might think in terms of outcomes, or changes, to accomplish among the groups of clients in order to meet the needs)
  3. How each of the target markets might choose to access the product, etc. (its “packaging”)
  4. How much the customers/clients might be willing pay and how (pricing analysis)
  5. Who the competitors are (competitor analysis)
  6. How to design and describe the product such that customers/clients will buy from the organization, rather than from its competitors (its unique value proposition)
  7. How the product should be identified — its personality — to be most identifiable (its naming and branding)

Outbound Marketing Includes:

  1. Advertising and promotions (focused on the product)
  2. Sales
  3. Public and media relations (focused on the entire organization)
  4. Customer service
  5. Customer satisfaction

Too often, people jump right to the outbound marketing. As a result, they often end up trying to push products onto people who really don’t want the products at all. Effective inbound marketing often results in much more effective — and less difficult — outbound marketing and sales.