**Dramatic Customer Service by Chan Bxx Travel**

What is the worst service that you can ever receive when you are either buying something or a service?

Today, i have seen a most terrible service being brought up by one of the most well known Travel Agency in Singapore. Rem i was saying i’m going to Italy this coming Sat nite, which is just like 5 days time? So many things are corked up by their way of handling things..

Issue 1 – Krisflyer Mileage : For those who travel, might know that normally when you buy tickets, you get mileage so that in future you might be able to change them for extra flight tickets right? On the other hand, if you were to go on tour, this might not be available as its under some value package already. For this issue, that company actually assured us that there WILL BE mileage given by SQ… In e end? Nope.. Nothing was given at all, when question? They just reply saying they have not said so and its under group ticket, so there will not be?!

Issue 2 – We are leaving for the trip on 4th Dec 0100am flight. We waited for our tour guide to come down to the office for a briefing session. (Ours is a customized package you see) We waited for like 2 months for him to come!(28 Nov) Reason they gave – Their tour guides are all booked.. (Yah yah.. for 2 months.. How many tour leaders do you have?)

Issue 3 – Visa Application for my colleagues – I have colleagues from China, HK & Taiwan going as well, some of them are required to apply for Visa to enter certain countries.. (For Chinese to enter will need to apply for a $70 Visa) Okay, the issue now is.. Initially we have one day in Lugano (Border of Italy- Considered Switzerland?) But… The tour leader told us that the Chinese Passport Holders need to apply for Visa to enter that region as well?!?! Excuse me.. We are only 5 days away from the trip & now you want them to apply visa? What if they pay, leave their passport with the embassy, by Friday something cork up? Does that means they dun need to go for the trip??? & that Visa cost another $150.. They only informed us on the 28th Nov EVENING.. Good service ya?

Issue 4 – The most amazing part.. Boss wrote a complain email to them, expecting them to come down to the office to explain the situation. Requested for their MD to come down. The Lady who handled our deal was OK.. (In terms of attitude) But its the so called MD.. Dunno what she thinks she is.. Several issues regarding her as well.. Pardon me if i seem really “off” for her topic…
1. I thk she really have no brains.
Reason: When you come visit a customer’s company in Town, politely, or common sense, do you?
a) Ring the doorbell
b) Press the intercom
c) Knock on the door
d) Bang the door

For this by right should be a very smart woman, she chose to BANG the glass door. (Dunno whether her fingers break anot)

2. How do you address your customer or inform the one who opens the door who you are looking for?
a) Excuse me, im lookin for XXX
b) Hi, i have an appointment with XXX
c) XXX (Just mentioning the name)

Again, this clever lady here, chose the last one.. Just saying my boss name.. So “good mannered” wor… When asked to proceed to the conference room to wait for awhile.. She said to my colleague “then SHOW me where is the conference room” then stomp her way in.. Kaoz.. Cannot be more polite ahz..

3. They were all in the conference room (well, since the door was not closed & im super near, can hear what exactly was going on..) Boss did not demand a discount.. But demanded to pay till 95% of the total fare, leaving the 5% till we come back just as an assurance that we can get a good service for our tour. Well, one thing for this is, normally normal package have to make full payment one month b4 the trip. since they have been dragging so many issues.. So many things have corked up, then we do not see the need to pay, moreover, they did not send us any invoice lor. (We did give the deposit of like 20K already? the total is ard 50K+++)

Attitude given from that middle age MD is “NO” YOU MUST MAKE FULL PAYMENT.. She do not feel that they have any wrong at all. Since the Visa application is what we have to apply on our own side.. But she did not get the point of – “How would i know whether i need to apply?” kinda thing.Itinerary is being planned by your company lo.. Haiz..

