Down to Three

Another Colleague Left Today.

Being in the Company for more than 2 years. Have seen a total of 8 colleagues come and go. Only 1 tendered her resignation letter, the other 7 of which is he “asked” them to leave within the same day… With no “acceptable” explanation of why he did that. He just likes to “practice” this “firing act” Oh, I realize I didn’t add in the 3 cleaning aunties that got “fired” as well.

Let me go thru the list… N what I think is the actual fact.

Staff “R” – He said she couldn’t work. She’s not hardworking. Didn’t bring her laptop home during weekends. (She is veryyyyy hardworking.. She is the more quiet type. Maybe that’s what he didn’t like about. He just doesn’t like her as a person, but, we find she is good)

Staff “S” – He said she is not a team player (OK, this I admit, She is really kinda irritating.. But, the 2 bosses adore her alot when she first join. Keep complimenting her for the slightest work. But when we went to Taiwan for a sales conference, the girl just concentrated on “flirting with the sales agents and not helping the rest of us to “entertain (drink)”. He got so upset..)ย 

Staff “S1” – He says she had alot of mistakes in her work. (Bullshit… Her formats are all passed down by his stupid wife and he blames S1 for not checking. S1 is more direct.. Points out the stupid woman’s fault. I think this lead to her termination)

Staff “V” – The only one that manage to tender before he “Act”… A very good staff.. Its his great loss..

Staff “S2” – He said she didn’t do anything “constructive” in her employment period. (Again… BULL SHIT… Its just because she told the factory people about her “pay”.. Because, that old man told the china people that he pays her $xx but actually its not that much.. blah blah…)

Staff “J” – This he didn’t explain much to me though.. Coz its not under the direct company. (I think he just can’t stand people who question him. Even though we really have to and his ideas are absurd!!)ย 

Staff “M” – This he asked me to fire the girl. Though initially we do not intend to get her in, but he INSISTED that she must join our company. End up, she worked here for like less than 2 weeks? (She wanted to engage a photographer for product shoots… He felt that he doesn’t like her work, no initiative. Just as simple. He like the DIY people.)ย 

Staff “S3” – Fire for no proper reasoning. Because the company is not making $$?? I suppose its due to his lack of planning for a start and his ego.


He even conducted a “Sales Training” for the retail girls this Morning. Which I don’t think is efficient at all. The topics he touched on are too general and the examples he gave doesn’t link a bit! He kept jumping from “Retail” to “Engineering” .. Blah Blah… DUH!! Anw… I doubt the girls understand his ideas.

Arghh… Im still waiting for “the” call … … … … … ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The only thing I’ll miss if I were to leave.

This morning Im thinking about what I will miss if I were to quit my job…

1. The Raffles Place in the Morning.

2. The Lunch Crowd in the Noon.

3. The Marketing Campaigns in Raffles Place.


I like the events going on @ the Open Space area outside the MRT station. All those product launches they have there.. (Freebies given out and you can see all those long long human queues..)

These 2 days I felt there have been interesting marketing ideas being showcased…

Tuesday – Aviva

When I went for lunch yesterday noon… We saw alot of people wearing the yellow Aviva Tees… All holding a binoculars and looking towards the same direction. Sooo.. When you see this, what’s the common reaction? You look towards the direction as well. ๐Ÿ™‚ There, on top of the “Arcade” building, is a huge banner of an ad of Aviva.. Something on Financial Planning… Look ahead something… Although I never quite see the words on the banner (rushing for my lunch is more important!) But I think the idea is kinda good… Since giving our flyers, will normally end up in the trash bin without people having a look on it. In this case, thats what we humans normally react outta curiosity. I bet alot of aunties and uncles will stretch their eyes to see the words… ๐Ÿ˜› So.. Is this a more “enviroment friendly” approach? Haha.. But would need more manpower though… Ask the whole department down.. Heehee..


Wednesday – Still Dunno What Yet… Just saw the words ” Stay Curious”

2607 - 1

2607 - 2

Saw these when I arrived at Raffles Place in the Morning… You can actually take them… Didnt manage to take a pic with people taking them… Coz my atom takes pictures really “slowly”…. Alot of people actually take more than 1… Hmm.. Not too sure whats it about yet. Maybe some event going on in the Noon later whereby the people need to present these red balls in exchange to something?

