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Once again… I’m too free in the office… Finished doing 90% of my work and waiting for further feedback before I can proceed…

Thus, browsing the net to see if there are any more nice movies to watch…

There are quite a number I think Eddie and I will catch…

I hope to see these before I leave for Munich!!

1. Convenant – Out on 2nd November 2006


2. A Good Year – Out on 2nd November 2006

 A good yr

3. Step Up – Out on 2nd November 2006

 Step Up


After I’m back from Munich

1. Battle of Wits – Out on 23rd November 2006

Battle of Wits

2. Flags of our Fathers – Out on 30th November 2006


3. Eragon – Out on 15th December 2006


& for Xmas…. Eddie will bring his kiddo for:

The Santa Clause 3 !!!


(Although this movie will begin much earlier than Eragon)

But we might catch it later? So that we can have the Xmas feel more… 😛


Happen to read this in the “Channel Newsasia Web”

Aaaa…. I thought Singapore is getting more open when those Men’s Magazine hit the news stand… But after reading this… If it is really what they wrote… I’ll feel the government is so lame for letting the magazines enter Singapore based on those “results” they hoped to achieve outta it.

The article states some thing on the “Love Airways” Magazine that was just launched. Promoting some sort of open discussion in sex issue blah blah blah… But… it’s not like the Maxim, FHM types which have alot of those gals pictures in it. Instead… It’s more towards the “medical perspective”…

Anyway… What makes me ponder is this:

Magazines like Playboy are banned in Singapore, whose government frowns on liberal Western social values but at the same time is alarmed by the city-state’s falling birth rate and trend for people getting married much later in life.

Only 36,000 babies were born in Singapore last year, short of the 50,000 needed annually to naturally replenish the population.

Blah Blah Blah…..

In recent years, foreign magazine franchises like FHM and Maxim, featuring scantily-clad cover girls, have been allowed to hit news stands.”

The way they put it is as though introducing FHM & Maxim in Singapore is to try improve the birth rate… Duh… What has the scantily-clad cover girls gotta do with birthrates man….

I kinda find it quite insulting to SG men & women… This is like saying Sg women are not attractive enough? Or means Sg men are all “ti ko pek” ? More insulting to women i think… Lol…. So So So lame… Sg women can’t get their men on bed meh …. & Y must the guys see the gals on the magazines then they can perform in bed meh… Kaoz… Then how come there isn’t any magazines for Gals in Sg?

But somehow, I do agree in a certain way that Sg Men are quite “Ti Ko”…

I commented to Eddie once about the difference between 60% of Sg Guys vs 80% of Caucasians…

When they see some one pretty:

Caucasians: “Hey pretty… Can I buy you a drink” (You can just smile and walk away)

Sg: Stare at you from head to toe… ( Even if you stare at him, he won’t stop)

It have been the “culture” for Caucasians to be open and express their feelings openly.. But for Singaporeans? Its as if the feelings can only be suppressed within… Then it seems as if they are using the eyes to “rape” gals now… Sometimes do have the tendency to find some bricks and slam them on those guys head when you see them on the streets.

Darn… When can Singapore be “truely” open?

Singaporeans are fakish… 50% of them… Personal View…

Love will be our Home…

Recently kinda like this song….

By Susan Ashton
If home is really where the heart is
Then home must be a place that we all share
for even withour difference our hearts are much the same
And where love is we come together there.

Wherever there is laughter ringing
Someone smiling, someone dreaming
We can live together there
Love will be our home.
Where there are children singinig
Where a tender heart is beating
We can live together there
Love will be our home

With love our hearts can be a family
And hope can bring this family face to face
And though we may be far apart our hearts can be as one
When love brings us together in one place.

Wherever there is laughter ringing
Someone smiling, someone dreaming
We can live together there
Love will be our home.
Where there are words of kindness spoken
Where a vow is never broken
We can live together there
Love will be our home

Love will, love will be our home
Love will, love will be our home
Love will, love will be our home
Love will, love will be our home

Man are from Mars… Women are from Venus..

The Book By John Gray…

Have read it some years back… And till date really find it to be so true… There are really alot more to learn about when it comes to 2 person and not 1. When 2 person meets, how they end up being a couple… How they manage their relationship and whether or not they are able to start a new family …. Blah Blah Blah… Those are later stage la…

Anyway… Just felt that effective communication is really very important! Though sometimes you said the same words… But the meanings can be sooooooo different! Thus.. At times… It is better to explain yourself further to prevent any misunderstanding… 😛 Otherwise… Misinterpretation might end up hurting the relationship if it is not cleared in time…

Also important is the the things you say… Received an sms today stating:

“Your Thoughts become your Words, Your Words become your Actions..”

Hmmm… So… Misinterpretation might make the thoughts go wrong… Thus.. The words that comes after goes wrong… And lastly… Actions might go wrong in long term!!

So… Always must make sure the correct idea is being passed on.. 🙂 You wouldn’t want to have a whole lot of things to go wrong just because you didn’t make yourself clear enough ya? 😛

P.S: Gals usually think far too much than guys… So maybe sometimes need to explain further… Hoho… (I’m one example myself)

Usually when one thing occur…

To Guys: It leads to another thing (then no more)

To Gals: It leads to another thing which will cause something then might make another thing happen. (Aiya… Just to state how much more women can “imagine” la)

** I really felt my English sucks after I quit my sales job… Arghh….**

Ouchie Holiday !

