13 days to a changed status…

Finally, the day is “really” approaching… Quite a few friends are asking “how are you feeling now?”, “nervous, excited?”. Hmmm… Honestly, the feeling have not 100% kicked in yet. Try asking me on the 9th May! 😛

It did feels quite weird to think that in another 2 weeks time, the status of “Miss” will be changed to “Mrs”. From “Single” to “Married”. Guess that will need sometime to getting used to!

Stuffs are almost prepared for the day. Just alittle touch ups… 🙂

Hip Hip Hurray!!

Had my last paper today on Management & Principles. Hmm…. Didn’t think I did a good job though. Although I got all the headings right, but I guess it was not indepth enough for my lecturer. Just hope with the “help” of the assignment, will be able to pass!! 😛 Will not even know till next semester.

Anyway, it feels sooooooo good to have done with the exams… Been so stressful these few days. Worrying this and that. Memorizing all the words, theories… Arghhh… Only have 2 weeks to rest before the next semester starts… So have to enjoy! 😀

One Down & ‘Awake’

Had my first marketing paper. Luckily the paper was in the afternoon. Weather was so nice to sleep in the morning!

Been so long since I have an “examination”. It does feels kinda weird. Haha.. Kept thinking whether it is the right way to answer exam questions like this and that…etc. Hopefully I did ok! But will only get the results next semester… Arghh…. Paid the 2nd sem fees as well… (Heartache… BoHooHoo… )

Catched the movie “Awake” at Vivocity.

Storyline was quite fresh. Not bad. Did manage to keep my eyes “wide open” throughout the whole show. Some parts “alittle” gross. (Not the typical gross though)

A movie on “Anesthetic Awareness”. Whereby the patient during the surgery, although being injected anesthetic, do not fall asleep and was “awake and consious of the surroundings” but physically paralyzed throughout the whole process. Scary eh…. Imagine, you lying on the surgery bed, you hear the preparation of your surgery, the surgery equipments, the surgery knife cutting you up. Glup… The movie mentioned that each year 21 million people goes thru anesthetic injections and 30k of them actually encounter this anesthetic awareness! Gosh.. I wonder how they get through with it and what after effects do they have. Scary!!

Movie Night

Catch the Movie – “Escape from Huang Shi” earlier in Vivo. Starring Chow Yun Fatt & Johnathon Rhys Meters (August Rush)

More of a documentary type of movie, based on a true story of an Englishman during the war period in 1944 China.

Although this movie doesn’t have alot of ups and downs, creating any suspense or any special effects and stuffs, but it was still quite nice for a true story. Natural flow. It ends with the interviews of some of the “children” (now already grandpas) that George Hogg brought with him through the great journey.

Looked up for something in regards to the actual person:

The dramatic true-life story of George Hogg, a young Oxford graduate who is caught up in the Japanese invasion of China in 1937 and the Chinese Civil war, and who leads a group of Chinese children hundreds of miles across 15,000-foot mountains to safety – only to die tragically in early 1945.

The Book: The Life & Legend of George Hogg:

The author, James MacManus, was working as a reporter in Shanghai in 1980s when he heard talk of a statue being up in the remote town of Shandon on the Mongolian border in memory of an Englishman called George Hogg. This book is the result of his investigations – and the basis for a major feature film called ‘The Children of Huang Shi’, directed by Roger Spottiswoode and starring Jonathan Rhys Myers, to be released in spring 2008.

One westerner who lived in China throughout the Cultural Revolution described Hogg as “an outstanding young Englishman who fell in love with foreign people and devoted his life to their betterment. What he did made him deeply and widely loved.”

MacManus has been back to China to interview the surviving old boys of Hogg’s school. Hogg’s reputation is kept alive by their loyalty to this day.

The dramatic trajectory of Hogg’s life took him within a few months from a privileged existence at Oxford to life on the run from Japanese secret police in China.

This what they call Situational Leaders…

George Hogg (1914 – 1945)


Seen this from a web.

