Feeling sooooooo imbalance now…

Just had my mid term biz law test. Sigh… This will break my nice nice record… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Just felt that it was kinda unfair….

He seems to be taking away our “rights” as a diploma student.

Gave us guidelines based on a Grade D answer and keep telling us not to aim for an “A”. Keeps on saying he NEVER gives “As” in his teaching years before. On a question that holds 25 marks. The MAX he will ever give is probably around 15 – 17. Which adds up to the most is 68/100 lor… Which is still a C? Keeps on saying at our level (diploma) we do not need to master so much. Yet, he used a so called “First Class Honors” marking scheme to mark our work? Guidelines are always given in 50%, then when we come up with something, he will give another 1- 2% time by time.So, how can we even get his 15 marks…ย  Angry…

Low Morale Ahhhhhh…….

Busy Year.. Important Dates….

Its really gonna be a busy busy year!!

03/03 – HDB First Appointment

13/04 – Biz Law Exam

16/04 – International Marketing Exam

21/04 – Statistics Exam

08/05 – MBR 2nd Fitting

27/05 – Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

09/09 – AD Wedding

Not including my last sem examinations.. Shd be somewhere in early august. Ahhh !!!

DSM 60th Intake – CNY Lunch

CNY Lunch at Pearl River Palace, Suntec Level 3. Around half the class attended ba..


Chat Chat Chat…


Toast for Good Fortune! ๐Ÿ˜› (The guy in the mid is actually our prev sem lecturer!)


Table 1 (S&J were late.. so no photos of them with the Yu Sheng)


Table 2


Table 3

img_1041Table 1 retake with Jester the Photographer.. ๐Ÿ™‚

Great Start?

Woooo…. Seems like Im getting not so “enthu” to update my blog? Hahaha… Nah.. Just alittle busy lately.

Hows the start of 2009 for everyone? ๐Ÿ™‚

From the last 2 months of 2008 to the 1st month of 2009. My schedule have been quite hectic. While I thought I finally have sometime to spare, its the start of another school term! This semester I will be going thru 3 modules, namely Business Law,ย  International Marketing and Statistics. Exams in April. 3 weekdays night are allocated for night classes. There are classes every friday again!!! Arghh… I never liked classes on fridays. Last sem we had a fun lecturer though… Well….

The start of 2009 has been quite ok for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Fufilled one of my belated goal for 2008. (At least I still fufilled it ya?)

1. Got my license at long last!!!

One the 3rd day of CNY, I took my traffic police driving test and passed at first attempt! Yippie!! After approx 2.5mths of continuous training, going to BBDC 3-4times per week.. Ya.. It did paid off… Phew.. Lucky me, to be able to pass at first attempt means I don’t need to spend more on the training fees! Hehe.. I am quite impressed with BBDC though. The instructors they have, the structure of the lessons, the booking systems and so on… I thought of cancelling my test date and booking a later one as I felt I CMI.. It would also meant wastingย  ard $180 of booking fee.. However, the BBDC staff and instructors are very motivating.. The administrators helped arrange a schedule for meย  within 24 hours! The instructors have been really helpful too… Thinking back of my 1st few lessons… I think my instructors might have puke blood after my class… Hahaha.. Spent slightly less than 2k for the whole course. More expensive than private courses maybe.. But I am super turned off by some of the private ones operating in the west.. So… Its definitely worth it!

2. Love Nest on the Way!

On the 7th day of CNY, Eddie & I decided to purchase a resale flat! We went scouting for a few times, seeing a total of 10 units, we sort of fell in love with one of the units once we stepped in. Located at Punggol Central. Its a 4 year old flat. Renovation done up already and we really liked it alot! The owners are upgrading to Condo thus selling away their flat. Valuation of the Flat was on the high side above S$400k, COV we managed to pull it down to $5k. Well.. Still on the high side… But… with the Waterfront thing coming up and future developments, I felt we should be able to cover the costs in future IF we really decide to sell it few years down the road. Not thinking of the profits at all.


Ahh… 2009 also means my customary wedding is coming soon! Few months time… OMG.. Time seems to be passing really fast! Gotta find ways to get fair again! Mum has already started to call me the “Tan Bride” already… Arghh…

n721425839_1714719_3697-copyTaken from a Fullerton Bride’s Site.