“To Love” or “Be Loved”

These words just suddenly came to my mind earlier. No particular reason. 😛

As a matter of fact, I think this is one of the topics that Eddie & I talked about in our earlier MSN chat. Either our 1st or 2nd time chatting on MSN (My memory can serve quite well at certain times!)

If you have a choice, which would you choose? To love someone and what’s return is at the minimal, or be the one who is being loved/pampered but at the same time, you know what you want is actually still somewhere out there? (Of course the most ideal situation is both ways!)

Anyway… More wedding bells! Up to date:

June 2008 – Jacob & Eunice AD

Aug 2008 – Vikki & Kim AD

07 Sept 2008 – Shanty & Colin AD

25 Oct 2008 – Stacy & Desmond ROM

30 Nov 2008 – Weini & Raymond + AD

06 Dec 2008 – Joanna’s AD (Eddie’s Friend)

Dec 2008 – My 2nd Bro’s Church Wedding & AD (Date not confirmed)

Dec 2008 – (either 18th or 30th Dec) – Eugene & Irene AD

Congrats to All!

Experience < Paper Qualifications

Still no luck in the attempt to get a marketing job. Even got lesser interview (none i should say) opportunities! What the hack is wrong! When I quit from the ex company, I could still get a few interviews. Then the comments given is no paper qualifications doesn’t justify the pay I’m expecting (even though I the figure down alittle). Then now I’m taking a marketing course, I can’t even get myself an interview!!!!! SHITTTT!!!

So now what might be the reason?

1. Studying = Not able to commit 100% to the job?

2. Studying = Will change job after I graduate?


Consumer Value

Saw a posting from STOMP on MOS Burgers @ Compass Point. More of a complaint actually. In short, a customer ordered Ice Peach Tea & wanted the creamer that is usually served for the Ice Milk Tea, but got rejected! The customer went to his table, but walked back to the counter again to request for the creamer. This time round, the manager came to attend, but rejected the request as well! Saying the creamer is only for orders of Ice Milk Tea?!?!?!

Ok, STOMP contacted MOS Foods for their comments, they replied the following:

“First and foremost, we would like to thank you for offering us an opportunity to explain the rationale behind to provide everyone with a better understanding on the serving of creamers for the Iced Peach Tea.

“In fact, several tests have been carried out before to test the suitability of mixing creamers with the Iced Peach Tea.

“The test results have indicated that the Peach Tea does not blend well with the creamers, and it is best that the drink is to be consumed on its own.

“As a result of these tests, we have decided to exclude Iced Peach Tea with Milk from our menu as we would like to offer the best products to our customers.

“Similar test results have indicated that the creamers blend very well with the Iced Tea, and we are glad to put the Iced Milk Tea in our menu as it is now our top selling drink.

“We would also like to thank the STOMPer for his feedback to us.

“We have offered our sincere apologies to him and have also explained to him on the rationale behind the serving of creamers.

“In fact, if our manager has explained to him on the rationale in a humble and polite manner, a reasonable customer like him would certainly respect the decision of the company’s product policy.

“We will definitely improve on our customer service and ensure that our managers are proficient in handling such incidents.

“Again we thank you for hearing our side of story,” said a MOS Foods Singapore spokesperson.

Then again, consumers threw back their “arrows”

MOS…What kind of excuses is that ?? Why you care what your customer like/want to put in their drink ?? So what the customer like to drink the peach tea with mil ?? just give the milk to the customer lah…Don’t you know that,different ppl,different taste mah..damn stupid excuses….!!!!

I think the reply from MOS burger is lame. One man meat another man poison. Unless they tell me creamer + peach tea will cause some cancer or etc… If not … why cant give creamer to the customer?
No wonder MOS burger is not popular compare to some others fastfood resturant.

My favourite of the lot seen:

I think MOS Burger must have a whole stack of reports behind their counters for customers who request for this and that … Got money to do lab test no money to give 1 sachet of creamer

Seems like MOS doesn’t quite understand effect of “word of mouth” – (Another phase should be up since technology have advanced) 😛 They should come up with a more clever excuse next time.

Organizations (In SG especially!) should really start thinking in the customers’ point of view.

Cool ~~ Starbucks

Who knows consumers better than Starbucks. 🙂

Just came to know about this site called “My Starbucks Ideas“.

“My Starbucks Idea is an online community dedicated to sharing and discussing ideas and allowing you to see how Starbucks is putting top ideas into action. If you’d like to ask a question or make a comment specific to your experience with Starbucks, please visit the Contact Us section of Starbucks.com.”

Like what they mention on the web:

You know better than anyone else what you want from Starbucks. So tell us. What’s your Starbucks Idea? Revolutionary or simple—we want to hear it. Share your ideas, tell us what you think of other people’s ideas and join the discussion. We’re here, and we’re ready to make ideas happen. Let’s get started.

Talking about recognizing consumer value, nobody does it better than Starbucks. (At least from what is being observed till now!) Ok, they are not used in Singapore (yet!)

P.S: What e hell is M1’s ads on “listening to consumers’ view” about? Can’t see any link. They want consumers to send in their feedbacks and in turn stand a chance to win a Sony Ericsson Phone? Seriously, this is soooooooo “Singaporean” way of trying to capture the market. (Another word is Kiasu-ism) So does people log on for the survey to win the phone or sincerely contributing how they might feel towards the company? Will subscribers of the other Telcos log on as well? Or they only plan to capture their own customers only? Did they mention what will they do when they get the survey results? Nope. Just a standard survey for everyone! Wow… As if that’s special. So much for “You deserve better“……

I seriously don’t see any benefits this campaign is bringing.