Why the groom shouldn’t be forced to drink too much on the wedding day.

Cause they will start to hug everyone around… in front of the bride.

Contenders Asia @ Singapore Indoor Stadium

Watched the Contenders Asia Finale held at the Indoor Stadium on Saturday night. The Contenders is a U.S reality show program (on Muay Thai) produced by the Mark Burnett International. The ones who brought us: “The Apprentice” & “Survivor”. They held the Contenders Asia version first time round and Singapore is the place they did the shooting. AXN is telecasting the show since a few months back; it should be showing the 2nd last episode coming Wednesday. Channel 5 will be starting to show it on Thursdays.

I didn’t expect myself to get “hooked” on the show, but, I did. 🙂

Anyway, we reached the Indoor Stadium at around 6:40pm, a lot of people were already there (starts at 7:00pm) Went in at around 6:50pm. Its really kinda exciting. To see that Singapore is slowly getting more “open” in these kind of sports. Although when you initially listen about it, you might feel that some seems alittle “violent”. But after slowly getting to know the sport, the history about it, you will see its attraction. J

In total there were 6 fights and 1 “demonstration” by Fitness First. First Fight was by a guy from Indonesia with our Singapore representative Louis from Muay Thai Workshop. Louis won by a Technical Knock Out. 2nd fight was a girl’s fight, Sakon (or something like that) versus Brenda (SG) from Hilltop Muay Thai. Again, Singapore won. J Brenda is really young! I think 18 years old this year? Both of the SG fighters participated in the previous SEA games and Brenda even got Bronze! (The EmCee mentioned that she was the youngest contestant then. Wow….) After that, there was the Fitness First demonstration.

After that, it was the beginning of the exciting fights. 🙂 Get to see 8 of the contestants from the Contenders! 2 of them for the final title and 6 of them for a rematch. Everyone in the stadium seems to gotten crazy in a fun way. Cheering, clapping… Seeing the fighters in person (though some distance) was really really good.

Soren and Sean – These two are probably the ones that does not look like a fighter at all when they are out of the ring. Soren has this doctor look (Do think he is one of the better looking one in the Contenders.. Haha) Sean has this boyish look. 😛 Soren won the fight.



Zach and Zidov – Considered one of the anticipated fight of the night. Zach is till now the most “known” Muay Thai fighter in Singapore I guess. In the Contenders show, he lost to Zidov due to a dislocated shoulder in the midst of the fight. Thus, a rematch is really fair for him, and as expected, he won. J So it adds up to 3 Singapore wins for the night.


Dzhabar and Rafik – The most “interesting” fight of the night. Both of them are not in good terms during the shooting of the Contenders. Logger-heads. Haha.. Rafik was from France and Dzhabar from UAE. Preferred Dhzabar more, and he won. I think most of the people in the Stadium liked Dhzabar more as well. Cheering him when he came out, and “Boo-ing” Rafik.

John Wayne Parr and Yodsaenklai – The Finale fight. I think this fight was kind of “expected”. Both were very well known and well-liked fighters. JWP from Australia, Yoddy from Thailand. This is a match that we really can’t decide on who to support more on. Haha… JWP is one of those legendary fighters. Yoddy is very very very good as well. In terms of personality JWP is such a nice and humble guy, while Yoddy is such a funny guy… It was a tough fight. Yoddy wins… Now he can build a house in Thailand with that money. (Prize money is USD $150k)

Contenders Asia 2 will be shooting in Singapore as well. Looking forward to it!! 🙂

Got these pictures from some web. 😛

The 8 fighters with the national flags.

Almost everyone is standing up to see the fighters. A tribute to all of them. 😛

Only manage to find this online. A pretty old pic I think. From their past fight in Thailand. Yoddy looks really young and JWP still looks really good now. 😛

Other pics from the show:

Soren versus Alain in Ep 5

John Wayne Parr versus Zidov in Ep 11

Yoddy versus Naruepol in Ep 9