Beautiful Voice

Not a fan of American Idol, but this voice caught me last night when I'm having dinner while leaving the TV on.
Beautiful voice by a 17 year old 🙂
Thus did a random search for his clips on youtube.


Although we keep complaining about the rising prices, more ERP gantries, more regulations released by the government, at the same time, its without any doubt to admit our government have done a really good job in bringing Singapore to where we are today and where we stand in the international platform.

A small nation (or most people only call Singapore a “City”) with basically no natural resources. The only resources we have are “fishes & deepwater ports”. Ok, our geographical location is one important point. J Perhaps the next very important thing that we need in a successful nation is “PEOPLE”. We have that, though limited (as compared to the big nations), but we should be proud that we really have very talented people in our government. The people that brings what is best for the nation. (Though sometimes its at our expense as well… :P) But hey, people are paying hundreds for concerts… Why not for our own country?


Although I have long admired MM Lee for his insights, but he never stops to impress me with his comments on international matters. Also, our PM, being in the shadow of MM Lee, Im sure the stress level that he has is unimaginable. Sometimes I might ponder and feel that the Lee Family seems somewhat like the “royal” family in Singapore.


MM Lee – How he made Singapore grow with his group of pioneers (no one can do it by himself). From our independence (1963) from the Malaysian Federation till now, we can clearly see the progress we have made. We are one of the world’s most prosperous countries with strong international trading links and our per capita GDP are equal to that of the leading nations of Western Europe. But more recently I’m more impressed by his comments made in the papers regarding the US Election – The Iraq Situation (and other matters too). He commented “H” should be the next president of the United States. As “O” commented that “IF” he was to be made US President, the first thing he would do is to remove the US troops from Iraq. Most of us might initially be thinking why the US went there in the first place since it’s not really “their” matters. We might not have given it a deeper thought of how it could affect our economy “indirectly” if it has been dealt differently in the past. IF such a strong nation like US has not stepped into the borders of Iraq, what would have happened? Unpredictable, but, you can roughly imagine.

host 3



Then it was yesterday, when the news is released for which country to host the Youth Olympics, seeing the screen on TV, it’s such a touching scene, with PM Lee and all the other ministers, athletes, cheerleaders, public… Cheering for our achievements… (Being able to hold F1’s first night racing this September, a stopover port for the Volvo Ocean Race in Jan 2009 to being the country to host the first Summer Youth Olympics…) One thing for sure… The economy is looking good in the next few years… But fellow Singaporeans got to accept that this indicates there will also be more price increase in the coming 2 – 3 years. J Not forgetting the IR. Hmm… Wonder whether the new stadium will be built in time. Since it’s not even being demolished now… They got to push the developers…


Although there are times when I think other countries are much more interesting, people being more “open-minded” (Grass being greener on the other side ya)… But, there is still nowhere that feels like home… Only one place… Singapore… 🙂


Happy Valentines !! :)

Its V-Day!! But… I got class….
Thus no choice la, requested to celebrate Vday a day in advance. 🙂 Actually, Vday is just a day set aside for people to be “romantic”… As we “age”… I think the more important thing is the little gestures that touch the heart in the day to day activities.. Its much more of a simple affair this year… Both of us doesn’t really have the “time” to prepare.. Ed having more projects, me being bz with my own stuffs.. 😛 Anyway, should be focusing a “bigger” thing in May! 😀
Ed picked me up from work, went to Vivo (our most frequent hangout place – movies, dinner, cafes IT shop, Book store, Supermart..) for dinner & movie.. The usual stuffs… But… Always feels nice when doing it with “the one”… We had dinner @ Crystal Jade DiningIN. I wanted to have the XO spring beans.. But.. they temporary took that off the menu due to CNY… Arghh….. Ate other stuffs instead… Food was ok… But I miss the XO spring beans!!
We watched Jumper. Hmm.. Quite nice… As compared to the CNY movies… It would be really Cool to have those “powers” the actor possess. Ability to teleport anytime, anywhere. Can “tour” around the world.. FOC… Haha.. Well.. It only happens in movies.
Although we didn’t prepare any prezzies this year.. But we did something ultra meaningful today. (Come to think of it, luckily we didn’t do it earlier). We eFiled our Solemnization! 🙂 We did it in the car… Using vodafone connecting to the net. Filling the applications… Heehee… Suddenly feel so “blessed”… Ahahaha….
Ed keying in the informations
Ta Da !!


