Pervert China Man

For the past few months… I thought my luck have really changed.. I finally might be able to work on something.. I finally feel i might be “lucky”.. But… It’s just a bullshit dream.. In fact.. I think I should replan my routes…

For the past 2 days.. Have been accompanying Boss to entertain his China Guest.. A Fengshui Master… Named “Ma”..

All I can say is… I feel.. That Ma keeps bull-shitting… Commenting stuffs so general.. Like to my colleague: “During the past 1/2 yr, you got quarrel with your bf right?” Shit him.. In every relationship, there is bound to be arguements wat?!?! Then says she have alot of stress in the months Jan & July.. Wrong Wrong Wrong !! Jan she is home celebrating new yr!! Stress what !!! Somemore told another colleague that she should have had a child before and she doesn’t know about it!! What nonsense!! That girl is still single!! Somemore keep insisting he is right!! Nonsense!!!

Also he is a damn pervert. I really doesn’t know why he chose me to “arrow”.. Kaoz… He kept on commenting what kinda person I am. Which is so not true! He said I doesn’t mind being a 3rd party.. I’m open minded.. I have alot of bfs.. WTF!!! Shit Him Idiot… Then say I’m not serious in this relationship I’m having now!! Arghh!! And he is damn “色”..

Boss treats this Ma like “God”.. To me, he’s like a pc of shit… Not professional at all.. Boss always want us to entertan the “guest” after dinner… If the person is dealing with us in regards to work, I actually would not mind.. But.. this guy is just a feng shui master lo.. There is no need to spend so much time with him… Especially since we are just staffs.

He arrived on the 27th (Wed); met everyone for dinner at Carlton Hotel – Wah Lok Restuarant. Having met him a few times before. My impression to him is just that he talks really loud.. And he is quite proud… He is always the one who chose his seats first before the others can sit. This time round, he asked me to sit beside him… I was ok at 1st.. But throughout the 2 hrs having dinner.. He kept commenting about me.. Nothing good came out of his mouth when it’s regards to my personality. Regarding work, he did praise me. But, as a person… No..

After dinner.. Originally we have 3 gals supposed to acc him to drk tea.. But he said he “brought some clothings” for me so he asked the other 2 gals to leave 1st… That’s left with me and him only!! Me with a big, fat, old, smelly man!! With black teeth!! Yucks!! During the tea session. He showed his “true colors” He asked me a couple of questions that made me feel like slapping him. 1st, he asked me to stay over at his rm!! WTF !!! Wat kinda person does he think I am!! Be it just a joke or what. As a professional feng shui master or of any profession. Please show gals their respect! Somemore who he thinks he is! Somemore can say letting me have the bed n he will sleep on the sofa!! He thinks I am naive!?!? Kaoz… 2nd, he asked me to be his lover!! PUKE !!!! Somemore say I will regret if I do not wanna be one.. Stuff his mouth with Shit Man…. If he is just a normal business partner. He is definitely gonna get a tight slap. Just because he is the “God” of my boss, I have to endure more !! Shit him! I really felt super disgusted by him…

Yesterday (28th), we have to see him still.. Boss brought him over to the office. He shifted some stuffs around. Then he stayed in Boss’s rm to smoke n chat with Boss. When he sw me walk past, he called me. I can’t ignore. So just walked in. Then he said : “Wah.. U dress so nicely today. Is it becoz I’m here so you dress so nicely?” PUKE !! Shit him. I didnt bother to say anything much. Just said I have work to do and walk away.

