~ My Hair ~

I Miss My Hair!!Arghh… Though Xmas have been great with Ed…

But.. On that fateful day… I lost something very precious to me… My Long Hair…

As i keep having split ends.. I finally decided to go for a trim for my hair. Wanted to keep the length.. But!!! That Stupid Stylist !! Chop away at least 3-4 inches of my hair!!! My nearly waist long hair is gone.. Just by the snap of her scissors.

It took me ard 3-4 years to get to that length ya know.

Now…. Its so short. From the gal with the longest hair.. To the one with the shortest. From looking more womanly… to…. Arghh…. Don’t like it.. Don’t even like to look in the mirror now….
I want my hair…

Christmas 2005

It was a nice Christmas this year! But… I feel that I have really grown old already!

I have just celebrated Xmas with Eddie for the 1st time. He was really sweet.. He bought me an iPod Nano! Something i always wanted. But can’t bear to buy it for myself! So Happy!! I always use a mp3 player every morning when i go to work. But mine is a lousy one. Using a 128MB one right now. This Nano is 2GB.. Can store loads of songs inside! & i can store photos inside! Calenders… Oooooo… So exciting!

Watched Narnia on eve of Xmas. It was a nice nice show. Touching at some scene..
Countdown was in Ed’s Car. While driving across Orchard Road. We hear people shouting.. Spraying the “snow” to whoever walks past, or the cars that passed by. It was nice to see people enjoy. Even better when i can see and not get messy. Haha..

New Year’s Coming. Whats your plan?

Lazy Me….

After coming back from Italy. Have been feeling so restless. It’s only a 13 days Trip. Life like a piggy.. (I have not elaborated on my Trip yet. Do pardon me..) That makes me so?

A new year is going to start. Normally at this period of time, people will have the coming year resolutions ready, set what they would want to achieve in the coming year. I did a resolution before. Some years back. But stop there and then. Because something happen then. Thus..

Till now, I still felt that for my working life, Osim is still the most fufilling one. I really still enjoy the days there. I miss my seniors.. I miss the people i can get to meet.. & of coz.. I miss my paycheck.. Sometimes I still doubt my decision to leave. What if Im still there? How will life be then? The only bad point of that period of time is still only one – retail hrs.

Among the 4.5 years of working life. I think year 2005 have been the least productive one. 1st half working in BEA, 2nd half in current. I feel that I didn’t really gain much.. Hmm.. Weird.. Maybe because this is the year i earn the least as well? Ha..

Arghh.. When am I gonna earn like before again…

Italy Trip – Day 1

My 1st Day In Italy.. St Peter’s Basilica

The Colosseum

Inner Stucture of the Colosseum

The Trevi Fountain

Street “Act”1st Day In Italy. A real tiring one..

Maybe it’s because of the 13 hour long flight. We reached the Leonardo Da Vinci Airport @ Rome at about 8am. Straight away, we began the tour. 1st stop was at the Famous St Peter’s Basilica @ Vatican City. It might have been the largest church that i have ever seen in my life. Well, of course, I have not step into alot of churches before.. But this was really Huge! The Decorations.. The Sculptures they have inside.. The paintings that decorated it.. Its Magnificant…2nd Stop was the Colosseum. Another known place for most people I guess. It was a really sad place to me. I could not imagine how many innocent people have died there. How many gladiators have been killed while “Pleasing the Romans Eyes” in e ancient days. How could anyone enjoy beasts killing the gladiators.. Innocent Catholics being thrown to be eaten up when the King is not a Catholic thus trying all ways to kill the innocent? Imagine the amount of people there.. Do they really enjoy what they are seeing.. Are they mad?

3rd Stop, we went to the Trevi Fountain. Hmm.. Im quite disappointed by this actually, as I have seen this place in countless movies. But when I’m really there… Well… It wasn’t that big as it seems.. And.. There are too much people there. No.. Not Romantic.. Or maybe is it m beloved is not with me? =P

4th Stop, was the Spanish Steps.. Have not included the Pic.. Becoz… Nothing special.. Its like a shopping area.. Where alot of branded goods are sold.. The Street Act Pic is taken there though. They have alot of those people there.. Kinda interesting.. Only when you throw a penny then he will move like a drunken man..

We end the day quite early.. Around 5pm the sky turn dark and we proceed for our dinner. There are said to be 7 hills in Rome.. Alot of walking have to be done here! OMG.. The streets were so tiny as well, thus the tour bus could not get thru, we have to use our feet.. &… The dinner… was….. yucks.. Chinese Food… Never try Chinese Food in Europe..

Secret Mission 1: “Ed’s Bdae”

“Moi Darling”


Starter : Baked Potato… Delicious..

Main: Pan-seared Cilantro Chicken w/ Mashed PotatoYesterday was a special day.. Advance celebration for Ed’s Birthday.
Since i will not be able to be in SG for his actual birthday, i really hope i can make it up by giving him something really special..Dinner was set @ My Secret Garden. The ambience was really good.. The music.. The food was delicious.. Everything blend in really well. Maybe one bad point will be they had a “Nokia – L’Amour Collection” Function there earlier that evening, thus when we reach, they have not really cleared the ground yet.