Anyway… These have once again reflects the truth of “Monkey See, Monkey Do”

The Male Chauvinist Pig @ Work

Those who knows me need not require me to elaborate on who the above mentioned will be…

Oh Man.. The start of the week is really bad.. I think it will end rather badly this week as well. He came in and asked me whether I have “fired” the retail staff.. Then say “No, I have to over-write your decision on this. Lets have a sales training this Friday….” What the hack? As if Im the one who wants to fire anyone in the 1st place.. Then he kept rumbling on salesmanship.. Blah Blah… Saying he is a “qualified” Salesman… Duh.. He doesn’t seem to sell himself well enough to his staffs though…

Then he asked me about the Sales yesterday.. Which.. I wouldnt know until 1130am lor! Stupid Idiot. I don’t have the POS program in my laptop. Its all with his stupid half. Then asked me about a $6 transaction. “How come $6 only har? How come got 20% discount har?” He seriously cannot use his brain cells properly sometimes.. I would need to explain to him – “Now we have 2 promos, OCBC/HSBC card 20% offย  OR Members Discount” He then continued to ask “But how come only $6. How come the Staff only close a $6 sales?! Something wrong you know. Like that can only mean the sales person never do their job.” Which is sooo “DUHHHH”… Then assumed what ever assumptions he comes up with is correct. What ever we say or have told the sales staff, they will not practice unless HE is the one who says it… Asshole… He seriously pissed me to my limit today. I completely IGNORED him throughout his rumbling. (FYI, he is standing infront of my table) I continued to tap on my keyboard while he continued to talk in his “male-chauvinist mode” Occasionally looking up and giving him the “courtesy” nod… Man… I cant believe how did I manage to survive for the past 2 yrs…

Anyway.. I think he is starting to pick on me.. Which I think, is not too bad!! I seriously hope he will fire me someday and I can get my 1 mth compensation salary… Yah.. I know getting “fired” doesn’t sounds nice.. But.. If you know him. Well… I think you will support me. ๐Ÿ˜› I still have 10.5 days from 2006 and not forgetting the 16 days up till now for 2007. Total up of 26.5 days.. If I were to quit someday, I don’t think they will want to reimburse my leave. They might ask me to use it and offset my days! Arghh!!ย  Especially with the Stupid Female Pig which sees cents as big as a wheel… (I requested for some stamps today… She asked me to fill in a form stating to whom I used the stamps for.. List down every single name.) Then owing the suppliers for a good 3 mths at least. When asked on the payment on behalf of the suppliers, she says – “Dunno ah.. I dunno want to give anot. We not making profit. No money to give” How irritating.. She admits she starts the business with no proper planning on her financial situation lor!! Stuuuuuppppiddd…. Next time will ask any new suppliers to put COD terms.. Have asked the rest to call her directly in future… Not my business. Since Im not staying for long..

Bday Celebration Last Saturday

Met up with the Secondary School Buddies Last Weekend to Celeb both Clement & My Bday..


Had dinner at Sunset way. Steamboat Buffet.. One of my fav.. But.. The Spicy Soup Base over there taste so-so only… But they provide us with those charcoal stove for our own BBQ… Overall its not bad la.. Too bad we were not able to have a table for 10pax. In the end we seperate out into 2 tables… Seperated according to genders.. ๐Ÿ˜›

After dinner, we went over to Acid Bar @ Orchard. Supposedly it should be Alley Bar… Both Nimin & I were so excited when we got there.. The place looks so cosy… But.. Alas… The Guys went to Acid Bar instead.. Then when walking over (which is just like 3 bars away) Both Nimin & I were repeating ” Wei She Me….” Then we kept saying the guys must have choose Acid Bar Coz Its All Female Waitress while Alley Bar is the Opp.. ๐Ÿ˜› We ordered a bottle of Vodka… With Red Bull & Coke as the mixtures… Only drank abit.. Been quite sometime since I drink already… Then the Cake Cutting Session & The Prezzies… Heehee…

Thanks Buddies.. I like the gift alllotttt…. ๐Ÿ™‚


Happy Bday to Clement & Me!!!


22092007 - 1

I took longer to wish..

I Wish…..


22092007 - 2

Wah… What did they get me?!


22092007 - 3

Come.. Compare Compare…


22092007 - 4

Coach Wallet for me & Capitaland Vouchers for Clement!