Lunch- Same thing, he demanded I sat beside him. Again… The whole noon he kept talking nonsense again. Said my colleague “spent money” Who doesn’t spend money?!?! No need to eat ah? Buy food also needs $$ ma! Soooo General !!! Same thing.. He kept commenting about me.. I kept quiet all the way… Didn’t even bother to look at him.. When he continued to make sleazy jokes to me, Boss just says that he is “joking with me”… Then he kept “toasting” to me somemore… (Tea) Disgusting. I didn’t even look at him in the eye still. Just bang the cup n drink. What makes me even more angry is when we are all in the car. He suddenly asked about which yrs my parents are born in. Then comment about them!! Who is he to do so!!! He have no rights to do so!! I nearly flare lor!! I kept controlling all noon liao… Looking out the window… But I really cannot stand him commenting on my parents… When we got of the car.. Lady Boss did sense I doesnt seems ok.. Asked me… But I chose not to say too much.. But when I reached the Office and on my MSN and saw Eddie online… I can’t control anymore… I told him what happened.. & I finally snuffle alittle.. Just abit.. I felt that its really disgusting…

Dinner – Still have to dine with them. This time a restuarant at Pan Pacific Hotel.. Having Teppanyaki. Before dinner, he asked me whether I will bring him for tea today. I told him I will be meeting my friends. Then he said he “know I will not be free” Then said even if I go to my friend’s gathering, I will not be happy. Idiot.. Stupid Fool.. Is he is so powerful, how come he doesnt know I’m lying to him? Boss still asks me to cancel my appointment! Shit him too! I just told them 10 over yrs friend. I must go. Luckily that pervert didn’t stop me further, but I can see the Boss is not really happy about it.

Again, he asked me to sit beside him. Kept asking me to “drk” with him. Resting his arms on my chair.. Which makes me can only lean forward n not rest on the back of the chair… Arghh… Then keep asking me to eat.. Putting food on my plate.. Yucks… Luckily I manage to escape right after dinner… But my poor colleagues stayed behind… Haiz…

This morning the 3 of us have a more intensed, longer talk with Lady Boss.. Hmm.. She did felt abit shocked to hear what we say. (Though not very obvious) She agreed on us leaving earlier.. But still.. we must go for tea!! Shitty!! Arghh…

I wanna bring laxative tonight… Haiz…

Should I change Job?? Sigh.. I realise only Chinese are like that.. Maybe all guys are.. But Chinese are definitely more direct.. In a disgusted way somemore. Oh yah.. To be more specific, it’s “rich” Chinese… I can’t understand why rich people assume that they can have everything they want…  They are just deceiving themselves…

Cast a Spell

Eddie Boy Must Have Cast a Spell On Me !!!

Humph… Y do I feel I just keep falling deeper for him!! Bleah…. (Though quite willingly la..)

Today he came over for his weekly routine to do IT support for my company..

Something different… He wore a sleeveless vest over a white shirt. Which makes him look younger! Darn.. He already look so young liao.. Still plus this look!! Im gonna look older than him already!!

I commented that his look today looks like those rich young guys in the drama nowadays… Then he asked whether they are the “gong zi ge” type.. & seems very happy about it… Arghh… Then I told him the drama nowadays shows that those rich young guys always fall in love with kampong style girl.. Then am I his Kampong Gal.. Wahahha….

Lol… Silly me… But I enjoy fooling around with my Darling.. He is always so sweet and entertain me with my jokes…

Off work time lo!!!

My 2nd Muay Thai Match !!

Time really flies when you are in need of them lor… Arghh…

Saturday and Sunday have just gone by like that..

This weekend Eddie and me have gone for our 2nd Muay Thai Match! 🙂 Its being held at the same place. (Seletar Camp) This time round, it’s much more better. Its being held outdoors with tents.. Most importantly.. We have seats! & drinks! Heehee.. At least I do not need to stand for a few hours.. Eddie and I had some breads before we went (The other time we were so hungry by the end of the match, no where to find food.). But.. This time round, we can buy food there! Arghh… They upgraded the area I think. There is a coffee shop there now. But Eddie mentioned after the match that it was actually alittle disrespectful towards the fighters to watch & “feast” there… But… alot of pple still did that… Maybe everyone was just hungry? Heehee.. We bought satay as well… N… It was delicious!!! Real Yummy!! Somemore it was being delivered to our seats!! Hohoho….

