Relations with “In-Laws”

This seems like an ancient old topic. It happens in every household. So how could one make it successful?

Simple.. Like being a relationship, relations with the in-laws are also a two-sided thing. Compromising is the key.

My big brother has been married for 2 years, and my 2nd brother is tying the knot this year end.

The other day I asked mummy this:

“Ma, would you mind if Gor Gor dotes on his wife alot and don’t really care about you? As in no time for you la.. Pays 75% of his time with his wife only laaaa”

Her reply:

“I would be happy for him if he is willing to dote on his wife alot. It would also mean he have a happy family.”

I can proudly say my mum is a really good mother in law to get along with. She really treats my sis-in-law like her own. (Of course there are times when we still feel grumpy) But my mum is really a very easy-going person, with not much demands at all. Even till now when we go out for meals, sometimes she still wants to pay for the meal.. Then when she never cook for too long.. She kept saying she is not a good mother. Coz she didn’t cook for us.. Ahahaha.. Then I will go ” I wanna eat XXX XXX XXX, then the next few days those ‘wishes’ will be granted. But these few weeks it will be kinda hard. Coz home undergoing renovation! Arghh… Then Mum have to be home everyday to ‘monitor’ those workers. Smelling the paint, cleaning the mess. So, she is the one that ‘suffers’ the most. Thus, I can’t complain much also.

These few days we found alot of old photos. Even found my parent’s wedding photo, the photo my dad gave my mum when he is wooing her. Haha.. Looking at them in the photos and them in real life… Can only say… TIME FLIES! Then found one photo of great grandma.. I miss her again…

So many happy memories.. I love photos in the past.. Now I love the technology even more. Digital Cameras, Scanners… They enable us to store those memories for an even longer period of time…

Seen & Heard (Ja Ba Lang…)

Nothing much to write actually. Just suddenly remembered some stuffs.

On Monday night, Sis & I went over to Sim Lim Square to collect her Laptop. We bought the laptop in a roadshow at Funan. Trade In Promotion by Acer. She traded in her xx yrs old lappy for the new Acer Aspire 5930. Retail price at $2,898 but we got a 1k off for the trade in. Could say that its really a good buy. Since the model just arrived in Singapore, not much people really knew how it looks like. All I can say is, after testing her lappy, it was superb! Image quality (even watching youtube) is good! Dolby sound quality.. Hoho.. She will enjoy using it alotttt… Not forgetting to mention, it has a built in TV tuner as well! Arghh… When we told the staff that she is planning to use it mainly to “watch tv”.. He gave us a “stun” look… Jokingly says “Hey, we exchange the graphic card lei..” He thought my sis was a gamer.. Haha… Anyway…

We got the laptop from Song Brothers. Yah.. The one that had quite a bad reputation. I didn’t really notice it when I went over to the roadshow. Its actually for a few dealers, but when I went in, this lady served me… Well.. She gave me what I wanted… So… Then when I got the call to collect the laptop, telling me that the collection point is at SIM LIM LEVEL 2.. I was like… O… K…. Amazingly, when we reached there, the staff that attended to us was GOOD! I mean, polite, detailed.. (I admit there is some other “ah beng” sales person in there) He showed us the set patiently, what the package comes in with. Come to think of it, its the kind of service we get from  the “APPLE” store at cineleisure. I can say he’s quite pro. So…. Not all of them are bad yah..

Then when we are leaving the building, we saw this “ah beng lookalike” (with alot of tatoos.. but the way he speaks.. No lei..) He was there with his granny. But when I heard what his granny was saying.. Im like … … She kept telling him “You don’t like to me hor, if you lie, once is enough hor. You don’t lie to me hor..” Then the only thing I could think of – He ask him granny out to pay for his purchases… Still keep telling her at SIM LIM he could bargain….. Don’t know why I felt kinda sad looking at the granny.. (Although there might be a SLIGHT possibility that its not the case) But….

I need a “Temporary Home”

Feeling really grumpy these days. Especially when reaching home and seeing everything in a mess. Can’t find a decent place to seat down. Can’t watch TV properly. Can’t use the laptop on a proper desk. No place to study. The smell of paint, the ever dusty floor… Even after Mum have mop them. The “minor itchy patches” Im beginning to get from the environment.

Exams are only less than 3 weeks apart. Feeling fed up that I have no proper place to study… But what to do? Who would bother. Can only vent some frustration over here. By the time reno is over? So is my exams. Might as well drag longer then.

Any place to recommend for me to study outdoors? Libraries? Flooded with people. Void decks no thank you. I need an enclosed area. I need a some space. I need a QUIET place. Book a hotel, too ex. Book a chalet, no where nearby. (Chevrons is not cheap too)

…Sigh Sigh Sigh…

Press “1” for … Press “2” for …

Familiar? Something we always hear when calling the call centres. I seriously feel that the waiting time is getting longer and longer! Are the companies getting more inefficient? YES!

