Cabinet Cleaning!!

Did some cleaning up today! πŸ™‚

96β€² bday card 1

Bday Card from the Gals in 1996.. Reasons they gave for giving a belated birthday card.. πŸ˜›



I realize I’ve got lotsa books!


My top reads!


Random Books..




Branding Books on waiting list… One on loan from Eddie! πŸ™‚





Top Author!




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The Misc Books…






Knowledge + 1

Went for my 2nd interview yesterday afternoon… Originally should be held on Saturday.. But due to the infection of my Root Canal Tooth, had to postpone it. (Luckily they agreed to it… Was so worried then..)


I can say I have learn alot from the interview. It definitely made me see alot more on where I should improve myself on. What I should focus on if I really wanted to be a good marketer. I had experience in retail sales, I did sales with distributors of my ex-company. Though most of the times, its a one to one communication. Ok, maybe 5 is the most that I have come across. But if I really wanted to be a good marketer, what platform should I use to convey my message to groups of 1,10,1000 or even an entire population of a country? This struck me…


When I stepped out of the Company.. I had mixed feelings.. Both Sad & Happy… Sad – I felt I didn’t prepare enough, more indepth for the interview. Happy – My knowledge have multiplied and they have given me an insight of my directions.


Though Im not too sure of what might happen…
But for sure I know which direction I want to go!

I surrender to the Pain!!

Oh Man… Its 4am the time Im typing this entry.. Can’t fall asleep because my tooth is too painful!! It feels like the whole stretch of teeth are being affected and the right side of my mouth feels swollen… From 8pm till now, I have had 6 panadols extra already (cannot exceed 8 within 24 hours). Its still damn painful!!! In fact I have been tossing in bed from 11pm++ till 3:45am++ before I decided to get out of bed. Nearly fell asleep just now and in my “semi-conscious” state I “accidentally” bite my teeth together and ALAS… The pain woke me up. 😦 Think I need to go back to the dentist to get their pain-killers tomorrow…. Sigh…

Since I can’t fall asleep, I thought I’ll just do something more constructive. Got a 2nd Interview this coming Saturday whereby I have to prepare some presentation slides. Now Im not sure whether I can even speak properly for that 2nd interview. Oh man….

Not forgetting, this is just part one of my root canal… 😦 Next round on 2nd November… Have to go thru this ordeal again.. 😦

Root Canal Session Starts!

Finally went to see another dentist for my problem tooth.

Greenlife Dental Clinic @ Yew Tee MRT Station. Referral from my Mum’s friend who works there in the past. Total Costing for my root canal and crowning for single tooth (premolar) – $870 (inclusive of consultation, total of 4 visits) Though its still quite abit of $$… But its much much more reasonable than the $2580 quotation that I have got previously. πŸ™‚

Doc Colin Chin is quite nice.. Haha.. As in… Being more “friendly”… At least it makes the dental visit more comfortable. I will need 2 sessions of root canal and 2 sessions of crowning. Had my first session of root canal done today. With the anesthetic, portion of my mouth is completely numb.. Thus, can’t feel the pain.. Hoho… Just saw Doc Chin using some “needle-like” dental files to poke into my premolar tooth and do the removal of the pulp. In my mind I can just wonder “Can’t imagine any form of surgery without anesthetic”… Imagine – the pulp is filled with nerves and blood vessels.. If there isn’t anesthetic… I think doctors/dentists have to hit their patients hard and make them unconscious for a very long time…

The time Im blogging, I can feel slight pain on the area already and when i try to bite on my teeth, its really painful… Oh man… Doc Chin says pain might last for 1 – 2 days.. Glup.. No painkillers!! I’d better sleep thru tomorrow… One good time for me to lose weight ya… My pain tolerance has normally been quite high… Hope this will not be my limit! Arghh…

Ok… Luckily I never had BK just now… Otherwise.. I think it would have really affected the tooth.

In the past when I removed my tonsils at Gleneagles, the very next morning I had rice.. Which amazes the doc, because my mouth has quite abit of ulcers (big ones) due to the surgery (stretch open so that they can remove the tonsils) and I should have eaten soft food since the surgery was on the throat. Another time I removed my wisdom tooth, Eddie & I had Carls Junior @ Marina Square.. This time round… I don’t dare to try.. Haha…

Gonna prepare panadol extra for tomorrow!! (FYI… Its the nurse who forgets to pass me the painkillers. & Im already in the train when I remember… So… Settle myself ba… 😦 )


I Cannot Stand It When…

People thinks they understand YOUR situation better than YOURSELF!!!

