Quick Updates

Some quick updates for the days that have past.

Brother’s Wedding on 14/12/2008, 15/12/2008

Its the first church wedding that I have ever attended and its for my brother. I must admit it was quite nice. Especially the pastor, funny… 🙂

Church wedding was held on 14/12/2008, a Sunday. On the same day, they went thru all the Chinese customary procedures as well.


Taken in the early morning..

n664492054_1264774_7985Taken before the Tea Ceremony.


Solemnization Held at Trinity Church at Paya Lebar.. The Hall is HUGE!!

Banquet was held on 15/12/2008 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Grand Ballroom.

w9Xuan Xuan Stuffed a BIG piece of choco into her mouth.. My Big Bro looks so much like a super loving dad lo… 😛

w7Newly wed with Mummy & Xuan

w8Tired Siblings at the Grand Suite

The following day, 16/12/2008 was Ed’s Bday. Didn’t really have the time to plan for his bday this year. Was having exams on 12/12 & 15/12 afternoon. Sigh..We even had to meet up with our AD videographer.. Haha.. The guy is too busy for this month as well and had limited days available. No choice… Thus met him at PS before going for our “Mini” Celebration. We had PastaMania for dinner.. Muahaha…

Afterwhich, we moved on to our second destination… This time round, we went to the Prive!! Had wanted to go there since months ago! Since its actually so near to Vivo. But always so lazy to just drive there to have a look. The place is quite comfy. Not much people there.. If you go in the noon time, perhaps you might see some yachts moving off. Hehe.. Not forgetting… We saw Maggie Cheung there!! She walked past us 3 times. So I am certain that its her! Ed spotted her 1st.. (Ed’s wandering eyes.. Always scanning the surrounding for pretty gals ya… Hahaha..) She was with her ang mo BF…

Anyway… The food there isn’t as expensive as I thought.. Hmm.. The forum mentioned that the price is on the high side.. But from what I see, its quite ok.. Average price I would say. Depending on what you order of course.. We only ordered 2 drinks and a cake.. The Lucsious Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake was nice!! But, quite sinful as well though.. Hehe..


Us at the entrance of the building. Our very first Xmas Pic in 3 years. I look so fat.. My hair is too flat!! Arghh..

n664492054_1266269_228We tend to always open prezzies in the car. Coz its more private.. Hahaha..

n664492054_1266276_1936Ed giving the “Stun” Look..

n664492054_1266284_3969Ed with his new Gadget. The Blackberry Bold.

One of the reason I got this gift is actually because of a article heading on some magazine we saw a week before.. Something like “If Apple Fan have been waiting long for the iPhone, Blackberry fans have been waiting even longer…” No doubt, Bold is definitely much nicer than the previous phones that Blackberry has, especially the back case which is of leather material, this definitely gives the more “PRO” look. The interface is much much nicer as well.  Also.. Eddie has been eyeing it… 😛 Well, I didn’t really pay for the full 100%, Ed sold his old Blackberry 8320 and gave me the cash.. So.. Its more like 50%. (Although I bought the 8320 for him also laaaa…) So…. Since Ed pass me the cash… I decided to….

Bring him to “The Line” at Shangri-La for Dinner! (Belated Bday + Advance Xmas Dinner). Shangri-La was sorta known as the “Mother of Buffet” in Singapore. With loads of varieties.. The last time I went there I thought it was just ok… (That was approx 5 years back), this time round. Im impressed! With the overall decor.. Food layout.. Service… I must say, Greenhouse Rank 1 on our Buffet list is at risk! 😛 Just that I was alittle unhappy at the recept counter. One staff brought 2 customers in, while another was on the phone.. We are there like waiting… Waiting….. After going in, everything is forgotten though. 😛

Before we went, I kept telling Eddie.. DUN GO TO THE BREAD SECTION HOR!! He likes bread…


Theme was white and baby blue..

img_0169I seriously should do something on my hair… 😦

img_0170Ed’s 1st Serving

img_0172My 1st Serving (Crab Claw being covered)

Ed’s 2nd Serving not taken.. Pasta & Pizza

img_0173 Tom Yum Soup for each




img_0180The Prawn Noodles was nice!!! Love it… 😛

img_0182Ok… This was just so-so.. Soya Chicken and Roasted Meat

img_0185Ed’s Dessert

img_0186My dessert (shared with Ed)

img_0187Fish, Broccoli with Crab Meat, Braised Duck

img_0190Final.. Tea for me, Coffee for him..

img_0191I think Ed enjoyed the coffee.. Haha..

Actually what we had doesn’t justify for the varieties of food they had. Both of us are not really the type that “dare” to try the more uncommon food, there are actually alotttttt which we didn’t try.. Indian food corner, western food corner, (Wanted to try, but there was quite abit of queue) Lazy to wait.  Next time maybe? , Noodles Section, try all the other noodles..

