Work – The Past 1.5 Yr..

“Sometimes, familiarity and comfort need to be challenged.” Read the above quote somewhere & it sets me thinking.. Have we always been too used to what we have been given & grown too lazy to work for what can be better?Within the past 1.5 year, i can say quite a no. of issues have happened around me.. From work, to frenz to relationships.. Even to family… Time seems to “glide” past me too fast.. I keep on having the feeling that i have “age” alot… Haha..


As @ Oct 2005. I m still working in Osim Intd.. Doing sales.. “Educating” customers on how the machines can benefit them etc. I’ve worked there for like 3 years? June 2001 till Nov 2004. It have been a very fufilling job.. The working enviroment.. The people that i have met.. Taught me to be a more street-smart person. I loved the job.. Even till now.. Even till now i’m not too sure whether its the right decision to quit.. hmm.. The benefits r ok.. The pay is what i wanted.. Haiz..

But i can’t just look at the current situation right? People dun just live for now.. We are gonna experience so much things in future.. How can i be just contented to what i have for now? I have to think of what kinda life i want.. Im gonna start a family someday.. Its for sure i cant manage it well enough if im still workin in retail line.. Hmm..

Right now i’m working as a Sales Engineer… Selling Devices.. Hmm.. Its quite fun.. I get to travel.. I get to meet some big shots in some big companies.. But its also tough in a way that i have to be much more independent.. (in e past i have eugene to guide me leiz.. In work..)

In e past i have given myself a chance to open up thus i join sales line. (for those who dunno me that long, im rather quiet in e past… now.. depends on situation / who im with ba ) Now, im giving myself another chance to open up even more.. Thus im trying to do marketing… N… It seems tough! Haha..But.. Have to keep challenging myself ba.. Otherwise i have a feeling if im doing those monotonous work & neva try something new.. Er.. I have a feeling of growing stupid n my brain cells will malfunction soon.. haha

Wish me luck ba..

My 1st Blog Entry !!

Dear Fellow Frenz…

Yeah Yeah.. Im Finally Here.. Been struggling to make myself write something.. But.. U Know.. Humans are somewhat lazy animals you see.. (Excuses from me again) Okay…

So This is my 1st entry.. What do you all like to see in my blogs huhz? More Pics.. More Info On My Life… Well… Dun think i will elaborate alot on this first entry… Coz.. Im working at this very moment! OMG.. Slacking…

Be prepared though.. You will not be able to see those super “chim” english from my blogs.. Shall be a more simple one i guess…

Continue next time.. I hope i can remember to.. Wahahaha