The Year Is Ending Soon….

Countdown to the Year 2007 will be coming soon!

This year is a “fast” year! Time really flies faster when you are growing old! Arghh…

Just going thru my schedule and I realise I’m really starting to be a “traveller”… Mild one la..

Year 2006


Las Vegas, US

Changshu, China


Bangalore & New Delhi, India


Munich, Germany


Bangkok, Thailand

Tentatively for

Year 2007


XiAn & Changshu, China – 14 days


New Delhi – India



Sao Paulo, Brazil – 10 days (Total for these 2 – 20 days)


Not fixed yet… (Will I still be there? )

Come to think of it… I have been to 8 countries within my 1 yr plus employment (Up to now.. Not counted for 2008 yet)… Hohoho…

Hongkong, Taiwan, China, Italy, US, India, Germany, Bangkok…

Some say they envy me being able to travel… But when you really get into my shoe… You might not say this anymore… Planning in process…… Endure for now…..

After talking to Eddie last night… I finally felt alittle better… Well… Life really isn’t meant to be smooth sailing…. But… At least I have him to stand by me for now… Don’t demand too much lo….

Brazil Next Year…

While going thru some of the Brazil Webs for my next April Trip…

Came across this…

Avoiding Trouble in Sao Paulo…

Assaults and robberies are favourite topics of conversation amongst Paulistanos, with the city’s crime statistics now consistently higher than those of Rio. Nevertheless, by using a little common sense you’re unlikely to encounter any real problems. With such a mixture of people in São Paulo, you’re far less likely to be assumed to be a foreigner than in most parts of Brazil, and therefore won’t make such an obvious target for pickpockets and other petty thieves .

At night, though, pay particular attention around the central red-light district of Luz , location of the city’s main train stations and – though not as bad – around Praça da República . Also take special care late at night in Bixiga (Bela Vista), or if you venture into Praça Roosevelt . Always carry at least some money in an immediately accessible place so that, if you are accosted by a mugger , you can quickly hand something over before he starts getting angry or panicky. If in any doubt at all about visiting an area you don’t know, don’t hesitate to take a taxi.

How come I feel my life is at risk already…. 😛

Munich 2006… Day 2 Outing…

On my second day in Munich… Its Excursion Day…

Itinerary – Nymphenburg Castle – Munich City Center

Took some pics while on the road….


Taken in the car… The view on the back street of Marienplatz..

(Like our Orchard Road)


Beer Factory

Pass by a Beer Factory… We didn’t visit any beer factory though… Coz boss not that interested… He’s paying… So what he says counts lo…


Summer Palace

Front view of the Nymphenburg Castle. Summer Palace for the King’s Family.

Guide says that they only come here like for 2 months in the whole year?

There are alot of Swans in the lake! But didn’t take any pic… 😛



The back yard… There are actually alot of statues.. But since it is winter now, they covered them up.. Don’t want the ice bergs to ruin their precious…

(They really care alot for those historical items!)

Thus… We walked thru the back yard to come to the….


Hunting Ground

Hunting Ground!

Its not reallya very huge area actually… Hmm.. Dunno what did the King hunt here… But its for sure they placed the animals here lo… Man-made hunting ground…



Not too sure why there is a bench here though.. Wahaha…

I love the trees there… Imagine sitting down on the bench with your loved one… 😛



Mini Bridge somewhere along the way…


Hunting Palace

Resting Place within the hunting ground…



Interior of the Resting Place

(Taken from the outside)


Trees 2

I love the trees la….


King’s Play

I felt this look eerie though… But guide says this is the Prince’s Play House.. Glup…



Water Cooler?



The layout of the castle.


With this, we end the excursion to the castle… Down to town after this..


City Hall

Front part of the Marienplatz…

Its a shopping area.. Thus… Never take much pics… 🙂

… … …

Feeling so vexed….

I always feel Im so redundant in the office… There doesn’t seem to be anyone who really appreciates the things I do… Sometimes I feel I might be thinking too much and I should just concentrate on getting the things done… But… Time to time… Things just doesn’t seem to go my way… (Or should I say, they always go against me)

I have been thinking to quit after CNY previously… But then.. Opportunity came for me to add more in my resume.. Then I decided to stay… But am I right to stay? Maybe I shouldn’t? But… w/o the proper certs or proper experience, where can I go? I don’t wanna start with a marginal pay again… It’s tough… Where can I find someone who acknowledges my work?

I even feel tired to read now.. What’s the use of reading so much, knowing so much and not being able to implement them? When you can only “take orders”…

I really need to relax… I yearn going to the beach… Where the clear sea will be some place that can calm my thoughts… That can make me think straight… A place that I feel I don’t need to think much.. I can just relax under the sun… On the beach…

I have approx 20 days of leave yet to clear…. Don’t need to clear them in Singapore.. Will only stay home… No time to clear them for holidays either… I think… It will be forfeited… For my case… I do think so… Maybe for some… They will be converted to cash? But never for me…

I sometimes do think Im not likeable huh? Sadz….