Always giving their “advices” when they don’t know what’s going on, always thinks what they say are right. The decisions you have made are all wrong…. (In my case, to quit a job without securing another.) Then “teaching you as if you are a Primary 3 kid”, where to look for a Job.. At the end of the day, asked you if you can share your resume for reference!?! I was so pissed and nearly exploded.. Then thought of what Eddie told me. “Its useless explaining stuffs to someone who is nuts about it. Coz at the end of the day when you have been exhausted from all the reasoning, the person is still nuts.” i.e. A Nut will always be a Nut… Lol…

Anyway, I’ve got the reply from MOM already…

The Ministry is of the view that the employer cannot direct his employee to offset the annual leave during the notice period unless the employee consents to it. Β Any unconsumed annual leave would have to be encashed to the employee when the employee leaves employment.


However, you may also wish to note that Employment Act, which the Ministry of Manpower administers, does not cover any person employed in a managerial, executive or confidential position. Β In addition, the provisions on annual leave in the Employment Act is applicable only to manual workers (regardless of salary) and other employees earning $1,600 or less per month. For employees not covered by the Act or for non-manual workers earning above $1600 per month, their terms and conditions of employment pertaining to annual leave are purely governed by the employment contract or negotiation/ mutual agreement between the employee and the employer.


Which means… Mine is the one in blue!! Arghh…. So I guess I might have to settle for the half month as agreed by the idiots… If I were to pursue, I think it will end up the same but the payment date will be dragged further!! Just hope to receive my cheque by next week!




View from the window.. Seems abit “Sad” hor.. Hahaha….


!! I QUIT !!

I have resigned!!!


I emailed him about my intention to resign and a scan copy of my resignation letter last evening. This morning, went into his office to pass him the official letter. πŸ™‚ Boy… I am feeling so relieved!!! πŸ™‚ Never thought it would feel soooo good!


The period before I press the “send” button for the email and waiting for a chance to go into my office is soooo nevy.. Haha.. I sent the mail after they left the office at approx 5 plus. Before I send, I kept yelling in the office… Telling my colleagues ” My mail is ready! Im going to send!!” Making them anxious too. πŸ˜›


As usual, when I passed him the letter in person… He said he was “shocked” to receive my letter.. Blah Blah.. Whole loads of craps.. Then say he dun really “recommend” staff to serve a 1 month notice. Say take it as “helping” him. Do not affect the morale of the others. I think the morale in the office has long been tarnished by him lo… While writing this, Im waiting for the woman to come back to the office so that I can settle the misc with her. Most importantly, my pay!!! πŸ˜›


Alot asked why not wait till I find a Job? Well.. Because, I can’t compromise myself to sell the things they are bringing in. If the product doesn’t look good, but the quality is there… I can “try”.. However, if both qualities are not present, I can’t make myself do it la…


Moreover under a dictator… Dictators that has brains and plans are ok.. But….


Aiya…Β  Important thing is…


!!! IM FREE !!! Β 

The Outsider

Most of the times the outsider sees a clearer picture…

Heard something today. A Gal (named G1) is in a relationship with a Guy (named B) for 7 years. B kept having some flings behind G1’s back. Then this morning G1 received a mail from another Gal (named G2). Contents of the email is: “Why are you still with B” Images attached with the mail shows pictures of G2 & B. Naming of the pictures states: 偷情1,2,3 (affairs 1,2,3)… with dates.

Actually G1 is somewhat aware that B seems to be having another relationship behind her back. She did question B before. However, B told her “not to imagine” things. But alas… I guess he would never expect G2 to do such a thing.

Having heard this, I was actually quite disgusted by G2’s doing. She seems quite proud in having an affair. I was thinking what G1 might do next. Will she just confront and leave B. But heard that she think she “wouldn’t” give up B just yet. Reason because that will just let G2 succeed in getting what she wants….. Moreover, G2 is someone whom G1 and group of friends know for a long time (but not the close type)

What would you recommend in this case? I gave the comment that G1 send the pics to B… Hear what he have to say first.

In this case, who should we blame? B? G2? Or? A 7 year relationship could just end…. Why don’t people “think” clearer before their act. Sigh… Perhaps thats just human nature. Remember the saying of the “7 year itch” in relationships? I still don’t believe in that… It’s strongly depending on the individual…Β  If you believe there is a 7 year itch… Then there really will be…