Xuan Xuan

Tomorrow Xuan’s Mummy will be coming home….

She will be leaving my home by then… 😦

Xuan has been staying here for 3 weeks by now…. She is our centre of attention… Our angel…. Our tyrant at the same time… 😛


Photo Taking… Again…



Sitting… Small Case to me now!



I know Im cute! 😛


Im happy @ ah ma’s place.. Coz everyone dotes on me!



Esp Ah Gong… Once he reaches home, Im the first one he greets!



I Love My Family !!!!

Happy Birthday to my Sister !!!

Today is my sis’s bday… Yet… She came over to pick me up after work.. Hoho…

We “Da Bao” KFC & Sushi Home….. Cousin Joyce & Bao Xin came over to give her a bday surprise.. In the end.. They ordered Pizza!! Too much food to finish, Sushi still in the fridge… We only manage to finish the food @  approx 8pm… Rested for another 1/2 hr before cutting the cake… Ice Cream Cake from Swensen… (Dunno how much run to cover for this meal…)

Sis Bday


Sis Bday 1

 Happy Bday my Dear Sister… 🙂


Sis Bday2

 Me, Sis, Mummy


Sis Bday 3

Joyce, Sis, Baoxin


Sis Bday 4

 1,2,3 (Im 4.. Taking the pic)


Sis Bday 5

 Sis Bday 6

The cake was kept in the freezer for too long.. It abit hard.. 😛 Can see it from her arms ya..


Sis Bday 7

 Sweet tooth Sis…


Sis Bday 8

 Brother cutting the cake.. Coz it tooooo hard le!!! Even he has a hard time cutting it…


Sis Bday 9

 In the end we used a “Cai Dao”… 😛










Friends’ Day….

Met up with the girls last evening… Our routine once a month gathering… 🙂

Had dinner @ Waraku Japanese Restaurant @ Marina Square… I didnt know they have an outlet there till yesterday… 😛 Always miss the spot.. Heehee…

 Waraku 1

 Waraku 2

 Waraku 11

Us before the dinner… All hungry…


 Waraku 3

 Potato Mochi Cheese

Felt there was tooo much cheese.. Can’t taste any potato at all.. More like a deep fried cheese pancake..


 Waraku 4

Deep Fried Lotus Root

Hmm… Taste was ok… Abit Salty though…


Waraku 5

 Gindara Kaminabe

Cod Fish Paper Steamboat.. Soup was nice!


 Waraku 6

Cha Soba

This is nice too! Always liked Cha Soba.. And theirs taste really “fresh”! But too big a portion if you were to eat it alone…


Waraku 7

 Gyu Yamagawa (Beef + Egg)

This is nice too… Next time wanna try the chicken one with Eddie.. 🙂


Waraku 8

 Close-up.. Still Raw..


Waraku 9

 Ika Maruyaki (CuttleFish)

Aaa… Taste not strong enough…


Waraku 10

Hotate Kushi (Scallop)

 This is not bad… 😛


 We went over to Suntec City after the dinner.. (Again) The gals wanted to have Ben & Jerry Ice Cream.. Thats why we never tried the dessert @ Waraku. But once we reach Suntec, Ting went to buy her Royce Ice Cream & Annie went to queue for donut.. Haha…

donut 1

 donut 2

I bought as well.. 3 flavors (mint dark choco, peanut dark choco, halzenut milk) only though. Didnt buy the one that I had wanted to try (Spicy Cheese).. Coz.. No more!! Didnt know how long more to wait… So… Bah….. Lucky the queue is not long when we were there. Only queue for like 10 mins?


  Ben & Jerry was full! (More exact is they have sooo limited seats)… Thus.. No choice.. Krishelle & Ting only bought a scoop and we walked over to….


Coffee bean!! Heehee… Coz Gwen, Annie & I decided we will just go for drinks.. Then we tried to “Camo” the ice creams with our bags of donuts… Maybe it was Monday.. There wasn’t much people around.. The staffs didn’t deem to bother as well.. Haha..

We went home slightly before 10pm… Reached home @ about 10:45?  Next time round it will be Ting’s turn to organise… The last time round she totally forgot about our appt and didn’t come when she was the one who made booking at the restaurant.. Haha.. She better do it this time! 🙂


Beautiful Date today….

Happens once in a lifetime… (Of coz.. It starts from 20012001 to 20092009)… But well.. Its still nice.. I had hoped for something to happen today… But it didnt… Guess the timing is not right yet…

Had a busy day @ work today. In fact, these 2 days schedule is kinda tight… I had a half day MC yesterday though… Luckily manage to do some stuffs in the morning before going off… Today, as usual.. Morning in the office, went over to Suntec… But its more tedious today. As I have to repeat it… Raffles Place – Suntec – Raffles Place – Suntec… Sigh… Im like a Storeman now… Yah… Life’s more busy… Had things to do… But then, at the same time… Its not productive at all. It feels abit frustrating.. When you an “empty” title… When you know that something needs to be done and yet cant do anything about it because you do not have the authority to… Im kinda worried about the coming 1/2 yr.. What if…..

One consolation for me is probably I still have one good staff with me @ Suntec… (Someone that I have the “authority” to employ) Sensible young kid… Good Character, Attitude… But still abit lost about what to do in her future.. I think she just need some focus… 😛

Haiz… I guess for now I can only “wait” ….. But Im happy that some changes have been made… 🙂


Cant seem to get myself to sleep… Flipping around for the past 2 hours…

Just went to the 7-11 to get some panadol extras… Sudden surge of headache…

Suddenly Im feeling lost again… This feeling comes n goes and I just doesnt seems to be able to control it…

Is everything we’re doing meant to be the way they are? Are the things that we are doing really right and worth its cause?

Sometimes Im lost with whats right and whats not… N now im lost of my directions on where to go….

Training Starts

Have already signed up for the Shape Run on 9th Sept… This year, am gonna add one more 5km run to my list… Great Eastern Run on 11th Oct… Hmmm.. Wonder if I could do a 10km run by next year? Hee…. Anyway, I think Im really gaining weight… Gotta really work out hard from now on!  Did manage to “psycho” myself to run for 40min non-stop for the past 2 trainings (Thurs Morning & Today) Average distance covered about 5.3km each….

Gonna track my timing also!! 😀 Wish me luck!