Sleepless Night

Update at 01:19 – Just finished Stats Assignment… Looking at Biz Law while taking a mini break.. Yawnz….

As usual, class ended at 10pm. It’s 10:30pm and im still waiting for my second bus back at e Carribean bus stop.

I can vaguely feel my tension headache coming back. Though I haven’t have that for like 4yrs, but I felt it right after class. This sem makes me breathless. Less than one week before submission of our international marketing assignment and Doc. Tan says we haven’t answer his point yet. Too much on facts and lack of arguments. Oh boy.. Examination focus points basically points out e whole book being important. Of course I have been attending lessons religiously, but it’s still alittle heavy.

Not forgetting Business Law. (Which in e end I really got a C for the test) Submission of assignment on Friday. Still have tons to amend.. (Still don’t see the point of taking this module though. Yes we need to know our rights, but do we really need to master the lawyer’s way of argument? If a company offer to fight a case, ultimately its not what the marketing person can do.) I get stars from seeing the words “notwithstanding, in lieu, on the facts, obiter, in the light of, in fulfillment….”

The one and only module manageable is statistics. Managed to maintain an A for the test. But still felt extremely upset with myself for not putting in enough. Mistakes made were extremely silly. Tonight gotta rush out the assignment solutions for discussion tomorrow. Again.. The submission is next Wednesday.

Saturday morning will be spent on editing the IM project again….

11:00pm.. Still not home yet.. Bus just reached Clementi and someone just fart! #?!%&…..


The International Marketing Class prompted me to go online for a search to the Best Rejected Advertisements around the globe.

Kinda interesting. ๐Ÿ™‚

Click Here.

Other interesting Adverts:

Wendy’s Advert in the States. Discreet Competitor Comparisons. Did you manage to catch that? ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, what’s your take on Subliminal Advertising?

Second video taken from past episode of “Media Watch” – known for media analysis since 1989.

Although it is deem unethical to tackle on the subconsious mind, but I don’t think it’s really effective in a way though. Haha.. Well… It’s interesting to know.

Mini Break…

Just had my Mid term test for Statistics.

One day to rest before getting my business law mid term results. Not much hope on that already. Hopefully a borderline pass will do. Sigh…

Schedule have really been quite tight. Had not been able to meet up with my dear friends as well.. Missed 2 gatherings already… These days time are just spent on books, projects, research… Weekends are mostly burnt doing revisions and projects. Really kinda tiring to manage work and studies at the same time. Thus for those who are still able to choose, do one at a time! Finish with the studies and start to work. Much wiser thing to do.

Anyway, something happy to talk about. Ed and I went for our HDB first appointment yesterday (03/03) ! ๐Ÿ™‚

I got up super early. Our appointment time was 8.15am, I reached Toa Payoh at approx 7.30-7.40am. ๐Ÿ˜› Worried about the traffic. Got myself a cuppa drink from Ya Kun while waiting for Ed to arrive. He got there just about 8.15am… Arghhh…. Whole process took quite long. We only manage to finish everything by around 10am. Waited alittle here and there. So now gotta wait for the second appointment date. Hopefully everything will be processed asap so that the seller can sort their stuffs out as well and move out earlier if possible. Anyway we are not in a rush to move in as well.

We bought our Matrimonial Bed last weekend at the Modern Living fair. We tried Sealy, Slumberland & Simmons. In the end, we chose the Simmons Beautyrest(R) Platinum (King Size). Luckily for us we both liked the same type of bed. Slightly firm. They called it “Plush Firm”. Tried Sealy, it definitely doesn’t suit us. Also… The Slumberland Salesperson “scares” me off with his “Sim Lim” Sales Technique.

Some info on our bed. ๐Ÿ˜›

Simmons Beauty Rest

The mattress you sleep on can make a difference in the quality of your night’s sleep and quality of your day. One of the main causes of interrupted sleep is partner disturbance. Simmons Beautyrest significantly reduces motion transfer across the bed by using Pocketed Coilยฎ Technology. Each spring is independent so when one partner moves, the other partner barely feels it, if it all. Try a Beautyrest you’ll feel the difference immediately.


  • Never have to flip your Beautyrest
  • Motion Separation Index (MSI)
  • Beautyrest Pocketed Coil Technology
  • Triton Foundation
  • Bloc Foam

New Simmons Research Links Beautyrest Mattress to Better Sleep

For the first time in the bedding industry, a clinical research study has found a link between better sleep and a particular brand of bedโ€นthe Simmons Beautyrest. The compelling findings came out of a recent study conducted by leading sleep expert Dr. James Maas. The study was designed to test whether people who sleep with a partner sleep better on a Beautyrest than on their current mattress.