Of course this post is not spun off with just one experience with one specific call centres. To be exact.. Its 3 different call centres.

1. Citibank

Called to check on my card. Can’t use it overseas. Waited for a full 16mins before someone actually answers my call! (Its the platinum line somemore!) Then the answered I got, they cancelled my card. They cancelled the WRONG CARD! Few months back I called in to cancel my other 2 cards and they cancelled the one I wanted to keep instead. Ok, I didn’t use the card for quite sometime already. Thus I never noticed it too. Well… They said if I wanted the other cards (that they cancelled), I have to go thru all the applications again. So stupid. (They don’t even wanna trace back the call to see if they made the mistake!, I can be sure I said which card I wanted to cancel, cause once I call to cancel, I CUT away the card.) Then when I told them the ONLY ONE card they didn’t cancel was the one I DIDN’T WANT and have already CUT IT UP, they just mentioned they can send me one replacement card. Thats it. No checking on the wrong cancellation.

Recently kept hearing negative reviews on Citibank and experience this.. Seems like service is really dropping!

2. Acer

Wanted to call them to check on their weekend promotion at Funan sometime back for trade-ins of laptop. In e end, spent close to 20mins holding on the line, yet nobody answers! In the end, I just sent an email in, no reply! (I mean, its really kinda stupid when you have a promotion but you have no people to attend to the ‘customers’) Anyway, the next day, we just drop by Funan directly.

3. OCBC Bank

Uncle wanted to get a statement for his outstanding car loan amount. We faxed in a total of 3 letters requesting the same thing. Till now we are not sure whether we are able to get the documents! We faxed in the 1st letter stating the “request for statement for acc no. xxx”, the lady called us and saidwe shouldn’t write it this way, thus, as per request, we changed it to “request for repayment scheme”, which seems even more wrong! Anyhow, since its the words they wanted, we PUT! In e end? They say they never receive it!! Then when they finally manage to “FIND” it, they say its written wrongly again!! This time round, she said put it as “request for full redemption quotation”. Which is abit DUH!!! Redemption???? We faxed it over. As of now its around 1 hour, nobody calls yet. (I called in to inform we have faxed out the document) They better fac what we want over. Otherwise the next person who answers our call will get it!

Moreover they do not have a direct line! Can only call to their call centre, then press “1” for english, “3” for car loans, then someone answers, ask you which no. you fax to, then will ask the department in charge to call you back! Complete waste of time… Then when they call must we put aside what we are doing and attend to “her” instead? Are they serving the customers or do we have to make time for them now. As consumers, when we call, of course we call during the time when we are free and hope to get the problem solved asap or during the call itself.

Amex is still the ONLY company that I feel they really VALUES their customers…

Prompt Service, Fast Response Time..

My time has not come..

3 weeks to exams. Have not start my revision yet. Kinda slack this term. Not good. But I can’t find any decent place to study. Sigh.. House under renovation. Huge mess all around. Estimated completion date? My examination week. Sigh….

Job search gotta postpone again since exams are just around the corner. There are times when I feel really frustrated. With myself maybe? Not too sure what’s the reason. I didn’t seem to do well for the interviews these days (Or the other candidates are just too good?) Or is it because of my age!!! I think I really started late. Is it TOO LATE? Sigh… I sorta hate myself for this sometimes. Then when I hear some people got the kind of job I wanted without the relevant experience and qualifications (as in they have degree, but not marketing/business related), I feel even more disappointed. A diploma seems like a piece of waste paper. Even the jobscope are so vague these days. Marketing person needs to have graphic knowledge, maintain websites. There are times when I doubt whether I could even land myself in a marketing job.

I felt “old” suddenly. I don’t even bother to “dress up” Always wearing the same few pieces of clothes. Doesn’t really bother to dress like a “lady”. Doesn’t even apply blusher these days.. The other day a gal in class asked about my age. (I know she is 21 yrs old only) Sometime back I saw her in Ikea Tampines and she mentioned her bf was “surprised” when she told him I am her classmate. (I think Im in Tees and Shorts, after my run at east coast) IDIOT… (Its a part time course lor.. We even have people in the 40s – 50s in the class lor. Then again.. the 25s and below people in my class seems to be doing well. Then it makes me doubt myself again.. Sigh…

Sometimes I loathe those whom are given a “chance” and doesn’t seems to be treasuring it.

How I wish I could turn back time…

Until the day comes……

Driving 101

Xuan is learning to drive!!

Shifting the seats.. Hold on to the steering wheel..

Act cute to the instructor first. So that he/she will be more “lenient”.

Ok, Ready to Go!!


Photos taken from Joyce’s Facebook.. 😛

22:27 On e way home..


Are time spent with friends/ colleagues spent with more ‘effort’ as compared with family?

Is being ‘independent’ a good thing? Does it means being more ‘serious’, having less fun, having less romance, being less ‘worried’/ ‘cared’ for? Receiving less? Hmmm…

“Falling inside e well out of a sudden..”