After which we drove past Orchard Road. Just to get the “Feel” of Xmas. There were alotttt of people! We almost thought that it was already Xmas Eve! But its really nice to have a slow drive along Orchard. (When you are not going anywhere in particular and have the time to spare).




img_0205I kept telling Eddie.. When people see the Merry Christmas Wordings.. They feel “happy”.. Then right below.. There is the “ERP” below… 😛


img_0216Wondering what is this about…



Just 3 more days to Xmas… Just remembered I haven buy the Xmas Card for Ed! OMG….


Of all the things that are going on this year…

One of the most wonderful thing is being in class. 🙂

The people in my class are just so wonderful. They are all hardworking individuals and smart as well!

Perhaps we all share the same thing which is not really giving it all during our schooling days. But it doesn’t mean we are not good. There are quite a fair bit of high fliers in the class as well.

With our 3rd semester ending. We are now all preparing for our coming exam. Which falls on 12th & 15th December. Less than 2 weeks from now. Hope we will all stay as united for the coming sems and work hard together… 🙂

We had a really good lecturer for last sem n this sem. Mr. J.Q. He has been the great motivator. No doubt he likes to use “fear factor” on us. But we all knows he is kind at heart! Haha.. Not forgetting his jokes.. His care bear posture…





Read this on Zach’s Blog.

And this is the “reply” release.

Hmmm… The fact is really true. Perhaps we are in a small country. Thus the sports council only “focus” on certain sports and hopes to be good at them? While for some other “not so popular” yet sports are left to fed for themselves.

While some people kept commenting that we didn’t win any sports related competition with “local talent”. But the fact is, we did. Not in the more known sports perhaps.

Muay Thai, I wouldn’t say its a very “safe” sport, with all the actions going on. But I do feel it requires alot to be good in Muay Thai (Or perhaps anything that requires this level of activity, trying to outsmart your opponent, not only in strength, tactic….) Its not that we do not have these people in our own homeland. But the recognition really isn’t there…

So when these people win some title overseas, they don’t see anyone at the airport waiting to welcome them home. There isn’t at home knows of their victory. Ok, maybe only those into the sports will constantly look on the news(International) and finds a fellow Singaporean is out there. Otherwise.. Who would have known?

Having had the opportunity to be exposed to the sport with Eddie. I find Muay Thai a really interesting sport. There are some people really good at it. Of course, one of them is Zach. Perhaps the only Singaporean that I know of whom have the tactics of a Pro Fighter. After watching the Contenders Asia, of course, the ones I liked included Yody, John Wayne Parr, Soren…. Watching the finale LIVE at the Indoor Stadium was really quite an experience! I would definitely liked to watch another one sometime soon! Haha..

But well, if the sport isn’t getting all the neccessary assistance needed. How long can it last without burning a huge hole in these sports fanatics? I seriously hope this sport will go on n on… Actually what is really upsetting is those sports company. Are they seriously only wants to sponsor apparels for those “popular/common” sports? Not their “target” crowd” But those in Muay Thai would also need to do other sports to maintain their good stamina.. They need to run alot as well.. Hellooooo!! They could perhaps endorse for some running shoes! Hehe..

While Im typing.. Zach is preparing for his trip over to Brisbane.. A match with his good friend, Soren! Oh man… How I wish I could watch the match LIVE!!! Arghhh….

Weini’s Wedding 30.11.2008

I have the honor to share the joy of one of the closer friends since secondary days.

Wedding held on 30th November.

Banquet at Four Seasons Hotel, Crescent Ballroom.

She had a total of 5 Jie Meis. Of which 4 is from the same clique. Haha.. The other is her childhood friend.

I woke up at about 6.15am to prepare and waited for Dennis to come pick me up and go over to the bride’s home where we prepare all the “tekan” stuffs.

Though the day was tired. Mainly because of the travelling. to and fro Bukit Panjang & Pasir Ris then back to Bukit Batok. But nonetheless. Its really special seeing someone you know of such a long time to get married. 😛 Really happy that she have let us share her happiness as well. Not forgetting the part when the Jie Meis got called up on stage for the Yum Seng Session. Krishelle has really strong vocal! Haha…


The bride & Nimin


The couple at their love nest.


Sec buddies with the bride (w/o Eric)


Denn & I


Poor Eric… 😛


Leonard & Dennis.. Before the dinner starts


Denn & Me


Krishelle & Denn


Leonard & Sharine

121The 3 Musketeers..

George, Clement, Eric


1st march in

(The groom normally dun smile much! Haha)


The couple trying to break the guiness record.

Lips locked as long as the guests are clapping… Hehe..


I just love the bride’s look! Hehe…

7The Bride with her “Sisters”

P.S. 1 Wedding Down, 1 Marathon, 2 Exams and 1 more Wedding to come!