By then, Boss is really pissed off by her attitude liaoz.. He also spoke louder le.. He was so fed up that he bang on the table. (Not the loudest that i have heard b4 though.. My dad can bang louder.. When he scold us when we r young.. Haha..) Anyway, i think that woman must have been some really spoilt from the moment she is born. She dig up some Grandma story outta no where.. What she said was “Can you dun bang the table? When i am studying in UK, no one have ever bang the table infront of me” The problem here is… Who cares about you? We are your customer!?! With the kind of service & attitude you provide. You dun even admit your own mistakes? Wah laoz… Im crazy if i can stay calm.. That was not the final straw.. Boss was really super fed up lo… Bo Chap about what the woman says n still bang on the table.. Deliberately to provoke her oso ba.. To test her patience.. That was when she say “CAN YOU STOP BEING RUDE N KEEP BANGING ON THE TABLE? IF YOU BANG ONE MORE TIME I WILL WALK OUT. I DARE YOU.” Ho Ho.. She lost of cos.. Boss just told her “Of cos im going to bang one more time n you get outta here” Another bang came n indeed, she walk outta the conference room.. This is another fun part… The part i thk she is really very pathetic.. As a MD of such a big company.. When you lose an argument.. What would you say? Or you might choose to just walk off calmly? This woman again made a statement – “You can cancel off your trip. Its also ok with me. i will tell my HUSBAND” Excuse me Auntie.. How old are you already? Still complain to your husband? I mean.. You will tell you customer that you are complaining to your husband? Childish leiz.. Wake up please… Will ya?
Somemore she dun even knows how to open the glass door.. Haiz.. Think she muz be those who just wan pple to do things for her n she can jolly well enjoy the fruit of success…

One thing is that i do feel this auntie over here dun understand how to deal with customers leiz.. Her final word really pissed me off… Before she left.. She pointed to the conference room & said “uneducated people” .. Wah Seh.. Good leiz.. Too bad i never record it down.. Otherwise i will sure complain.. Even if my company dun.. What kinda standard is this?

Is this the tai tai attitude in SG? 1st its Mr XXX wife commenting $600K is peanuts.. Now its this auntie here that shoots out a word “uneducated people” in her customer’s company?

Rich pple should do some reflection also. Dun ever think if you r rich you own the world.. Fat Hope.. You will never succeed on your own.

Sorry if this post is really long.. But.. Really cant stand her attitude…

Those were the days..

Ever think back of the good old days when you have nothing to worry at all? Perhaps only during the examinations period. But i guess 90% of the kids did last min revision.. Haha..

Ever participate in any school event before? Be it on any festive session, your school sports day..etc

Ever hoped that you can stay at that period in your life and never grow up? Maybe responsibilities will remain so little that you don’t really need to bother?

Do you have a group of friends whereby you really miss the times you have shared together with?

Met up with some gals of the fun old times last month.. I thk the last time the 5 of us meet was like 2 years ago? There should have been 6 gals.. But one wasn’t free.. Haiz.. We never had any 6 gals gathering after sec.sch..

These are the gals that shared the most “innocent” periods of my life. The “don’t care about anything and just have fun” time.

During the catch up session, we brought back alot of sweet memories.. Those days we were quite active in the festive seasons “performance”.. Be it CNY.. National Day… Hmm.. Guessed what.. We actually dance! HoHo.. Didn’t really know why we have the courage to do those stuffs then..

After sec school.. We are carried on with our own life.. Each went for poly.. Work.. Sorta lost contact for a period of time.. Only after sometime when i happen to be shopping in town with another fren and saw one of the gals.. Slowly, we got back in contact..

And it was another on and off sms session for like around a year before we really gather again.. Haha.. Time flies.. It have been like 8 years since we graduate? But i really do miss the days we had in school.. The joys we shared… Though there are times when we had different views..

Review – Focal Point

Just finished a Book from Brian Tracy – Focal Point

Wow…. This book can really catch my attention.. Makes me read none stop. No doubt previously i don’t even know who Brian Tracy was, its only after Eddie introduces his Audio CD to me..

It was really fun reading this book.

Humans have the tendancy to make things complicated & complain on their own creations. How often have we try to make things even harder & more confusing for ourselves rather than simplifying it?

Actually i do feel this book is alittle similar to that of the 7 Habits (Currently reading.. Only on the 2nd Habit) Maybe its more on the introduction of the 7 Habits? These 2 Personal Development Gurus have reminded each reader to be true to ourselves, Be RESPONSIBLE for your own life. Like i always stated. I do feel within Singapore, everyone seems to be too “taken care of” by our “country” . Singaporeans should really read more of these kinda books (Esp SG Guys).. Maybe then will wake them up alittle.. Instead of keep complaining.. Wake Up!! Its time to work!

Humans are more prone to saying what they want.. Asking them how they are suppose to do so? Not many can answer.. Those are called day-dreamers? Haha..Whatever, “Focal Point” is a book whereby it gives you an insight of what you might not have think of in the past that will actually contribute alot to your future. Hmm..

