Merry Christmas 2007

Christmas this year is like any other day!! Arghh…

Eddie & I went to Changi Sailing Club for our Dinner this year. Didn’t want to join in the ‘crowd’ in town too early.

Xmas 07 - 1

I like the place… Quiet.. By the Sea…


Xmas 07 - 2

The wind is strong.. Needless to say.. 😛


Xmas 07 - 3

Nice seats we have there.. 🙂


Xmas 07 - 4

My forever ‘chubby’ face…


Xmas 07 - 5

Eddie with his french onion soup.. Yummy…


Xmas 07 - 6

My main dish – Pork Chop..

The food presentation is so ‘mid – fine dining’.. But the price is soooo reasonable!


 Xmas 07 - 7

Eddie’s whole baby chicken..


I love the place! I wanna go back there sometime soon again!! Total cost for dinner only around $47.00.

For the ambience, food, service.. I give it a thumbs up! 🙂 🙂


After dinner we met up with Ody & HuiBing @ Meritus Mandarin – Observation Lounge. Had some drinks.. Waited for the time to pass then went for a ride along Orchard Road. Managed to get ‘stuck’ by the strike of 12. But… Hmm… Not much counting down heard…

 Xmas 07 - 8

Singapore Marathon 2007 – Results!

Result is finally out for the Singapore Marathon.

Out of 6000 female runners in the 10km women category. I’m in the 2665th position at the gun time of 1:26:33.

According to the net time, I took 1:20:48 and @ position 2441. (Wasted a full 6min at the starting point!!)


Singapore Marathon 2007

After waiting for so long, its finally 2nd December 2007!

SCM 01

Went to bed at 9 plus last night and woke up at around 4:15am…



SCM 02

Our Barangs.. Mine is the light blue one.. 🙂

SCM 03

Our gear with the Champion Chip (Timing Device)


SCM 04

Reached Golden Shoe Carpark at 5:30am. Ed looks well-prepared ya..


SCM 05

Me… Dunno what pose to make. Still sleepy then lo..

Didn’t bring the camera over to the event venue.. Coz we don’t wanna queue for our baggage after the run.. Thus, no photos on that.. 😛 Anyway… Will be able to get them from the official web soon. Ed’s half marathon started at 6:15am. Sky is still dark lo… But its really nice… Cooling…  Mine only starts at 8am. Thus, after the Guys began, HuiBing & I went around looking for food. Walked over to Raffles City: BK not open, City Link: 7-11 not open, Marina Square: Mac & BK not open!!! Only 1 option… HK Cafe @ Marina Square.. Arghh…


We walked over to the starting point at around 7:45 to wait for our turn to start and see if we could catch the guys who should be running past the area… N… Yes!!! After minutes of “scanning” thru the crowd.. We see them!! Hoho… It was actually kinda fun.. As in the whole event.. 🙂 There were sooooo many people!!! Even after the honk was sound, it took me nearly 6 minutes before I can reach the starting point and really begin to run!! By the time I reached the end of fullerton bridge, can see the whole raffles quay was packed with “heads”..


For 10km, we ran from Fullerton Bridge – Marina South – Prince Edward Road – Robinson Road – Padang

The portion at Marina South is the most tedious part… Too “squeezy”


Towards the finishing point was really good. With all the people around the road cheering and clapping.. It gives the runners alot of motivation to go on. 🙂 The reason why I enjoy running in marathons. 🙂


SCM 06

Back to his place.. He still looks fresh!! After 21.1km!!


scm 07

My eyes is nearly shutting..


scm 08

Oh, every runner gets a medal this year!!


scm 09

Mine – 10km


scm 10

Together with Ed’s…

Which Category should I join next year? Hmmm…. 😛