It was a professional fight night. Fighters from different countries coming over to compete. Of course, we have our very own “Singapore Warriors” there as well. 🙂 A total of around 13 fights. 6 Ametaurs (Singaopore) & 7 Professional Fights (International). Ametaurs fight was ok… The only 2 that left a stronger impression was 2 guys from “Mixed Martial Arts” , I guess their strength was in the boxes. Really good and strong. & Fast… I can say almost 95% hit their opponent’s face.. For those 2 match, the opponent threw the towel to end the match.. Otherwise it might have ended to be a K.O match I think.

Professional Fight-

I didn’t finsh watching the whole professional fight though.. As it was kinda late & have to work today! Arghh… Didn’t get to see Zach fight this time. I think his should be the finale fight ba.. Dunno whether did he win? Hmm.. But I think alot of pple know him lo… Initially I cant recognise him.. Haha.. Eddie was the one who told me which is Zach.. Then I only notice he kept walking around entertaining.. Hohoho… Oh yah.. Im still not sure whether the guy who left me a comment on my previous posting on the 1st Muay Thai Match is the real Zach anot.. If the real Zach reads this.. Leave another comment ya? So next time round maybe can really say hi to you when your next match comes.. 🙂 Oh yah.. most importantly.. Tell me about yesterday.. Haha.. How was the match that I missed… Hoho…

Anyway.. Its monday now.. Back to work… But.. This week is good… Boss is not in till wed nite.. Good life for now……..

Muay Thai Match

The Ticket Stub…

3rd Round…

I had my 3rd round of celebration with my secondary school buddies!!

We definitely meet up during bdays.. For meals n to chat.. (Or even gossip) haha..

I had a joint celebration with Ah Tai.. (Mine on 20th, Tai on 23rd) We went over for dinner at Sakura International Buffet… (Orchard Shopping Centre) Variety there isn’t as much as alot of places.. But… The price is reasonable lo… $22 nett.. But.. We had some really good deals.. 😛

Anyway.. Here’s the Pics..

Weini & Me

Me with Cute Cute Weini

Nimin & Weini

The 2 sweet ladies

Nimin & Me

Nimin & Me !! 😀

Denn & Me

The Entertainer – Dennis

Tai & Denn

Tai & Denn

Tai & Gals

Tai with the Gals!


Ah “Ming”… Guess wat I wanna show?

Not him opening the mouth so wide oh! But… he is eating Salad !! OMG !! He seldom eats healthy food de lo!! Wah Seh… We were all stunned man.. Haha


Weini took this… Kinda cute though.. Dunno why we see sideways though.. Haha.. Too many cameras? (2 cam & 1 HP)

Cake 2

A proper shot

Cut Cake

Cut cake lo!!


My Gift from the gang!!

A Prada Key Pouch ! Finally one to replace my “pirated” LV Key Pouch that I have been using for Years !!


Group Shoot by the staff in Sakura..

Darn.. Y do I always seem to slouch when I try to lean to one side… Must try to improve my posture!

This picture lacks of Mr “Mohammud” Liang & Eric Lei… Liang is working… & Eric still in U.S.. But he will be back to Sg by next Monday! Then we can have a full group shoot! 😀

Prada 1

A Closer look of my gift!

Thank you my dear frenz for everything !!



Old Loooo…..

Celebrated My Bday with Eddie After Work!!


Finally had my Stingray!! Yummy!! We went to Chomp Chomp for dinner..



Before that… Satay 1st !!


Stingray 1

Yummy Stingray!!


Satay Beehoon

Satay Beehoon!!

But alittle dry though..



My Feast… Had too much in the noon. Thus this is considered alot le!



My Bday Darling still Sooo Busy !! I waited & waited before I can start!! Argh..

My Stingray !!



Finally.. Darling’s hands is free.. Can start liao.. But.. Take Pics 1st!!