Seems like there are alot of habits i have to practice.. Oh… Time to work…

Preview of Italy Trip

One Of the Church in Italy


Heading to Italy really soon! One more week to go only! Leaving on the 1am flight on 4th Dec.. Haiz.. Gonna be away from Eddie for 12 days.. OMG.. Gonna miss him like mad… Still feel bad that i will not be able to spend his bdae with him… Sorry Darling.. Make it up b4 & after the Trip hor..

If its not a complete free trip, i think i won’t really spend on a trip like this for the next 3 years ba.. Almost 5k! OMG.. Im already spending like 600 bucks on the preparations.. Gosh. Gonna prepare around 1.2k(at least) to spend.. No wonder they say you will need 10k to go Europe.. Haiz..

I have always dream of going Italy ever since ….. Love yo see the magnificant churches.. The water fountains.. Awww.. Rome, Venice, Milan… Im coming! Really wanna see how is the churches look like when im standing right infront of it! It must be so HUGE! Always see them on TV, Movies, finally have the chance to see them in life. HoHo.. Like a castle! Venice… Gonna take the boat ride.. Yeah! So Romantic… If only Eddie is by my side… We will have our winter wear on.. With gloves.. I will wear the snowy kinda hat.. Awww… Soooooo Nice….

Have actually planned to buy ONE branded goods to pamper myself on this trip… BUT.. Since i have already spend so much.. Ho Ho.. The idea is off.. Siao.. Though they say u can get 30% cheaper there.. But still.. Its only the brand… Nah… I rather stick to gadget.. Haha.. Have bought the latest Canon Powershot S80.. So Power de lor.. Eddie told me about the wide lens thing.. (See.. He is so smart.. Also have camera knowledge) Erm.. which i dun really knw how to explain here.. But he mentioned its a good choice to bring the camera there! Haha..

Anyway, this is just a preview of my trip. Don’t really know what to write now. When i’m there will continue to blog ba.. Upload the photos in my blog…

Looking forward… But… Cant bear to leave Eddie again la… 12 days leiz… Sianz.. Cant hold his hands.. Cant be his 3 yr old kenix.. Arghh…

Never thought I Could…

Sweet Eddie removing some “glue” on my hands..
Eddie & I
Our memories..


Probably one of the fewer guys that i have met whom really had put his thoughts into actions..
Though being with him for only a short period of time for now. There are so much things i could say about him.

To me, he have really been a person too good to come by.. A person i never thought i could meet. Perhaps as friend.. Maybe. But i never thought i will have a chance to be with an individual who is so… Erm… Special..

For those who knows me long enough. I think i have mentioned before i felt like a “nanny” or even the “guy” in my past relationships.. I have to take care of alot of stuffs. I have to do alot of planning. I have to listen.. I have to be shop with guys? I have to take care of my own.. I have to do most things myself. I have to solve my own problems. Try not to talk to them about any problems i had faced. I have to give only positive opinions to them.. Which is sooooo not me..

For a certain period of time, i thought.. All guys are like that? Where is those kinda romance you get to see on TV? Well.. Is it all fake or what? I nearly gave up hope.. (At least for SG Guys, some are really quite whiny & childish) SG guys are too well taken care of. Thus they rely too much on what is given to them. Instead of thinking of what you can do to make a change for yourself. Its kinda pathetic when i think of it sometimes. ONLY After I Met Eddie.. Then i changed my perception towards SG guys.. (Still, alot are whiny in my eyes though) @ his age, he could think really far. He made plans. He carry out actions. He monitors & review his results.

He is very generous in sharing. (Which i think i can’t – i don’t trust people easily) If anyone were to talk to him about anything he know, he will share generously. Giving you his opinions, explaining to you why he felt so & stuffs. He is certainly the guy i met with the highest EQ.

In regards to relationship, he have been a really sweet boyfriend. Nothing / No one from my past can be comparable to him. Maybe when you are young, fun is what you hope to get in a relationship. As long as you are happy with that person, you can be together. Nothing much really matters.. But when you really reach the age that you hope to settle down with someone, there are alot more things that you will hope for. Of cause we should accept the person as he/she is. But if he is someone whom you hoped for, how good can that be?

