Its weekend again, time just seems to pass faster these days…

Went to the Singapore Museum for the Greek Masterpiece Exhibition.

Have always liked the sculptures art pieces.. 🙂



The Museum is beautiful..

However, I don’t really like the way they display the sculptures though… It doesnt feels right. Maybe its too dark? Hmm.. Don’t like the theme… Makes it not so “original” anymore..




ares 1


Only managed to get a snap shot.. But… I realise I should have take the pic of Aphrodite!! Also had hoped to see sculptures of “Zeus” & “Hera” … But alas….


sunset 1

On the way to Jalan Buri Purong (Upper Changi Road) for dinner..


foo house

Saw the review of this place in the today paper 2 weeks back. Last week we dropped by, but its full house.. Had to make reservation for eating a $10.90 hainanese pork shop!!


Foo Chef

Because this place is owned by an ex-chef of Hyatt…


pork chop

I had Grilled Pork Chop instead.. Wanted to see if it taste better than the one at Changi Sailing Club… Personally, I find the meat alittle too thick… The seasoning is not enough…


hainanese pork chop

Eddie had the Hainanese Pork Chop.. A dish that is somewhat “lost” already… This taste much better than mine!!


We were there with Hui Bing & Ody, they had Chef Foo’s speciality roast duck (so-so only) & the pork chop gordon bleu (nice!)

Dedicated to My Sis…

My Dear Sister….

Its time to change car!!! 3 accidents in 1 year! Moreover its always the other party’s fault!! Luckily both cars are not in really high speed.. Otherwise, I think the car would have flipped sideways… Arghh…


Side of our car… The piece sticking out is from the other car.



The other party… So much more jialat… So is toyota’s car better than nissan? 😛

P.S: What’s even worst is the other party is 2 old folks. Even though it’s their fault we can’t really “scold” them… In the end, my Dad have to send them to the clinic for their medical appointment… Lol….






爸爸的背影 风里傲然 雪霜遍地
爸爸的背影 坎坷数十年 要多保重
爸爸 我要以双手

爸爸 我要以双手


I saw Daddy’s back today…

The back that once look so huge have “shrank” so much… The shoulders that once looks so strong, so tough seems so “tired” now… Though most people says you can see what a person have gone thru by looking at their face… But somehow I feel the back view of one reveals more….