How Could One Have Such “Good” Luck ?

Have you ever receive calls saying you have won this & that?

The Gifts could have ranged from digital cameras to plasma TVs or even free trips to Europe.

Normally they will begin by saying you have participated in a Lucky Draw sometime back when shopping at a particular shopping mall.. blah blah blah…

Below are the some “common” companies that I have heard of…

– Expo Management
– Global Interval consultancy (GIC) Pte Ltd
– Great Concepts
– Discovery VIII (Located at Rolex Building #18-02 Tel: 6735 2625)
– Leisure Group Marketing (Located at Taka #16-01)
(One in Delfi Orchard which I forgotten the name)

There should be another one located at Faber House but I have forgotten the name as well. The one that have surveyors scattered all around orchard road. For couples who took the survey, you are sure to win something which you need to go to the Faber House for collection. (CONFIRM WIN)

The reason of me writing this post has been prompt by the irritating sales person from “DISCOVERY VIII”

I seriously think all the time-share companies should do a Joint Venture in order to get a more “accurate database”. Just within 6 months I have 3 of these companies calling to say I won something. What?? I am like the girl from “Just My Luck” ? So lucky? How stupid can one be? Luckily my previous sales experience made me more alert of all those sales gimmicks.. Muahaha.. Wanna cheat me.. Hard lo….

Anyway, the other 2 was still “acceptable”. The most they call will only be around 2 times. Then you never listen to their call again, they give up. But this person from Discovery (Her Name – May) is the most irritating + annoying + crazy person that have ever called me. (Oh yah.. the 2nd one was from Inter-Continental Hotel – One indian guy who keep asking me to sign up for dunno what hotel benefits but.. never mind)

Ok, This “May” called me someday in early June, congratulating me that I have won an accomodation to Phuket & a stay at Sentosa. Asking me to drop by at Rolex Building to collect my gift. (Immediatly she called I know its a scam lor… So Obvious) Then she say its not a time share thing. Just that there is this new cruise line called “Discovery Cruise” whom needed a survey to be done to evaluate their price before they are officially launch. I need to come down to do the survey. Just tell them what I feel about their price packages will do. I need not purchase their cruise packages… blah blah…

The evil side of me always like to “make fun” of these stupid time share people. They always think everyone will be easily taken by their words? So when she asked whether I can come down on this certain date certain timing for collection, I said “Ok lor”. Then she asked me to wait for her there..etc… After a while, another gal called me. Saying she is May’s Manager, calling to confirm my appointment. Saying actually their working hours is 9-5, 5 days week. But MAY IS GONNA STAY BACK FOR ME. SOOOO… TOUCHED. (Again, they think everyone is stupid again. You want pple to come down for collection & want them to stay for a 1 hour survey. How could anyone spare this time during the weekdays?! Unless, Im the Boss? Or I give up my lunch hour for the unknown gift?)

Ok, I flew her an aeroplane… ๐Ÿ˜› I did not turn up for that appointment. Muahaha..
She didn’t call me that night though.
Instead, she called me a few days later. Asking whether I had something on the other day or what.. Then asked whether I still wanted the gift. This time round I told her that she could void my gift. I dun think I will go down after all. Then she keep rumbling like an auntie (Btw, I thk she is not very young), saying her gift was good la.. No obligations wan la… No gimmick la.. Like an auntie persuading her child to eat something she hates but is beneficial to health. I ended a call saying I was busy. No time for her…

Then… For the next few days… At around 10pm every night.. I would get this call from the no. starting with 6735. Funny thing is… I always missed that call. Wahaha.. Not deliberately.. But just happen to be either in the movies or just did not hear the call. Since I recognised that no. Didn’t bother to call back as well. (I told Ed about the calls. Then he told me to hang them up when I hear its them again or call M1 to block their no.)

Then… Last week, when Im out with Eddie, around 9pm I guess. I received a call from a “private no.” Then I answered… Its MAY AGAIN!!! She can get the “Most Persistent Sales Staff Award man…

Anyway, she asked me to go down for collection of gift. At first, I am trying to be nice.

May: Miss Loh, When can you come down to collect your gift? Im reserving it for you.

Me: Erm.. I think its ok, I don’t think I will come down. Not free. You just give away my gift
will do lor.

May: No no… This gift is for you only. I have submitted your name already. U “MUZ” come
down to collect!!!

Me: But I already told you Im not free lor !!!

May: After work cannot meh? Or weekend lor !!

Me: I already said Im not interested already right? Just give my gift away.

May: No !! Cannot like that wan!!! U must come down lei. If not they will say I never do my
job you know? Then I have to pay a penalty of $200 leiz!! (as if I care with this attitude)

Me: I can give them a call for you to explain the situation.

May: Call who? No one to call?

Me: Call the discovery cruise la! What No.?

May: No Number !

Me: No Number?! Then they call using what? Then how you contact them? No ways of contact
how to do business? Impossible wat?! What No. to call to the Rolex Building Office then?!

May: You cannot call them like that wan! You Must Come Down!!

Me: I already told you I WILL NOT COME DOWN !!

May: Then what do you want then you want to come down?!?! What do you want now?!

Me: What do you want then?! I already told you I will not come down and thats it!!

