Friends’ Day

Met up with Chia Chia in the noon for lunch and my Sec. Sch buddies for dinner yesterday… All gals…

Went to the Manhatten Fish Market @ the Soho @ Central… Ordered a platter for 3 and….. it sucks…. I think it was the sticky thing they put on the food before frying it. Makes the food turns bitter! Arghh… In the end, only the calamari, fries and rice taste ok… The fish, prawns, mushrooms all taste yucky… Went with Ed the other time, the fish & chips is nice lor.. Sigh..Β  Then got to know from Krishelle that there is one place that sells fish & chip really nice.. Just opp of central… We walked past the place on our way to take cab home… The fish & chip only costs $6.50!! So reasonable… Next time round will try that. πŸ™‚

The Way Home

Im gonna force Eddie to watch the VCD of “The Way Home” …

Just suddenly thought of the movie… Thought of the story.. Awww….

way hm



The boy’s latest movie was a cast in Hearty Paws. Hearty Paws was ok… But… The way home is much more touching!!


Strongly recommended… But not too sure if you can get the VCDs anywhere though… Its a 2002 production…

Will this be my last week there?

Its 19th March….

I’m still working in the same company!! Arghh…

Haven got the call yet. The lady asked me to wait for 2 weeks. She’s not in Singapore… Darn… This is the 2nd week… How would things turn out? Can I finally “throw” the letter next Monday? Sigh… Im aging fast here!

I don’t think any friend of mine can find a job with such least job satisfaction than me! Completely nothing to do still ! None !! Walked into the office in e morning and making breakfast… I live the life of a piggy here… Just that I can’t sleep. 😦

Now I realise why do people fear growing old… Maybe “Its the feeling I am going thru now” The uncertainty… The lack of things you can do.. The feeling that you are doing nothing meaningful to contribute to your life.. The feeling that you are just wasting your time.. Sigh…

4.5 more working days!!

Things you do when you are bored…

Its Friday again, the day every office personnel should feel happy about. Finally, the weekend approaches…

But for me, its still the same… Spending meaningless time at work.. Finding unneccessary things to do…

Tried the celebrity look alike program again… Hopefully none of their fans sees this.

Tested it with 2 different photos.

Yuckie… I dun like Ann Kok…

Yah… I know… The whole thing is quite lame… Nothing much to do at work ma…

I’m “Semi-Retired” (w/o the $)

Sigh… I think I gonna get stroke really soon…

The pace of my life right now mimics a 70 year old. I should be doing gardening. Instead of sitting infront of a laptop watching youtube during office hours!!!

I hate this life. Every single one of my friend is working hard, striving for their future. Doing something that produces results… What am I doing? What is the result I’ve got from the things that I do? Hmm… Sore bums maybe. Sitting too much. Doing nothing… Really nothing.

Let me think of how my day went by today –

8.45am – Reach Office, Boil Water, Made my Milo, Ate some cookies

9.10am – Settled down, read “Today” n “ζˆ‘ζŠ₯”

9.30am – Sent email to distributor regarding some mega misc issues.

9.40am – Look for updates on Friend’s Friendster, Looking at Friend’s Blogs…

10.20am – Youtube – “康熙ζ₯δΊ†” (While trying to do my company newsletter)

11.30am – Lunch Time

12.45pm – Came back from lunch, continue watching youtube.

1.15pm – Looking for materials to write for newsletter

1.30pm – Burn 2 CD-Roms for distributor (Dilly Dally)

2.00pm – Looking at STOMP for some silly news (Dazing)

3.00pm – Dazing…

4.00pm – Writing Blog

5.15pm – Meeting Krishelle to go for Isetan Sale…

Arghh!!!! My life seems so lack of motivation and satisfaction!!!

Im still waiting for calls !!! I hate how my time is being spent now! Can’t even read a book! At least if I could read any books, I could be more balanced.. But now… Arghh !!!!!! Agony!!



** Will there really be someone who thinks on the same frequency as you**

Β Hmmm…..

Music & Lyrics

I finally found the mp3 of “Way Back Into Love” πŸ˜€

But now I feel I like “Don’t write me off” more… Hmmm…

Anyway, I feel like buying the DVD when its out next time… I dunno why… But I seems to like the songs!

Some videos from the movie!

(Don’t Write Me Off – Hugh Grant)

When you relate it in the movies… Its so touching….


(Way Back into Love – Hugh Grant & Hayley Bennett)



The Clearer Sound Quality Version

Congrats to the most fortunate gal I know…

My Guess is Correct !!!

Dear Viviene is expecting her 2nd BB !!! OMG !!!

Tiffany (Her 1st Gal) is gonna have a playmate!! Heehee… How sweet is that… πŸ™‚

Dear Viv has always been one of my dearest colleagues in the current company… Coming to think of it.. She left for a year already… Now my turn to leave. πŸ˜›

Anyway, 2nd BB should arrive this Nov!! πŸ™‚

So many BBs this yr…

May – My 1st Niece !!

July – 2 BBs from 2 Cousins

Nov – Viv