22092007 - 5

Group Pic.. With Eddie in It.. He came after he finish some portion of his work. (Yes.. On a Sat Nite) 1st time he joined my friends too… But I think the place is too noisy and they were all bz taking pics.. Never had the chance to do a proper introduction also.. Although they have all “seen” him before already.. In Pics..



Now… The Always… Cute Cute De…

22092007 - 6


22092007 - 6

22092007 - 7


Just notice they always have the most pics in the gatherings.. Haha…

Still not feeling well…. & I nearly vomit blood today


Have been sick for the longest period of time that I can recall!! Arghh…

Since Im on leave on 19th Sept, Im down with Flu, Headache, occasional Fever for the past 5 days.. Today is the 6th… Still not completely recovered yet.. Sigh.. Ok.. At least I don’t feel so drowsy anymore..

Vomit Blood

Seriously cannot find anyone with the kind ofย  brain cells that that idiotic madam k has… Someone being so “controlled” by her husband… Someone who doesn’t seems to have any idea of what the outside world is about. Someone who can’t even decide on her purchase of clothings… Who only knows how to complains to her husband when she could not get an agreement with her staff. Can’t see her meaning of life… Meaningless… Like what the “ViViKeSs” agreed on in the past, she is a complete disgrace to the Women Society.. Duh… But.. We wouldn’t like her to be in as well… She’s a complete outcast. She can stick to one group though… Some group specialized in exposing 80% of their boobies in low-cut tops BUT wearing not sexy lingerie, but those granny’s beige bras.

Happy Bday To Meee !! :)

I have grown wiser! ๐Ÿ™‚

Celebrated my bday yesterday with Eddie.. While almost my entire family forgotten about it! Humph… Sis n Mum was in China (Bt they called back to wish me at nite.. I still jokingly tell off my mum saying how can she forget what she did “xx” years ago) Muahaha.. But… She didnt seem to quite get my joke… Arghh… Dad wished me when I got home… About 10 plus.. Saying he dunno its my bday.. My Mum told him.. (when she called home) My Second Brother wished me this morning… My Eldest Brother totally forgotten about it!! Arghh….

Im on leave for the past few days… (Wed till Fri) Since no one is at home, I ended up doing housework at home instead… (Been a long long time) On My Bday, mop the floor, iron the clothes… Went out at around 3 plus.. Reached Suntec @ ard 4 plus.. Coz the girls called me and say they have something for me… Collected my gift and proceed to Bugis to visit my ex-colleagues.. Not bad.. Managed to catch up with Andy, saw Alvin there later… Not forgetting my ah beng senior – Andrew.. And lastly Edmund.. Who always seem to visit at the same time.. Haha…

Finally… Eddie came over to Bugis to pick me up.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Despite his super duper tight schedule and loads of projects waiting to finish.. He still makes time for me… Hohoho… We went for my “requested” food! Sambal Stingray!! He nearly forbids me to eat that.. Coz Im not really feeling well.. Since wednesday.. But I just wanted that! Sooo.. He have no choice…

We went over to Chomp Chomp (Same as last year)… Which by far we had the best stingrays there… Ordered our BBQ Wings, Stingray, Veggie, Sugar Cane Juice.. I kept telling him that I can be easily satisfied with Stingray every year… Then Eddie’s phone kept ringing.. ๐Ÿ˜› Client on the line… I can see that he haven “release” himself off work yet lo…. Can see from the look of his eye.. Muahaha… Thus, I told him we can go back to his office after dinner… (His staff all on OT..) But before that… Its opening of prezzie’s time! He got me something fun this year! Heehee.. Nintendo DS Lite! Heehee.. Of coz not forgetting… My Bday Card.. Hohoho… To add up, he play a theme song everytime in his car… This time round.. Its a Cantonese Song.. ๐Ÿ™‚

After that, we went back to his office… His staff are still there… (ard 8 plus) I ended up playing with my new gadget in his office.. Hohoho… Then.. The day ended when he sent me home after that… Ard 10… When my body is starting to protest.. One Eye getting abit swollen… I wonder is it because Im allergic to Panadol Cold Relief… Hmm… Gotta check out the contents…

20092007 -ย 1

Yummy Yummy…

20092007 -ย 2

ย My Fav Food…

20092007 -ย 3

ย My Fav Man? Muahah…

20092007 -ย 4

My Latest Gadget! Oh Man.. My bag is gonna get heavier!