I miss “MY” Milo….

Brand Loyalty – Guess Nestle wouldn’t learn it from Coke

The “new” formula from Milo was out since last April, almost a year ago. But, I seriously still prefer the old, “classic” version. The original one that I drink since young, the one that I made every morning in the office. The one that I would definitely bring along with me during my overseas trip and have at least 2 drinks per day! The one that I drink whenever I had an “urge” for cocoa. The one that energize me, the one that taste so good!! (Like some people addicted to coffee, I’m addicted to Milo) Then when I couldn’t see my favorite beverage on the shelves of every supermarket……….

Not too sure why nestle withdrew the original Milo.. (Ok, I think they are still being sold in those superrrrrrrr big tins, or only to limited customers? Aka the coffee shops) L But it’s certainly such a disappointing decision to consumers like me… Now I only drink milo when I go to the coffee shop or after my Sunday runs at Burger King (Ice Milo though). I still hope to make a hot milo for myself. The ORIGINAL milo… They said in their web that Milo was Singapore’s most favorite energy drink, then why remove the original formula and introduce what they “assumed” consumers will like? Why did they not consider if consumers have any “feelings” towards their products? Especially when they claim the original is Singapore’s FAVORITE energy drink! The Fuze version and the Australian recipe version tastes extremely yucky to me, taste so much like diluted milky chocolate. Wonder if the sales have tumbled. I seriously hope they will! But then again, they might not really bother about the Singapore Market… Because we are so darn small!! I wonder if the other countries are selling the original. Anyone any idea? Thailand? Malaysia?

Sometime earlier I just came to know about Coke trying to remove their original recipe in US. But that was back in 1985. But the Americans manage to get THEIR COKE back in 1987. Will Singaporeans (or is it me only?) get OUR MILO back? When coke reintroduced the original recipe, they renamed it the “CLASSIC COKE“. I seriously wouldn’t mind to have a “CLASSIC MILO” even if they might be “copying” coke’s way! But hope it wouldn’t take 2 years!


From an old old article:

In April 1985, the management of The Coca-Cola Company announced its decision to change the flavor of the company’s flagship brand. This decision was made based on the fact that Pepsi consumer research discovered in blind taste tests that a majority of consumers preferred the taste of Pepsi to that of Coke. The “Pepsi Challenge” campaign made this public knowledge and Coke executives quickly moved to change America’s top brand. New Coke came in a new can, with updated red and silver graphics replacing the traditional red and white look. Although taste tests of the New Coke had shown that majority of those tested preferred the new product, these tests could not gauge the emotional appeal of the “old” Coke. In other words, consumers want their cake and eat it too. A large public outcry ensued during the 79 days when old Coke was no longer on the shelves. Coca-Cola quickly reintroduced the “old” Coke when they realized market share was falling and christened it Classic Coke. Volume for the classic brand has risen 24 percent since 1984, making it the No. 1 soft drink in the land since 1987. Consumers became even more loyal to the brand after it was temporarily taken away from them.


‘We did not understand the deep emotions of so many of our customers for Coca-Cola.’


Coca-Cola president

Not to worry Donald, someone hasn’t learnt from your lesson. At least you learnt…..

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Goes On…..

Wanted to note down thoughts on the way home from class…. But alas… I took mrt back today. It was packed like the morning train I used to take. Thus, not able to take out my Tytn II. Walked for the longest distance within the last 1/2 year or so. I think around 5km at least? My school (MIS) changed location, that’s why. Originally it was at prinsep street. Dhoby Ghaut Area. Just last week they moved the school to 10 Raeburn Park (nice name ya?). It was the old Gan Eng Seng Secondary actually. Old school… Near to the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. (The one to go Malaysia) Refurnished alittle. Nope, not the whole school, in fact, just one of the blocks.. One of the smaller blocks.

They only gave us a 2 week notice before the move. Was quite pissed off then. From a prime area to such a secluded place. Walking distance was around 15 – 20mins from outram mrt. Even had the tendency to switch school. BUT… After much comparison (with the promotion NTUC has with UniSIM), I still prefer what MIS offered. The others seem alittle too general for what I wanted. Thus, decided to sacrifice more time for walking then… But one bad point, while walking out today (1st day walking out myself, the other days Eddie picked me up or a friend send me to the mrt), I walked past Kampong Bahru, the outer stretch of the road (main road), then I realized… There are sooooooooo many small pubs around the area. With all those gals with “different” nationality… Not that “comfortable” walking past those pubs… Especially with quite a number of “uncles” standing outside smoking, talking with the gals. Luckily I had my ear piece on then. Still managed to walk past in a fast pace. Thus, this is the one bad point that I discovered today. Guess I have to find an alternative route next week. Maybe walk in the inner lanes on Blair Road before going on the main road… Longer route… More quiet though, but at least wouldn’t feel so ……..