After resting for so many days, really feel kinda lazy to go back to work!! Haha…

What did I do for the past few days? Hmm… Watched 3 of the 贺年片 – (CJ7, Ah Long Pte Ltd, KungFu Dunk). Went to aunt place to 拜年, went to my brother’s place for steamboat, went to Ed’s Grandma & his house to 拜年, more or less, thats somehow done.. 😛 Been going to lesser places year by year! Collected lesser Ang Pows too!! Arghh…

For the 3 movies that I have watched, both Ed & I actually thinks that KungFu Dunk is the best of the lot.. Amazing… We placed that as our last choice.. But it’s the best.. Haha… Maybe had too much “expectation” on CJ7 already.. Comparing to his past movies, somehow CJ7 seems very “随便”… As if a movie done just for the sake of “handing in some work”. The day after I saw CJ7, tv showed 食神 & 少林足球… Both were considered “icons” of Stephen Chow’s work… But for “C”.. Hmmm…. Maybe he is concentrating on “Kungfu 2” Ah Long Pte Ltd was ok… the usual senseless jokes that make you laugh…. But then again… Its really a show without any “内涵”. Before going in for Kungfu Dunk, was still quite “worried”, like awaiting another disappointment to come.. But… Im impressed, Jay Chou’s acting skills have improved yet again… Comparing to “Initial D”… Its a wholllleeeeee lotsa improvement now.. (At least I didn’t laugh at his “crying” scene now) 😀 Although some parts of the shows are too exaggerating, but overall, its the better one among the 3. 🙂

Now waiting to watch Jumper, L, 10,000BC (been waiting since few mths back!!), Forbidden Kingdom, 3 Kingdom, Step Up 2, Incredible Hulk, Hellboy, The Dark Knight, Mummy 3….. Hoho.. So many nice shows this year! Not forgetting one very important show that will be out this July – August.. A local production… “还原”.. Heehee.. My Brother has a part in it!! Both as an actor and behind the screen! 🙂 Soooo looking forward to it!

This year, its Xuan’s first new year… Thus… Lotsa photos are taken…


I don’t know why I keep feeling xuan resembles Jay Chou in these photos.. Haha…



The hairstyle I guess… Too short!!




Xuan with Brother & Sister in law




 Preparation of our “Lo Hei



 Yummy… 🙂 Cant see the salmon already..



 Xuan doing her 1st Lo Hei!



 2nd Brother & future sister in law… 🙂



 Dear Dear Sister & Me…



Xuan back to our home…



Xuan with Gong Gong & Po Po



 Happy Family… Heehee…



 大年初一 !



 Cousin Huina’s Baby Gal -Zhi Xin… Chubby Cheeks!! 7 mth old..



 Xuan Xuan in her Daddy’s Car on the way home…



CNY around the corner!

Finally… CNY is approaching!!


A long break at last… 😛 5 days of “holidays”… What plans do I have in mind? Hmmm…..

The start of the year has indeed pass by really fast! Im getting worried on whether I have enough time to get things done! Alot of changes have taken place within the last few months, from quitting the job @ TDA, to joining Gxxxh and finally decided to help out at my dad’s company for a few months.. Alot of thoughts have gone thru my mind and made me really “think”.. (Not that I have not done that before..) When I quit TDA, I thought it would be “easy” for me to get a marketing job (I wanted to do FMCG – “Fast Moving as I have ‘some’ marketing experience already, thus I thought if I’m willing to have a pay cut, I might still get a chance somewhere. But guess I wasn’t so right in this… Singapore, have proven that its a real “paper-chase” society. Been thru some interviews, either they say “Oh, you study engineering, so why not choose that industry?” or “You do not have any certification in Marketing?.”

Soooo….. In order to land myself in a marketing job in the FMCG industry….. I decided…. To get myself a cert in marketing… Didn’t want to commit myself in a degree course right away, thus decided to go for a diploma course first. Went thru a couple of school’s web to look at their course programme, finally decided on Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS). Started the course on 15th January. It’s a 1.5 yr programme, I will only get my cert next year around Sept (long long way) before I decide on whether to continue for a degree (I think by then, its a must…. sigh) So, for the next 1.5 yr ahead, my schedule i going to be alittle tight with the projects and stuffs! Commitments have to be made, holiday trips have to be sacrifice or postponed…. Hopefully after sometime, effort will be paid off and I can finally get myself a marketing job in the desired industry….

Also, I have finally decided to learn driving!! Figured I might need it some day… Its a “essential” thing to have now… Should have done so during the poly days… (Now I really think I wasted whole load of my “youth” on things I don’t remember!!) Still thinking to go for the Manual or Auto ones. Already found a private instructor (gone thru a few forums to see the review people gave). Will be calling him really soon. Things will get going after CNY… Hope to get my license within 2008?

Finally, will be holding my solemnization this May. Location set. Photographer booked. Will have to look around for my gown sometime after CNY (70% decided to go back to Chim Culture, might still consider other places… Hmm.. ) Have to cut down my carbo intake, run in the early morning or night when the sun is not out (to balance up my two-color skin tone), thus, I have to remove my east coast run every sunday!! 😦 (Then again it also means I can sleep later while ed goes for his run… 😛 ) Other issues will have to come in one by one… Food Selection, Guest List….etc (Since we might only hold our customary in the next 1-2 years,its really hard to select who to invite for the solemnization! Gotta crack my head alittle on this one.)

2008 is gonna be a truly exciting year!


Anyway… I’ll try to recharge myself these few days during the CNY before getting full blast afterwards… 🙂