Long Awaited Retreat

Will be leaving for Phuket this Saturday!

Finally booked the tickets yesterday night. Hope the weather will be good! Eddie will be going with me. Not sure what makes him change his decision though. (Maybe he feels Im a weirdo if I go alone? Haha) He only decided to go after I told him that the flight back is a morning one and will reach Singapore on Monday at 12:10pm. So… He might go back to work shortly after reaching SG. That’s what happen when you have a busy other half ya? Holidays only during the weekends.. Hopefully I can visit other islands beginning of next year. Would most probably go for a longer trip during the weekdays then. I miss snorkeling in the clear sea!

Anyway… I will be going for another holiday trip! With my Mum! One week after Phuket, will be going over to Hong Kong! A 4D3N Hong Kong/ Macau Trip. Will be able to meet up with Vikki for dinner! Its been like nearly 3 years since I last see her!

P.S: As the society advances, people are becoming more self centered… They protect themselves too much and refrain from “giving” as much. Leaving options open ONLY for themselves. But leaving none for others… No matter what the situation, think in a more flexible way. Stand in other people’s point of view. You might really see the clearer picture then. If you only choose to defend to your own stand. You have not really seen the world yet. And history will just keep repeating. Neverending story…

Behind e Scene

At many times, people only recognize the ones that are shown in the “big screen”, often the ones who are behind the scenes are “neglected” or often not recognized.

Often this happens in our life as well.

How many times have you really appreciated the ones that are there behind the scene?

Executives with Low EQ

I think Eddie would probably “smile” by the Title of this entry.

I would agree that service standards in Singapore are not really good. But one of the reasons are also because the customers themselves are not “good” either. Especially Singaporeans. I remember the my retail days, we would see alot of those execs, in shirts, pants, blouse, walk by our counter. Came in to try our massage machines, laugh at their own groups then walk off without even saying thank you. There are some other execs whom ask for discounts like as if we sales person OWN the company. Asking sales person to forgo our commission for their discounts without knowing that by selling the pathetic mini machine, the most we get are around $5, $10 or max $50 for a massage chair.

Another most common sight. Execs love roadshows! Perhaps its partially because their office is around the corner and they just drop by. But, they are also very impatient! The most impatient type of Customers I can say. They want good bargain, they feel that they are the most “superior” customers. They do not want to wait. Do not want to queue. Expect the sales person to treat them like KINGS & QUEENS. Oh please…. The spending power from Execs in Singapore? Miserable.

Alot of times, you might see some uncle/ aunties walking around town wearing quite shabbily. Please do not feel that they do not have much spending power. Amazingly, some of those are those whom are really RICH!! Do not bargain much, doesn’t mind to wait and treat sales person with respect! Once my ex-manager closed a massage chair sale with full payment in cash! The customer is a uncle whom wear those plain shirt/ tugged out, with berms and hair is kinda messy. Bringing his elderly parents to the roadshow at taka basement. Of course, not all sales person will wanna serve someone like that as well.

Anyway, yesterday Eddie & I were at the Starhub Roadshow at Suntec. Eddie needs to get the MaxMobile Surflite and another new mobile line for his Account Executive. We met one irritating staff with poor customer service and another is a extremely LOW EQ customer.

The Staff – I felt he doesn’t really wanna attend to us. Because there are 3 guys standing together and chit chatting away. Even though he sees Eddie is looking at the brochures, he didn’t bother to attend. It was only then Eddie approached him instead. Then he gave us all those stupid answers. We asked 1. We want to sign up for the Max Mobile. Then he answered “Oh Sorry, I do not do that, you have to approach the counter at XXX, my side do mobile only.” Then our 2nd question “Ok, then how about if I need to sign a new line”. He asked if we wanna continue the contract or its a 2nd line under the name. We said the latter. His reply was “Oh sorry, then you have to check with the sales counter. My side only do mobile line” Which is soooo DUH!!! So what the hell do you know? We then walked over to the MaxMobile Counter and the staff there was much much more professional. Excellent service and candid way of speaking with good body language.

Actually we took around one hour to finish all our transactions there. Reason is because their PC hang when they tried to do the submission. Eddie was there standing all the while. Only sat for like 5min. When we went to the cashier, we notice the staff wrote the price wrongly for the phone. Instead of correcting on the spot. The cashier wants us to walk back to the counter and get the staff to amend. Which is kinda stupid actually. Ended up we have to queue again to do the payment. Can see from Ed’s body language that he is already abit “pissed” of the wait. Thus, I told him I’ll go queue for the vouchers (free gift) first.

Low EQ Customer – When the lady was preparing for my voucher. There is this FAT Exec Guy came over to the counter and say “SPEAK TO THAT GUY!” Referring to the staff behind the counter. I figured out that this couple might be there for quite sometime as well. Then the staff referred him to the wrong counter to collect the freebies. Then he kept slapping his papers on the desk as if asking the lady to speed up my redemption. But the 2 of us.. IGNORED his prescense. Suddenly there is a loud bang behind me. I turned around, saw like 5 or 6 shopping bags on the floor. Turned my body more. I saw another “OL – Office Lady” Slamming her handbag on the bench nearby. Immediate thought on my head “BO LIAO, CHILDISH, LOW EQ, NO MANNERS” They are a couple. No one picked up the bags. The lady giving the vouchers also can’t be bothered with the couple. Asked me slowly on what vouchers I want, I also in turn tell her slowly. Then politely said my thank you, turned around, gave the Man a glance, then walked off.

