Fashion Distributor / Wholesaler

“Hera’s Charm”

I’m starting something on my own! (well.. sort of my own)

It’s exciting to be in this current stage I’m in. Hmm.. I didn’t really expect myself to be starting a business someday in the near future, but, giving the opportunity to do so, It might be really silly to give it a miss. (Who would reject an extra income)

For new business I am in, it will be dealing with fashion. I will not be dealing directly with consumers for a start. I will be dealing with the departmental stores. Also to mention, I will be the wholesaler for Asia Region.

Any buyer for deparmental stores worldwide who is interested in having new products for your stores, do leave me a msg. ๐Ÿ™‚
(More details coming up soon… )


I’m afriad if I don’t jot things down now, I might not wanna talk about it later. Or might even forget the details.

What would you do when some sorta opportunity comes knocking?

If you are given the chance to be ur own boss? To start a business?

I’m not saying selling a product, its more of selling other’s product.. Being a distributor. I will not be required to do any advertising, press ads… Sales will be sort of directed to me from a start.

Arghh… I’m completely nuts in starting a business… What are the things to look out for… I have doubts.. But I need to list them all out before I can ask him about the opportunity he is giving…

I have interest in this. Starting something. Which I do not really need alot capital to bring in the goods. (Since its distribution, I only take in stocks when there are orders)

The only thing I know is that if I were to miss it… Would I ever get another chance like this?

Headache Oh… I am aimless….

Shape Run 2006

I have never felt healthier !!

Participated in the 1st ever women’s only competitive run on 16th July 2006.

This event have been organised by Shape Magazine. Held at Marina Promenade. There were both 5km & 10km run. Being a “beginner” towards sports, I went for the 5km run. (Will try the 10km someday!!) Have been training close to 2 months for this run.. ๐Ÿ™‚

The route starts from

(5km) marina promenade – crawford street – marina promade.

(10km) marina promenade – crawford street – national stadium – marina promenade

It was fun having around 2500 women to gather for such a healthy event. Especially when you thought of slowing your pace down.. Thought you might not be able to go on till the finish line, there will definitely be someone who will give you a pat & say “come on, you can do it” or “come on, we are near to the finishing line, lets finish it!” I like the spirit of the gals there… So motivating..

I am quite surprised that the women in Singapore are actually quite good in running!! I had aimed to hit less than 30min for my 5km run before I came. But training is not sufficient I suppose. I didnt manage to hit it. Only did 33:04. But the first 10 runners for the 5km all took less than 26min!! OMG !!! I must train harder for the next time round.

The next women’s only competitive run will take place on 29th October 06. The Great Eastern Run. Hmm… But don’t think I will participate in that… $42 for 10km & $28 for 5km !! So Ex !!! The Shape Run Only Cost $15…

Aw… I’m addicted to Jogging… ๐Ÿ™‚

My Certificate !!

My Number Tag

Not forgetting, the queue for the goodie bag after the run! Its… Horrible !!! The only thing they can improve is the organising of the event!! Arghh… Few things pissed me off before the run.. But… Since the run is pleasant itself, shall not complain too much! ๐Ÿ™‚

The Waiting People..

Happy Times Pass By So Fast

14th July Marks the 11th Month of The Relationship of Me & Him…

I am fortunate to have found him..

No Regrets… Only Regret Not Meeting Him Earlier…

But.. I will use the days ahead to compensate for the days that we have missed… ๐Ÿ™‚

Life is all about waiting..

Wait Wait Wait…

I guess almost 70% of our entire life have been spent on waiting. Time consuming. Yet… Unproductive. I’m waiting for some information from the travel agent.. Nothing to do at work already. Almost done with what should have been done.

Does waiting really take up alot of our time?

In life, we usually:

1. Queue in toilet

2. Traffic Light to go Green

3. Queue/Wait for food

4. Queue for movie tickets

5. Wait for the cab/train/bus

6. Wait for seats in the food court

7. Wait for your other half to call you

8. Wait for your date to arrive

At Work:

1. Wait for work to be passed to you

2. Wait for approval

3. Wait for colleagues to handover work

4. Wait for clients to give you the “Go” signal

5. Wait for updates…etc

There are so much more…
Life is all about Waiting…

Waiting & Waiting Only…

It Hurts….

To Be Mistaken…

From Time To Time….

How would You Feel If You Are Repeatedly Being MistakeFor Somethng That You Are Not?

Would you continue to defend yourself still?

Ask yourself why you are being viewed this way?
Are you really like what is being said?

What would you do?

Improve your communication? Do you have the time????

What Happens If You Are Too Busy? Or Too Forgetful?

Darn… I missed Jas’s Son’s ๆปกๆœˆ..

I had missed both her children’s full mth celebration already. Did feel quite guilty about it. 1st time I was busy with work and this time, I really totally forgotten about it till late. Haiz.. Naturally, she is not very happy about it. But.. I really dunno if I should be there in the 1st place? Hmm..

1. I know none of her frenz thus will be sitting there alone.

2. I don’t like her husband at all (Total Bastard), so I really don’t wanna see his face at all.

Maybe that contributes to why I would forget such an important day to her?

Though Jas & I were not really “close” we did share some thoughts together before. When something grow bad in her marriage.(Hopefully its going well now) We are 2 quite different individual.. Thoughts in how we view things in life… Esp marriage… Haiz.. I did mention to her that she shouldnt continue that marriage few years back. (Kinda bad huh. But I will never accept a betrayal in a marriage lo.. Rather bring up my child alone then stay with an flirt husband ma.. I believe I can do that) What kinda man would let his wife go to the hospital for labour alone? Yucks..

After she went back to him, we never really contact anymore.. Only when she happens to walk pass my counter when Im still with Osim… Then maybe we chat for awhile. Anw.. That doesn’t matters anymore.

I don’t know when I will ever catch up with her again. Maybe she won’t be bothered to ask me for any celebration in the future. Ha…ย  Well… At least I attended the wedding… ๐Ÿ˜› Sigh…