Ouch !!! I have a big ulcer on my throat!! Thus, everytime I swollow my food… I feel like something is cutting my throat… Which is soooo pain!! Arghh….

Went to the doc & she commented I “fought” for my food izzit… Arghh…

After having the Ulcer.. I have to restrict the food I eat.. No fried.. No hard food… Darn… Eddie is the one monitoring what I eat… 😦 I want KFC after I recover!!!

Watched “The Guardian” at Cineleisure… Nice Show!! Very Touching at the end… 🙂 Kept finding Kevin Costner looked familiar… Just realised he is the main guy lead in “Rumor Has It”, starring Jennifer Aniston as well.. He is the guy who have gone to bed with Jen. Aniston, her mum.. & Grandma.. Haha…

After the Movies, we went over to “茶渊” at Neil Road for some “tea sampling” session. A good place for some “quiet” moments…. However, when we were there.. There is this table of mother + daughter with 2 kids… One of the kid kept running around… Sooo… Irritating.. Make a hell lot of noise.. Spoil the whole image there… The “manager” there actually feedback quietly to them to control the kids.. In the end… The idiot auntie (the mother) said something really rude lor! Somemore so loud! I’m like 2 tables away and I can clearly hear every single word she say. She “reprimanded” the manager saying that: “Kids are Kids. They always behave like this. So you shouldn’t complain about them. You don’t know about kids meh? You never get married meh? I think you never get married de la…..” Kaoz…. Feel like slapping the idiot auntie man… Brainless… Inconsiderate…

Anw… Overall… I enjoyed my Holiday.. Heehee… Coz… I’m with Eddie ma…. 🙂

Tea Set

Our 工具 for making our tea.

Me - Tea Chapter

Our short Tea Pot



Tall Cup for “smelling the fragrance” of the Tea

Short one for drinking.


Ed - Tea Chapter

Eddie boy.. Aka.. Tea Boy for the day..


Me- Tea

Ah Blur (image) Kenix

I hear Wedding Bells !!!

Got to know a great news while I’m on the way to work!!

My dear Eve is getting married on 15th Jan!!  Chloe even done up a wedding planning blog for them! Hohoho… It’s gonna be so so so exciting!! 15th Jan falls on a Monday… This time round… I’m gonna take leave for sure!!! Wouldn’t want to miss another friend’s wedding again… Missed Sharine’s in May this year… Regret it so much… Arghh…

Anyway.. Congrats Gal !!! You really light up my day with this news!! 😀


Week 42, 2006

Left with 10 more weeks to go before it comes to the end of Yr 2006.

How have your year been spent? Meaningful? Have you accomplished alot this year? Have you achieved your target?

I never done any goal setting before… (Maybe its why I am still stuck nowhere now..) I should really do up some goals for year 2007…

Anyway… Weekend 42 have just passed by… As usual… I became my darling’s superglue… Stuck on to him wherever he goes.. Hoho… Went to watch “Sinking of Japan” … Hmm… Not that marvellous… Eddie find it alittle boring… Also.. Its not that “related to us”…Initially I thought all natural disaster show is like that wat… Why he felt this is boring.. Then the patient him explained the other shows relate to the end of the “world”.. But this… End of “Japan only” … So… Nothing to related to us… Wahaha… Good Point… We classed it the 3rd Worst Movie we have watched together… 😛 (The 2nd worst is April Snow.. The Champion of the Worst… Our very 1st Movie… Land of the Dead… Duh…)

Sunday… EdNix Sports day…

We went over to stadium for our run… Did lesser than 2.4km today!! Arghh.. I keep smelling the haze man… Can’t stand it. We ended up having “Bao” at the sports hall kiosk… I have been cutting down on my workout… Gonna grow fat!! Hmm.. But ok la.. We manage to wash “Xiao Bai – Ed’s Car”… Hmmm… Some form of workout? 😛

For lunch.. We bought ingredients for our Korean Noodles…. I’m not used to cooking outside home… 😛 The 1st time… To ensure the Fish Tofu is cooked… The Noodles turn soggy… This time… The pot is too small!! Arghh… Ended up… Not much soup left!!! Haiz… Y am I always so “clumsy” infront of Eddie… Arghh… Wanna cook a proper “instant” meal for him also seems so difficult… I will succeed the next time!! Darling… Believe me oh !!!

Later the night.. We went over to Pacific Coffee again for our usual R&R session.. But I don’t have any books to read… So… We went over to MPH at the citylink… I end up buying 2 books… Glup… & Eddie bought 1… Hoho…


Hmm… Hope this helps to improve me before the dreadful trip in Dec..


A really good book! Eddie spotted this gem.. Easy to read… And Good!!


I pointed this out to Eddie… 😛 (It seems to be in the top list for marketing books… Eddie bought it… I hope its good!! Otherwise I will hit my “itchy hands” for pointing books to Eddie)


Oh yah… I changed Eddie’s Bedsheet today!! He finally washed the Pillowcase I bought like… 3 months ago!! Here’s it”


Boy blows love bubble to girl…


So… It means…Eddie is the boy… He is blowing love bubbles to………


Me !!! Yeah !! Yeah !!

We both agree this girl looks like me!! Hoho… Especially the way she stands!!

Aww… I wanna make him smile always…..