When we are going down the escalator, we saw the OL walking back. (Middle Age OL) Her face was damned piss off lor. But what’s the point of throwing all those shopping bags on the floor? Someone still gotta pick them up right? Isn’t it more embarrasing to pick them up? If you want to come to a roadshow, you must be prepared that there are more consumers. So be prepared to wait! Stupid Couple.

I simply hate it when I see people who treats others without respect. It never harms to say a “Thank You” or “Smile” to a sales person/ service staff. Everyone deserves to be respect.

Lastly, never under estimate those who wears shabbily, they might be earning far more than you!!! They might know how to spend more wisely than any one of us!

Further Improvement

Sigh. I kinda had a bad day yesterday. Went for a 2nd interview. Sad to say. I didn’t feel I do well enough. Initial meet up with the GM I felt really confident. But this time round, met up with four other ladies in the Company. Two department heads and Two Interns! Well, the company train Interns really like their perm staff. Can see that they really “train” Interns. Not like during my poly days, Interns do all the misc work.

Anyway, the 2nd round was called a “Chit Chat” session. Supposedly to be “Casual”. But, I see them one by one walking in with one whole stack of my resume, certs, personality tests, correspondences with the GM. Then they began flipping all the pages infront of me.

Anyhow…. No matter what might be the outcome. I really felt the environment there was quite good. Maybe I haven’t been “talking to people” for a long long time… Sigh… Felt alittle demoralised after that. But what to do. Already ended. Lets see whether they call by next week.

Makan Session with the Ladies

Sis & I met up with the Cuzzies for Dinner.

This time round, we went over to Togi Korean Restaurant at Mosque Street. Recommended by Joyce and have seen some reviews of the place as well. (Photos are all extracted from other people’s blog!)

Overall, its more like a small homely restaurant. Owned by a Korean Lady. Her mum is one of the cook I think. So is this place a more authentic option of you have the urge for Korean food? Hmm, Im not sure. because I have never tasted the “true” Korean version aka in Korea. But well, it’s not bad. Some of the dishes are quite good. πŸ™‚

Can’ really remember what we ordered. But we occupied 2 tables. It was full of those side dishes! Ok, trying to recall….

They offer free refill. We had 2 set of these on the table.

The potato is nice!

2 Mix Rice in Stone Bowl. One Pork and the other Chicken

The Potato Pancake. This looks abit burnt.. Haha. But the one we had was nice! We had another seafood pancake which looks alittle like Veggie Pizza. But this is nicer I felt.

How can we do without this! Kim Chi Soup! We ordered the Seafood + Tofu. Tofu was silky smooth! Soup was not spicy at all though. Alittle sweet infact. Due to the Seafood probably.

The fried rice cake with ramen. Nice! Might be my fave for the night.

The BBQ Pork Belly.

This is the lady boss. Looks cool huh. But she was not the one who prepared for us though.

Cut into mini pieces

To be wrapped and put in the mouth as a whole? But I find the raw veggie too bitter!!

Ok… This is roughly what we had. By the time we finished, our tummys are near to exploding. The only disappointment was perhaps the drink. Its actually bottled. We ordered plum and pear juice respectively. Tastes kinda artificial…

Togi Korean Restaurant

operation hours:
lunch: 1130am-2:30pm
dinner: 6pm-10pm
closed on sunday

11 mosque street, chinatown
phone number:

Still need to get out

I thought after deciding on the hotel stay I would be “contented”. But it doesn’t seems to be.

I still kept going thru the phuket travel package lists. Sigh… I think I really need one still. But to go alone. Hmm..

Was talking to Andy about Phuket. He showed me a Muay Thai Training Camp instead.. Arghh.. He was saying why not ask a big group of people for a week stay there. For the beginners training programme.

Beginners Training Program (Average duration 2.5 hrs)

  1. Warm -up : 15 minutes of upper & lower body stretching, 10 minutes of Skipping rope (sounds easy but it’s not!)
  2. Bag Work : 3 x 3 minute rounds of Kicks & Punches, focusing on correct Technique (supervised by the instructor)
  3. In The Ring : 3 x 3 minute rounds of Technique, 3 x 3 minute rounds of light Sparring (both sessions with Instructor)
  4. Endurance : 20 – 30 minutes of strength -building using free weights and gym equipment.
  5. 100 Sit-ups and /or more Skipping
  6. 30 minute run over a 6km-12km distance (optional)

He thinks too “highly” for me already. I told him I would probably lie flat on the floor after the 2nd one. Imagine myself in the ring doing sparring!! No no….

Hmm… Should I…. Alone?…. Been there twice already.. It shouldnt be a problem I guess. Moreover if I were to choose to stay at Patong… Everything is within walking distance…