Impact of the “Quake”

Im gonna be working from home these 2 days… Due to the earthquake in Taiwan that damaged some of the network cables under the sea… Singnet’s internet connection went chaos.. (At least in my office) We were unable to access our mails at all. Had difficulties using the net.. blah blah…

In the end, my colleague and I seek approval to work from home instead… Since we are both using Starhub at home & Starhub doesn’t really experience much damage this time round…

Its great to be able to stay home for these 2 days. Im feeling like having a super long weekend… Thurs – Tue, then wed head back to the office. Hoped by then the network should recover more.

Being able to stay home also means that: I can sleep longer! 😛 Such nice weather to rest at home lo….

Xmas Lunch with TDAians

5 more days to Christmas !!

I adore Christmas! Let me think of snow… Cold weather…etc… Too bad Singapore doesn’t have winter… But then, if we have winter here, we will be sending more $$ on winter wear + we need more space to store the clothings after the season? Hmm… Well…

Today I had my company lunch at Ritz Carlton Hotel – Greenhouse Buffet. I gave that place 8/10 for the buffets that I have tried, the food range, quality, variety…. Yummy… Shanty (My colleague) and I “tag team” today to go round picking up food… 🙂 I think in total we went for 5-6 rounds, lost count in the end. 1st round having the main (Chinese Cuisine), 2nd round – Xmas + Jap Food, 3rd round – Log Cake + Choco, 4th round – Cheesecake + Mango Mousse, 5th round – Tom Yam Soup, 6th round – Fruits then having tea to cool down… Hmm… Okie, so its 6 rounds.. Haha… It have been so long since I ate like this! Soooo Sinful ! I better work out soon after the celebrations, otherwise… 😛 We ate for 1 whole hour noon stop! then cool down for another 1/2 hour or so. Only got back to the office at 2.30pm.. Heehee…

Boss bought us gift… Mont Blanc Key Chain… Which is so…. Erm…. “Guy kinda design” I don’t think I will use it ba… I like the one I got on my bday by my sec. sch kakis. 🙂 Think I would probably pass it to dad.. Hohoho… Better wrap it up….

Its 4.26pm now. Man… I’m still so full! Later I have another gathering with the gals. Tummy Exploding!

Xmas Lunch

Taken at the Greenhouse

Eddie’s Bday

16th Dec 2006… Eddie’s Birthday!

Though we have been together for some time already, this is the 1st year that I’m celebrating his birthday with him though… Last year I’m not in Singapore, was on a company vacation in Italy.. Still remember calling him on 12 midnight SG time on the streets of Rome… (I felt really guilty then…)

On Friday (15th), through the help of Ody & Gang, we somewhat gave Eddie a “Mini Surprise Gathering” But the waiter nearly gave me away when I just reach there…

15th December 2006 – TCC Circular Road


Us & the Cake… Luckily my double chin not shown in this angle.. 😛



I think I look hungry in this pic…


Us 1

Not too sure what we are looking at though… Heehee..


16th December 2006 – SBG – Halia Restaurant



Halia Restaurant… Nice ambience, reasonable price..


Ed - Halia

Eddie with the nice starter… Shitake Mushroon Soup.. Yummy !!


Kenix - Halia

Me and the soup.. I think I look like tweety bird in this pic… My head so big!!


Ed Stone

Eddie Stoning… While waiting for his food…


After the meal, we had a short walk around the park.. It was quite nice actually, you cannot see any buildings there… Slightly closer to nature.. Hee.. 🙂 Then the rain came, and we took refuge somewhere at the toilet area… Haha… Not so romantic..

Later in the noon we went for Movie (Eragon) and at night went to his Friend’s place for the housewarming…

Hmmm… I think this year I didn’t do as well as last year for the planning… Hopefully next year I will do better!