We discuss stuffs together. He lets me understand what is going on, hear my views.. Maybe i see too much “bad stuffs”, thus the views i gave was mainly on the “cautious” side. (If you read my review on the 6 thinking hats – im wearing the black hat mostly.. Gotta change that..) Perhaps to most guys, when their gf give some negative comments, they will class them as restricting their thoughts… Being hyper-negative, look down on them..etc. But to Eddie, nope.. He REALLY listens to what i have to say… I mean my views.. We could really discuss things.. I did ask him whether i am being too negative regarding my views sometimes.. He even told me the pros n cons about my thinking.. (Awww… How sweet can he be)

Eddie & I loves Bookshops.. Haha.. We would always stick around Kino @ Taka.. Or Times @ PS.. There he will again guide me.. Which XXX authors to choose from if you wanna read XXX Category of Book..etc.. Sales – Brain Tracy, Marketing- Jay Abraham, Stephen Covey – 7 Habits… We share the books we read.. Hmm.. Our sharing session is yet to come though.. Ed’s kinda busy with work these few weeks.. But i think i would wanna write down my review & let him see? Wahahaha… Make him even more busy.. Ho Ho..

Eddie is also super duper sweet in his attentiveness towards me! Most amazingly, he will cut food for me! Wah!!!… Normally its gals who do that huh? Heehee.. Feel so loved… No matter how busy he is, hw will always spare time for me. Ending my day with his phone call is something i look forward to everyday. Hearing his voice only can calm my senses. (Dun need any new age music anymore lo..) Whenever I’m alone with him, i’m like a 3 yr old kid (That’s what eddie says) I like the feeling of being pampered by him.. (Emotional Pamper, not Material Pamper huh) I would like to pamper him as well.. He is really someone that you could settle down with.

Though as the saying goes.. Nothing is confirmed.. I do not know what might lie ahead of us, what changes there will be.. Hopefully the 2 of us will remain so happily still.. Hopefully no external factors can affect us.. Heehee…

I have confidence in that.. If he is reading this.. (Muz stay happy like now forever okie? =) )

Back In Action

Okie.. Have been slacking alittle.. Ho Ho.. Didn’t post for awhile.. If you notice, i normally post during office hours! ha.. Boss was back in the office last week.. Have to rush some stuffs for him.. Finally.. I think i know what i need to do @ work already.. The picture is getting clearer.. Depending on whether how long i can stay on though.. (Cannot think negatively!)

Well.. The past week is one i have decided to do some minor changes for a start.. Have to develop some good habits n throw some bad ones in the bin already. A colleague & I set 2 days per week to the gym after work.. Heehee.. To attend the lessons there.. Those body step body, pump style of exercise.. To burn some calories.. Seriously. Now that i have khakis.. I dun think i will give myself anymore excuses not to go to the gym.. Good.. Haha..

Went for the 1st lesson on Thursday.. It was…. TIRING ! Imagine having to jump up & down the step board for a full one hour… Duh… Before lesson commence i still told Viv (My Colleague aka Good Fren) tat since there were “aunties” in the class… It shouldn’t be that hard.. In e end.. We were the worst i think.. But But.. Can’t really blame us though.. That class started in Oct ! Well.. Next time we will definitely be better.. Right? Practice more.. But it was fun.. Very fun… Though i felt i look really clumsy..

Sunday went jogging with Eddie & his frenz.. They went for a 2.4km run.. Well.. i only manage to do a 1.6km jog + walk.. It was again.. TIRING !! During school days i think my 2.4 was like running for 1.5 round then walk for the rest of the 4.5 round??

Gonna maintain this habit permanently! Have to keep fit! Otherwise i’ll be growing fat in no time..

Which is the Path That You Wanna Go…

Have you ever visualise where you WANT to be in 5 or even 10 years time? What are the things you do in your daily life that will contribute to that? What are the things you would need to do in order to acheive what you want?Or maybe even.. As your “own boss”, how much would you want to write on your paycheck? How much do you think is enough? How much do you want? We are all actually our own boss. Its solely depending on yourself who you would wanna work for? Yourself? Someone else? Never feel that your limits should be restricted. Never feel that you have alot of restrictions. Instead, think of what you want & go for it. Never feel that no goodness will come to you. If you were to perceive life this way, how are you going to improve?

What are the habits/ behaviour that you have to change in order to achieve your aim? What to keep & what to give up on? Think for the future.. Do not dwell over the past.. You can’t do it in the past, doesn’t mean you can’t do it now.