Its coming to the last 2 weeks of lecture already, which also meant the deadline to hand up projects, is approaching. By next week, would have to hand in my marketing project, which is already done (luckily). On the 4th of April, will have to hand in my management project (which is not even being started yet). Best thing is, it was meant to be a group project, a group of 4. But right now, my group is left with …………………………………….. ONE PERSON…. ME….. We are the first group to be formed. I suppose the first to disperse as well. But, might be better off still. Since I’m actually doing most of the stuffs myself. Its really tough studying part time. Especially with working adults with “some” experience and just knows how to “talk”. Some who says “this is easy” but contribute nothing at all. It’s really funny. I just mentioned the management project I will not be compiling then all of them decided to quit. Duh…… Two of them was because of work. (To a certain percentage I can understand but not fully agreeable) While for the other one, better off without thus I don’t really bother anymore. Especially from the attitude they gave me for the project. (Amend a single item for 3 whole weeks, even though I kept reminding them, they just don’t do it!)

Thus for the past 2 lectures, I was in class “alone”. But good thing is, I know more friends instead! Some knew about my group members quitting. (coz one of the guys came to class today, just to sign the attendance book and go) Anyway I was “offered” to join 2 groups already. 🙂 KIV till next sem. Will finish up the other project on my own. (Not too sure whether MIS will accept it, since its their requirement for the “GROUP” project to have at least 3 – 4 members) Gotta send emails to the lecturers & course coordinator.

Anyway, will just try to enjoy the holiday first!

Happy Holiday!

In need of a place. “MY” place.

Image taken from the “Pure” charity coffee-table book.
Not too sure why, suddenly thought it would be nice to have a chance to “vent” all your emotions out. So many things are going on each day. I kinda feel that it’s really hard (almost impossible I could say!) to see a person’s “true” self. The inner being of who the person really is. Therefore, it’s really kind of important to have a “personal” space to really be “who you are”. We often stop being “ourselves” to please other people. We often change ourselves for other people, to suit the environment maybe? We act what people expect of us to. What the society accepts as a norm. Sometimes, losing ourselves without even knowing it.
I kept thinking today, how nice it would be, to have some place where you can scream all your frustration out…. Without being “heard” though. Nah… Not too sure if we can find such a place in Singapore. Was thinking somewhere near where the train passes by so that it could cover the volume of the scream, but nope.. I don’t think we have that. Seaside? Too open.. Too many people already. Somewhere secluded? I somehow think some people will hear it, worst case, they might think “something bad” happened and call the police. Be it a crime scene or a lunatic somewhere.
I used to go sun bathing alone in the past at Sentosa…. But… Its getting over congested these days!! Plus I didn’t want a tan at this moment. Sigh….
Why are there some people who are blessed with almost everything since the moment that they are born, while for some others, no matter how much or how hard you have worked, you still don’t really see any results?

This is life… Reality…


Talk is not cheap, its Free!!!

Alot of people are good at talking. ONLY talking.

 I just can’t understand why can’t some people meet the deadlines they themselves set. (Delayed deadlines somemore!) “Volunteer” to do certain stuffs and yet not being able to meet anyone of them! Its either, they themselves have no ideas what the hell they are doing, how the hell they plan to do. Or they are simply incompetent at all!

Some people just expect people to spoon feed them all the way? Just because they are slightly younger they expect people to accomodate them? Duh!!! Each of us have our priorities, but definitely not accomodating YOU!!!!

P.S: Im just stating a specific group of people.

Buddha Bar

I have been wanting to visit buddha bar for the longest period of time. Originated from Paris, got to know them through their CDs actually. Felt it was kinda interesting they “come up with their own” music specifically for dinner & chill out purposes. When When When… Hmmm….. They have a “Bar Fly” in Singapore though, no intention to try that.



bd 2


bd 3


bd 4

What Technology Have Brought Us? One of the Thumbs Down.


Read this from Channelnewsasia a few days back:

TOKYO: Five people were found dead in a car with a charcoal burner inside in what is suspected to be yet another group suicide in Japan, police said Sunday.


The bodies were spotted by a man walking in a forest in northern Japan’s Aomori prefecture on Saturday, a local police official said.

“Burned charcoal was inside and there was no trace that they had been attacked by someone outside,” he said, adding the car was sealed with tape from inside, leading to suspicions it was a group suicide.


Four of the five dead were from different parts of Japan, suggesting they met on the Internet, the official said. Three were men aged 21-37 and the fourth a 19-year-old woman, he said. One body has yet to be identified and it is believed that more than one month has passed since they died, he added.

Japan has witnessed a growing number of suicide pacts among strangers who meet on the Internet and then go to scenic areas where they kill themselves through carbon monoxide poisoning.


The country has one of the developed world’s highest suicide rates, with more than 30,000 people killing themselves every year. – AFP/ac

Meeting people for suicide? Oh man…. What have the world become…..

There are always solutions if you try to look harder….

” There are so many ways to fail but only one way to succeed; NEVER GIVE UP!”