Hard to Please….

People are hard to please….

Read from Channelnewsasia

“Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said the country cannot simply stimulate demand during this time of crisis by raising government spending” (Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Just happened to hear some people commenting on the issue. At some times, I do wonder if we are over reliant to the support by our government, whom have been spoon feeding us, supporting us all these years. I actually felt our government have all along done quite a good job in managing the country. Sometimes I wonder why people ALWAYS have negative comments on the government. (But I guess everyone likes to grumble ya?)

During economic downturn, expects the government to  pump in $$ to support the economy. When your investments fail, hold a petition, demand the government to try get the money back for the people. When cost of living is high, complain that the government never do anything to help? When town council’s investment fail, complain why town councils uses the people’s money for investment? 20% of the salary goes into CPF/Medisave, complains that the government “took” away your money? …. ….. ……..

Why do one not think of the good? If there wasn’t CPF/Medisave, can we really support our medical expenses or buy a house? (In my point of view Singaporeans doesn’t really know how to control their savings) Some europeans country are taking much more… Do you really study your investments before deciding to invest or just over rely on your financial consultant? (No doubt I believe there are a fair bit of unethical financial consultants) We keep wanting the town councils to just “service” our estates? 

Actually the government have already started doing their part. But perhaps INSIGNIFICANT enough for some people to see. The early commencement on the building of Jurong Hospital is one example. No doubt, the cost of building is lesser at this period. Some might see that the government is using this as an “advantage” so that they could cut cost. I do agree. But, doesn’t it also helps some companies? The government does not have their own contractors do they? They are providing job/ work opportunities. Yes, not to ALOT of people. But, how are they possible to help “Everyone”? 

Some people just keep commenting that the government should “give” us money for the people to ride thru this tide. We do not really have a lot of home production going on. What we have are mostly imported goods. So what if government gives us the money. We spend them on imported goods.. The money goes out of our economy and to other countries? 

Take a look at the shopping malls these days… It seriously doesn’t look like the people is short of any money to spend now. Yah.. Its the Xmas Season… Maybe, maybe after CNY, perhaps in Feb next year, we will really feel the impact. 



Some people have the luxury of not worrying about anything… Almost everything is well taken care of.. Not meeting any setbacks.. Everything or everyone goes so ever smoothly..

For some… Everything goes the opposite…

Life just isn’t fair. Is it?


The news of one getting divorced is more than one getting married…

Those that are together for years parted their ways…


Those who have taken their wedding photography decided to call off their wedding…


Why can’t people commit themselves to a relationship/ marriage these days?


Willingness to “Share”

How willing are you to share your thoughts with others? Be it someone close or just a normal friend?

How would you gauge the amount of information to be shared?

At many times though… The person whom you tend to share the most is never the one closest to you. 


Good Sharings, Bad Sharings..  Which would you like to hear most? Or which would you share most?

Or who is the one whom comes up to your mind when you have something to share?



Romance in Singapore? Unless you are rich…



Happen to read about the topic in today’s ST Forum on the papers. 

Singaporean guys… Romantic? Not unless you can afford the time and money to spare.

Especially the proposal line that many guys use this day… “Shall we go get a house”? 

Its more like getting a house than settling down with someone you love and wanting to spend the rest of your life with that person.. Its more like, “Yah.. Its time to get a house” or “Oh shit, its hard to get a house now, let’s better start balloting”.

With the prices of HDB going up even during this period.. The demand of HDB flats have gone uphill. Having tried to ballot for 1.5 years already.. Can’t even get a decent queue no. The options that is given for couples isn’t much.

1. BTO (wait a few years), if they manage to stay together for so long, good. Otherwise.. 

2. Balloting (Seriously think this system is kinda stupid.. Especially with the island-wide launch.)

3. Resale (Unless you are cash rich to pay the COV, So what is the 30-40k subsidy? 4Rm resale prices are even higher than the new Exec flats if purchased directly from HDB), in addition you have to pay cash for an old flat.) An Exec flat at Hougang costing 470k, I might as well buy the Pinnacle @ Duxton at around 480k.

Yes, I wanna get a flat. Yes, I have been keeping a lookout. Yes, I know what’s my budget, I have done my sums.

Stop giving me pressure, I had enough of it already. Unless you plan to sponsor the COV. Otherwise, wait till the day I strike lottery then YES, maybe I shall consider a resale flat. Provided that I do buy them…