Sinful Week

One week past after the ROM. Finally had my BBQ wings on Sunday nite. Went over to Chomp Chomp for dinner. Despite being super hot there. They probably really has the best StingRay & BBQ wings. We ordered satay & an additional plate of veges as well.. Hoho… 😛

Before Sunday, celebrated Krishelle’s Bday @ Park Hotel. Had their buffet dinner. Stomach nearly burst! The breaded cereal prawns are quite nice. I don’t really like the salmon there. Not fresh enough & the cut wasn’t “clean” enough. Not even. Heard the oysters are good. But didn’t try. Chilli Crab! We made the waiter bring us a big big plate of crab. Giving the reason we alway missed the crabs when it got served. 😛 They had big crab claws, but the gravy wasn’t thick enough though… No fried buns… Bleah… Anyway, each pax cost around $32.10 now. They have a discount of 30% currently (price after discount). Not too sure when will it last till. My top choice is still Greenhouse! I heart Greenhouse!!! 😀

I’m back for my sports day! Since yesterday is a PH, we had our run on Monday Morning instead. With Roy, BX, Ody, Eddie & myself. Of course, the guys zoom past aheadddddd of me… Its OTOT for me always. But my Nano gave up on me! Arghh… But its working fine now. Only did around 5km run. 1st run after the break. Training for my 10km Shape Run on 20th July!

Collected our ROM album & CD from Hwa Seng last weekend. Supposedly I could meet him near home, since we are just living like a few streets away. But because Im already out, he deliberately sent down the stuffs to Vivo after our movie! So nice of him…

What is he looking at? 😛

3rd Guardian. Other than my parents. 😛 (Although we squabble at times)

With one of my most clever cousin.. I can still remember the days when she is still a toddler… Haha

With Sis & Cousins (That’s Joyce on the right)

Seldom see my Dad so relaxed… The contented Ah Gong..

My bouquet.. Nice lei… Haha.. But I want Calia Lilies for AD next year when it is indoors!

With my dear Evelyn! I just love the cut of her hair!

Group of Ex Fajarians. Lack of 1 person… Leonard!! On guard duty… 😦

With the Ody Group.

Nope.. They are definitely not envy, becoz their day is coming soon!

Does this looks like a family portrait? Haha… Only we don’t plan to have any kids like only after 3 yrs?

My Dear Mummy…

My Dear Papa! See… He looks more relaxed with XuanXuan.. Haha..

I wanna go Koh Racha!

Coming to one week after the ROM.

Difference? Nothing have changed. Haha… Maybe because we’re not living together. (Well, no luck from all those HDB balloting!) Only seen Ed once this week as till now, will be meeting the next few days though. Long weekend. Should have planned a holiday. Arghh… So a friend was telling me “So, you are “technically” not married yet”. But lawfully though! Guess to the parents, we’re still “single”. Haha.. Still the kid in the eyes of parents. Maybe after the customary, hopefully by then we will have our house already. Otherwise would need to sleep on the streets! 2nd brother getting married this year end. They would need the “space” at home! 😛

Why is the prices of housing still so high? Though the craze should have come down alittle by now. Was looking at the price index, Punggol resale flats are so ex! For an estate not developed yet. I feel the price is not justifiable. 4 room flats with just around 90sqm are selling at ave $300k. (Thanks to all the “Punggol 21” press releases!) Prices are excluding COV! Haiz… Why have I not struck any toto or 4D, will just get a condo. 😛

I yearn so much for a holiday! Was just talking to Andy @ Plaza Singapura on Tuesday, dropped by the OSIM outlet and had a short chat with him. He was just telling me that the current promotion on the massage chair comes with something from Banyan Tree, Bintan. Forgot the details already. But the catalog from Banyan Tree makes me feel like I wanna go there right away! Andy was just back from Tioman recently. Arghh… I miss the sea!! I miss snorkelling! He mentioned that his youngest brother (David) recently went to Racha, Thailand. Stayed in the villa. Only costs like $300++ per nite? I wanna go Racha someday! Ok, maybe not Racha, I wanna go Thai Resorts!! Only managed to go Phuket twice. I seriously need the sea, the sun, the spa!!! 😛 😛 (Not to say that I got like 3 unworn bikinis still lying inside my drawer!)

Flooded with Photos…. :P

Hwaseng has been very kind to provide me with photos to load on a daily basis… 😛 Hopefully will be meeting up with him by this weekend to collect the print out and CD-Rom! Hehe..

The red carpet…

Waiting for the march in

“Trying” to be funny… Im really not a “lip gloss” person lei… Feel so uncomfy with gloss..

Roy & Eddie

Both so slim lor…… Wonder will there be a day they grow more meat… Wonder where is the BK burgers that we eat every Sunday… Humph….

Eddie looks rather uncomfortable! 😛

Krishelle, Weini, Sharine, EdNix, Gwen, Ting, Annie

With the “Intellectual Group”

Alvin, EdNix, Roy, BingXiong

Supposed to be a “casual” shoot… Guess we are not so good at it ya. Haha

Eddie’s Poly Mates

Joanna (Bride to be in Dec!), Gabriel, EngHan, Roy

Eddie & Mates

Kneeling in e mid of the red carpet

Hair getting messy loooo…


Here comes Eddie to join me on the carpet… See his bones!!! Skeleton…

The gals wanna do a “kiss” shot.

I like this one.. Becoz I look slim.. Muahaha…

Preparing to throw.. But no one wanna catch! Haha… Only 2 singles in the group.. N.. They wanna siam… Humph… In e end, Weini got the flowers! 😀