So Bored!!There seems to be so much to do… But… I’m feeling so restless… Why Why Why?Am i gonna fall sick? (Blame the air-con in my office)

Am I slowing down my pace? (Where is my passion? I really feel more “alive” when Im in Osim)

What am I doing? (Gain Exposure from Current Job then? Hop….)

Haiz… Just suddenly feel so tired… Yah.. Maybe I’m really falling sick..

Sweet Weekend

My Sweetheart made me breakfast on Sunday!!Though it’s only cornflakes with his “special milo”.. But, no matter what, it’s such a sweet gesture! (Awww~~) The taste of it? Heehee.. So filled with love.. Wahaha…I think the other day I just mentioned to him jokingly that he promised to make me breakfast a few months back.. Before i go for my business trip. Then on saturday nite while we are at the petrol station, he bought 6 small packs of cornflakes.. & on Sunday morning, before we went for our jog, he made me breakfast!! 🙂

Eddie used to have a really tight schedule. As I mentioned before (Have I? Hmm.. ) he is someone who plans far.. & really executes his plans. But no matter how busy he is.. He would always spare time for me. I think within a week, we manage to meet up for like 4 days? (Heehee.. Im his superglue!!) Even on the days that we don’t meet, he would still drop me a call before I go to bed. Just to check out on my day & whether I have any “complain at work”. But recently, I felt I might not have listened much to him.. Hmm.. I seem to be talking alot about my own stuffs… 😛

But, I’m really happy that he is willing to fork the time & effort for me despite his tight schedule. Thus on weekends, i will leave all the time I have for him.. (So sorry for frenz.. :P), This is also the time where we can spend more “quality” time together.

Some who knew about my r/s seems alittle skeptical. Maybe not towards me. Maybe it’s a general view. But, perhaps I could just drop my thoughts here once n for all….

What is the longest period of time that a couple can stay sweet to each other? Do sweet little stuffs for one another? Do you still believe in Honeymoon period?

My View:
There is no definite answer for how long one can remain sweet. But isn’t it your attitude and mentality? How you handle things that makes a difference? How you want your partner to treat you should be start with how you treat them isn’t it?

It might also be human nature to take things for granted or demand more once you are with the person for sometime. But.. There is also a choice? Do not to take each other for granted!! Its actually as easy as that. Of course, it takes 2 hands to clap right? Then here comes your communication. Can the 2 communicate well? Or if you are the type that covers your ear when your partner is talking, then do not expect him/her to listen to what you are saying as well.

Relationships are somehow like taking care of a garden. Do you want your relationship to be like a garden full of fresh flowers? Then take care of it tenderly. Shower it with care & love, it will then blossom in return. If you are someone who is so negative and yet expect the garden to manage by itself? Of course every single plant will wither. What do you expect?

*Small gestures count as well. So some sweet stuffs once in awhile.. It does helps.. It could be just looking into the eyes and saying “I love you” or some private moments together at somewhere quiet to just talk.” Do not underestimate these… Sometimes the most simplest thing is what is being neglected the most by everybody.

Material needs are no longer something everyone yearn for. Everyone can earn & buy what we all want. But, it’s the emotion support that is priceless…

* My Valentine * – Act 2

My Gifts !! I Love Them All !!!

This V day, marks the 6th month of my courtship with Eddie.. Being the usual thoughtful person.. He have planned 6 different items for me.. I’m so drowned with honey…

1. Bouquet of 6 Roses.. Bundles with 3 little bears at the bottom
2. A Sega i-Dog.. (never had a pet before!!)
3. A Heart Shape Necklace.
4. Handmade Bookmark.. (Sweet)
5. My V Day Card (Full of words!)
6. Our whispering Session at Sentosa (Romantic)

Our Favorite… Bookmark Made By My Darling !!

My first Pet !! My “Little Little White” Heehee…
Its so cute lo.. Only need to feed it with music.. Heehee…
Will take care of it !!

My necklace.. Heehee..

Eddie gave me his “heart” ? Will I have the key to his heart? 😛

* My Valentine * – Act 1

Being with Eddie might have been the most fortunate thing that ever happened on me. Throughout the times that we are together, he have truely shown me what is called “true giving, true loving”. Every moment spent with him is so sweet. 🙂

V-day is another special day for us. Not only is it our 1st V day, but also our 6th “monthly-versary”. Have been feeling so excited for this day to come.. I suggested to plan for the dinner portion. (Actually i wanted the sky-dining experience.. But it was fully booked like 2 weeks ago.. Arghh..) From the internet, I found “Marmalade Pantry”. Hmm.. Which seems not bad.. (Meant the reviews) Thus decided to give it a try… It is located at Palais Renaissance B1.. The ambience there was ok.. But I felt the lack of Music.. Hmm… One thing to comment… The menu there.. So hard to understand!! Both Eddie and I have been struggling to order.. haha.. Though they have set dinner for Vday, but Eddie decided to order a la carte (Because he wanna save $$ for me !! So sweet of him!!)

Have a look on some photos before I continue…

Eddie made this himself !! Isn’t he just so sweet?
Both of us read lots of Book, thus, its such a thoughtful gift!!

Forgotten to take pic for the soup.. Thus begin with the 2nd dish.
“Pita Wedges” Nice nice !! Yummy !!
The sauce taste alittle like curry.. Hmm.. With Eggplant I think..

Eddie had this for the main course..
It’s called chicken wrap something.. Haha.. Can’t rem..
Its one of the most popular choice there.. N… Its really nice!! Esp the chicken inside..
The seasoning is great.. N the wrap!! Crispy!! Nice !! Highly recommended.

I had this… Linguini with crabmeat and tomato chilli..
This is something more “common” I felt. As I mentioned, I don’t know what’s on the menu!!
Taste is quite ok.. The crabmeat is nice.. Very fresh.. 🙂
But as compared. The chicken wrap wins..

Lastly.. We had.. The Classc Banana Split !!
It’s so huge!! As if placed n an oversized wine glass.
Both Eddie n I let out a “wah” when the waitress placed in on our table.
With 3 big scoops of ice cream, small cubes of brownies in it and the bananas.
We have been struggling to finish it. Serious..
We still played “Scissors, Paper, Stone” to punish the loser to eat more. :PAfter dinner, we went somewhere else.. heehee… Wait for Act 2 !! More Photos Coming up as well !!

Down to Three….

Here I present… My Beloved Working Partner… Viv…

Today is the official start of a brand new year of work (chinese calender)

Should be all energised since I have had a 2 weeks break declared by my boss. But… A colleague left the company. Haiz.. I enjoyed working with this colleague very much. My best partner in work. I can say that we have been thru alot in this Job. The things that we fought for.. The experience that we had. The business trip that we have gone to, the two of us took care of each other… Nagging at each other like our mummy. Though annoying at times.. But it was real fun. We really cared alot for each other.
She has proven to be a very capable colleague. She worked hard. Her work are seen by her peers as well. Though gals are known to be able to multi-task. But… Not every gal can do the job she does.. At her percentage of accuracy I mean..
Now that she is gone, I think i have to train harder for my tolerance towards liquor.. No one to help me drink with the clients already… (Toasting is such a torture at times)

I know my language in this entry is alittle… Hmm… But please pardon me…

To Viv :”Though we are not working together anymore, I hope we will not lose contact.. Or become strangers.. People in the company will surely miss you dearly. I know you are leaving for the better and I’m sure you will find something real great soon. Wish you all the best… Love Ya… 🙂 “