(Eddie cant take it anymore also… Asking whether is it the time share thing agn and ask me to hang up. Yah lo.. Shd hang up long ago. Make myself so fed up)

Their prizes:

1. 8D7N accomodation at Phuket (valid if only if you attend another time-share presentation at the resort)
2. $50 Spa Voucher from Vanilla
3. $180 voucher to Sijori Sentosa (valid only for min 3D2N stay costing min $360)

(I got this info from the net. Apparently, alot of people got hit by them as well. & what do they sell exactly?

25 yr membership costing $14000 +++ which will not be valid if you come back another day!!!

Ha… Treating Pple like Idiots Again…
Please… These Companies… Wake Up Your Ideas…

Worst of All, I think we can’t complain this to “CASE”. They put the “free gift” thing. Thus “CASE” cant really do much to them… ARGHH….

Recap – My Unhappy Poly Days…

It have been another boring day in the office…

Alot of stuffs left pending for approval from my boss (he is outta town), so… the stuffs are left on hold… Can’t proceed… (So stupid.. Y can’t he just trust anyone). Anyway, it left me with nothing much to do….

So….. My mind began to wander…. Day dreaming…
I began thinking of Ed.. Hmm… Im really a lucky girl now… Heehee…

But i suddenly thought of the past relationships that I have had. Suddenly feel that one of it was extremely ridiculous… Din understand what kinda person I was in the past to be able to tolerate it.. Haha… I think Im super woman…

Do you ever meet a partner who will control almost every single thing that you do? Have a “spy” around you reporting what you are doing? Have you to report to him every 1-2 hrs time? Controlling your attire… Who you speak to? & worst of all, hit you? (I think Im a complete idiot in the past to be with this kinda person in the past)

I didn’t know why I suddenly thought of that past. Maybe because I saw a girl from poly last week? But, I think… It was really a nightmare… He was so possessive that he only allowed me to wear certain clothings to school. I “MUST” tie my hair everyday.. Report to him via “alpha numeric msg – pager” after every tutorial/lecture.. Make sure I didn’t “speak to any guys”.. I cannot go for lunch with my classmates (in mixed group).. I think i was a loner then… ๐Ÿ˜›

What I dislike the most is the “spy”. I remember there was once I let my hair down.. & He knew about it by the next day!! (FYI, Im studying in NP & he is in SP).. Later on I found out that he had a “secondary” school friend who happens to be in the same course as mine. & she told him about it… Duh… (Such a KPO Girl… )

He doesn’t allow me to go out with anyone… Even my mum…. (Yes… Thats crazy..) When I went out with my mum… I have to send him msgs every 2 hours. No later than that. Informing him of where i will be going…. (Im really an idiot ya?)

Another idiotic thing is that… He had been unfaithful to me!! He had a fling with this gal in his class… & he treated me like a prisoner!!! Somemore threathened to commit suicide when I wanna break off… (Coward… Should have just let him jump)

The worst incident that happens was the most ridiculous one… I still remembered. It was a normal school day. Its one of my classmate’s bday (a girl), thus the class wanted to help her celebrate in the canteen. I hesitated to go. (Scared that the spy is in action) But, was thinking that… Its really nothing wrong… & it was a friend’s bday… He should understand..

But…. NOOO!!! The spy is indeed in action!!! I think it was only within 2 hours… I received his msg asking to meet me outside my school… We met outside the main gate of my school. He dragged me to the corner of the bus stop & began shouting to me like a mad dog… (He really makes me feel like he is one when i recall) & when he finally stopped for a few seconds and I wanted to start stating my points……… He….. slapped…. me……. (He is an idiot) (I stood there stoned…) Not only that.. I remember he used his “elbow” on me as well. (But i dun remember where though.. Hmm…)

The final straw finally came during the examination period… I stayed home to study… He kept asking me to meet him. & when I said I wanted to study… He commented that “you can’t study anything in 2 hours” when i still rejected him… He accused me of seeing someone else… Arghh… I was too sick him already that I didn’t bother to say anything… This was when he said maybe we should cool off for sometime… (Hurray to me!!) Then I immediatly said “ok lor.. i think we should” … Wahahha…. He is really an idiot…

After the examinations he did look for me… But… No way am I going back to that life… HoHo..

Well, I thought life will be better after him.. But… things are really not going my way then.. I was accused of snatching another gal’s bf….Haiz… & I suddenly became some hot topic for some module groups whom I didnt even know. I think I was a “mini celebrity” back in my poly days.. But for the bad stuffs. Rumors saying I was always going out with different guys.. I snatched other gal’s bf… I “pretended to be the quiet sort” etc… Very Funny… How come I didn’t know I went out with any guys… & I don’t know alot of people… You expect me to be a clown in school?

Anyway, I think 80% of the people enjoy poly days… But Im certainly not one of them… Haiz.. But… I did have a group of friends who stood by me during that period of time.. The dearest of all will be Evelyn.. She always believed in me… (I think she had to.. Wahaha.. I went out with her the most… Remember our wed, fri, sat night out).. I can always talk to her regarding anything that bothers me.. Love you my dear sis… Though we might be busy to meet up as frequently now… But.. Im really grateful that I have you!


Im happy for both Eve & Me…

She have finally found someone who dotes on her… She really deserves it…

& Me… I Have Ed… Hee…

P.S: I really hope the people who had spoke ill of me in the past have better things for them to do now… They should go to HongKong & be the โ€œ็‹—ไป”้˜Ÿโ€