Yesterday I even encountered something I thought was “crazy”…

As you might know, I just came back from Munich… There is this person which we have met… He wanted to “talk” to me… (I thought it was work related) As he is not from Sg, I got back home, on my skype.. We did “talk” (msging actually) about work.. But that last for only like 5mins? Then he asked me something funny… “that day when we 1st met, you asked what i was doing later, why do you ask that” ? Hmm… I thought that was a norm question? I always ask pple that… Then he said ” Jxxx told me not to take you, Im not too sure whether Im imagining things”.. Oh well… My boss always like to make fun of his staff… But he was joking!! Arghh.. How could he think that he is serious!! OMG… When I told him it was just a casual question when I asked what he is gonna do later, he said he was disappointed! OMG… Later on he did apologised… Saying he is not one of the guys that try to “hit on me”… Hmmm… (When did anyone did that to me?) Well… I dunno whether I am the one who misled him or is it my boss though…

However, sometimes I do think boss should think before saying jokes regarding his staffs… Especially in China, I keep feeling the China Men are talking something real bad in their own language and laughing themselves. Most China Man I have seen looks like perverts… No offence… Just majority of those that I know of due to work. Well, I know my industry is mainly male-oriented… But… There are alot that don’t go for dirty jokes as well !!!! Need to respect the ladies!!!

Back From Munich….

Im finally back! 🙂 Reached Singapore on Monday evening…

Been away for 10 days.. Did I miss anything? I dunno man… More or less ba…

The trip to Munich… Was a fruitful (work), fun (play) & full (eat) one…

Comparing Italy & Germany (The 2 European Countries that I have currently gone to…), Germany is a better one… From the food… To the people there (service standard) To the shops there… Oh yah… The timing as well… (In Italy we got back to the hotel at around 6 plus… But in Germany we got back at ard 8-9pm…) But… I do feel that the expenses are higher though… For souvenirs.. Almost can’t get anyting which is lesser than 3Euro (SGD $6) .. Cab fare starting from 2.90Euro… Reaching my destination never cost lesser than 15Euro (But im not the one paying though)

Overall… Recommended place to go… But not when there are any tradeshows going on… Coz the room rates will be doubled!

Hmm.. Brain dead.. Can’t seem to think straight now… Continue soon…

Meanwhile.. I got another good news from my ex-colleague; Wilson!!

He is finally getting married!! Waiting for 2 years for his day to come!! He finally got his keys for his home.. Renovations on the way.. & Holding his wedding on 2nd Jan… His Bday as well.. & His memorable day for his relationship… 🙂

Seems like I have to save more $$ for the Ang Pows next yr ya?….

Coming Home Soon!!

Its the last 3 days that I will be in Munich & I will be back home soon! Reaching SG on Monday evening..

There are so many things going on here and so many things to see here… Munich is a nice place… The people are friendly… Only thing… The meals are too ex la !!!

Will write more about my trip here when im back home…

I miss the food in Singapore!! I miss Chilli!! I miss stingray!! I miss KFC !!!

Day 1 @ Munich… Part 1.2

(2.15pm SG Time… 7.15am Munich Time)

I can’t seem to fall asleep… Maybe it’s because of the Jet Lag? Maybe it’s because the pillow is too soft? Maybe it’s because of the flu? Or…..

My flu turn bad when I’m here… So does the throat… But… I have to do most of the talking still… Haiz…. Hopefully it gets well before the Tradeshow on the 14th

Dinner was at a quite romantic place… It’s a revolving restaurant at the OlympiaPark Tower… Right beside the Olympia Park… Olympics where held there once… I think in 1972? But it looks quite new though… Maybe they renovated it? (haha…) It was a “big park” from the way we look down from the restaurant. (At a high of 181.75m tall) With indoors swimming pool and stuffs… Can’t really see the interior from up there… Just slight glimpse..

The ambience of the restaurant is good… But again.. It should be meant for couples… (Aww… I miss him again…) Instead… Im sitting opp. to boss… (Sian…) We ordered cocktail while waiting for dinner to be served… (Dinner was pre-booked… 4 course dinner)



We thought it was non-alcoholic… Instead… I think there is a high level of Vodka within… Arghh… Hurting my throat even more…We ordered iced water… But they don’t have serve ice water… Ha.. So end up getting a bottle of Evian… (Forgotten how much it cost) I think I’ve only manage to drink 40% of my cocktail in the end… Boss ordered a small bottle of red wine still… Only the 2 of them drank.. He still joked about me & min for being sick… Saying our mouth are too busy for the time being… Using it to talk, to eat, to drink and to breathe (Becoz of our blocked nose) It’s been so long that I ever fall sick for so long… Really a wrong timing… Haiz… Originally… Dinner should last from 7.30 – 10.30pm… But all the 4 of us was so tired by 9… That we called our driver to pick us up at 9.30pm…. The whole dinner cost $251.50 Euro… (x 2 for SGD) Hoho… Lucky it’s free for me… Covered by the company… But then… It was really kinda ex… Considering… I didn’t really got so full…

Reasoning below….

1st course

1st Course

2nd Course

2nd Course

3rd course

3rd Course


4th Course

You see the portion? All soooo small…. I think the water made me not to feel the hunger bangs…

Excursion today… Hope it will be fun….. & Hope I will recover soon!!