Have asked Dar not to buy anything this yr.. Cos last mth he spent so much on his new office! Moreover last month we also celebrated our 1st year… Don’t want him to spend liao.. But… The sweet sweet him still got something for me.. A Book which I am planning to buy!! Heehee… Knowledge gonna +++



He also got me flowers !! For Bday & Vday..Flowers seem to be a must from him.. But Darling… Flowers can dun buy de lei… Save this & we go eat more stingray in future okie? Muahaha…

2nd year celebrating bday with Eddie le.. Despite his tight schedule he still made himself free for me.. Awww… (But he kept having phone calls though..) Nah.. He is really nice to me.. I want him to celebrate my coming bdays with me as well! (He promised le hor)

When I reached home.. I took out the cards & gift that he gave me last yr… Heehee.. Eddie is a sweet guy… Muahahaha…. Love ya Darling…

Birthday Celebration

It’s my day !! Growing “wiser” ya? 😛

I started my celebration program yesterday. Having dinner with my family. Only my 2nd brother is not around.. He have an appointment.. Heehee… The dinner was organised by my sister. Think she have had a time fixing.. Coz Dad was always busy and she have to match with my big brother’s schedule (who is a pilot).

We had dinner at IMM – Long Beach Seafood Restuarent. Dinner was so full !! Table full of food.. We ate till we feel like puking.. Muahaha.. Had Chilli Crab.. Peking Duck, Curry Fish head (Taste like laksa), Cockles Bee Hoon, Sweet Sour Pork … It was really nice… I mean to have dinner as a family.. Especially mi dad.. I seldom talk to him nowadays.. Not becoz we quarrel.. But just that he is more busy than I am.. He have loads of community functions to attend after work.. Thus, when he is home, he would mainly just stay in the room.. & me? Heehee.. Im not home on weekends… Hohoho.. (Though he might not be home on weekends too la.. If he goes to malaysia for his golf session.)

Not forgetting to mention.. Eddie came with me! Heehee… Despite his tight schedule.. He still came over for dinner.. So sweet of him.. Guess this week he will be soooo busy with my bday celebration.. Hohoho…

I did not apply for leave this year.. (2nd time working on bday) Nothing to do in the noon anyway.. Eddie have to work. Will meet after work for celebration. Boss helped me do up a mini celebration though.. Hee… We had dinner at Carlton Hotel.. Wah Lok Restuarent.. Again.. We ate alot!! Its the 3rd time that I’m there I think.. Everytime we are there, its either a few members lesser or with new members.. Haha..

We had lunch till 1.30pm. (2 hours lunch).. & had cake at 3pm!! OMG… This is a really sinful week! Anyway.. Some photos for now…

Cake 1

My Cake..

Lady Boss Ordered It..


Group Pic..

Only Boss is not in…


What wish have I made? Increase Pay!! 😛


Cut Cake Lo…

Will be having celebration with Eddie later on.. OMG.. Gonna eat again.. But.. I already request sambal stingray, BBQ chicken wing & satay !!

Happy 13th “Mth-sary” Sweetheart…

13 months ago.. 2 person made a choice to hold hands….

For the past 13 months, the 2 have been falling deeper in their fairytale. Grown fond of every small details that have been added to their story. Creating valuable memories that will never be forgotten and always will be cherished. Spending time to do things together.. Respecting each other as an individual and many more…

It is believed that there will be endless months ahead of them to share & care..

But before that..

She would like to let him know…

“It’s very fortunate for me to have met you this lifetime my darling..

You have done so much more than I have hoped for..

Your words, your affection have touched me from time to time..

Thanks for everything.. Thanks for loving me..

& lastly.. thanks for holding my hand on that very night..” 🙂

I Love U Darling..

For the endless months ahead of us… I will hold on tighter.. Never will I let go of your hand..

Thus… before this special day end…

“Happy 13th Month-sary”